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Welcome to Awesome time! All of the new stuff happening at vat19 It’s a ladybug- Stick around, we’re doing stupid science! Welcome to episode 136, how about the hair? Did it myself put the comments, which think about there carrot and Eric think it’s terrible if you haven’t Subscribed to our email newsletter do that with the link in the description below That’s how you get a coupon off your next order announcements first announcement. That’s a drumroll No sponsors this time so all you want to put in the comments like when the video starts like video starts at 405 or whatever Started back at 0. There’s no sponsor this time although There’s a couple announcements one if you haven’t seen the vat19 movie go watch it What are you doing go watch that actually don’t finish this whole video Then go watch the vat19 movie and for those of you Who are having a little withdrawal Eric does the internet? Made a little commercial about Dan Italy’s Mexican restaurant. Go check that out also Check out this video from Healthy junk food. They had some fun with our gummy cheeseburger and some of the guys from vat19 and our friend Mathias did another video featuring Five mystery bat 19 items so go check that out alright. That’s it That’s it with the announcements that we’re just going right in the product. Hit me with the first product Boom slime kit from Carina Garcia. She’s like this slime queen of YouTube She sent us this kit to try out cuz she knows we like the putties and whatnot this thing’s only available at Target I was like can we sell this she’s like no don’t we get it at Target But you can talk about it on That 19 if you’d like we were like how about we do that and on your channel you eat a world’s hottest? Chocolate bar what she agreed to do. She’s down. She’s also written a book to check that out on Amazon Let’s try to make some orange vat19 slide okay I’m following her directions to the tea two tablespoons boom done drop those in visit fizzy fizzy make nice orange, okay, we’ve Got a nice color in here let’s throw in a little slime activator. Oh, it’s already like going up the quick activation chemistry and Motion here it looks like jelly we made that nineteen Jam. I made mine translucent. There’s other options She’s got glitter in the kit. You’ve got glue to make it more opaque. There’s even a glow-in-the-dark option This is super fun kit comes with Instructions everything you need to start making and everything you need is right here in the kit if you love Carina And you love her youtube channel. I need to go check out this kit We have a link in the description below. It takes you to Target check that out and check out her channel We’ll see how the queen of slime handles the world’s spiciest bar of chocolate this next product I’m excited about cuz Eric sent me a present. This is from potato parcel It’s a company that specializes in sending messages on Potatoes they mail them to your friends or relatives and it’s got like a picture or phrase written on it And if you want to get your own potato parcel similar to the one I got from Eric here I haven’t seen this yet, so I don’t know what’s on it check out the link below – potato parcel This is a custom product. You know they write on it or put your picture in the potato We can’t sell it ourselves It says not to eat the potato cuz it’s been written on let’s see what does it say it says Jamie as everyone’s favorite? Dot dot dot did you send me? another potato Other more potatoes oh it’s gonna be mean and snarky Competitor of the golden gummy challenge dot dot dot jamie is everyone’s favorite Competitor of the golden gummy challenge so this continues because he always wins dot dot dot I have a feeling this is gonna End poorly at being a sore loser dot dot dot incorrect because to K waiting straight When Eric beats him are there any more dots? Period so Jamie is everyone’s favorite competitor of the golden gummy challenge because he always wins at being a sore loser When Eric Beatson which hasn’t happened for two challenges in a row? This is a type of fun. You could have with potato parcel. You can also get the pictures It’s a stupid size potato get a message or a picture Sent to a friend in the form of a potato just check out the link below to potato parcel Oh, I get excited when I see the gummy friends. This is the gummy pickle it is exactly what you think it is It’s a pickle made out of gummy did it did it That’s a gummy pickle nice texture and everything it’s got a flat bottom But it’s got the pickle II look it’s pickle flavored You just got a gross sounding, but I love pickles, so I’m gonna give it a try Hmm, there’s a strange sensation the chewiness or the gummy with the taste of a pickle. It’s not salty like a pickle It’s sweet is it sweet. Yeah sweet or at least your mind thinks. It’s sweet because it’s chewy like gummy it tastes Just like a pickle is it intense pickle flavor we have gummy pizza, but it tastes like gummy so This is our first gummy that tastes like what it looks like you should buy this now at And it’s also this episode’s stupid science come on in here. Let’s do some science stupid science Stupid yes, I am Jamie I was sitting at my desk and I was pondering the Earth’s mysteries that surround us every day And I thought to myself would Jamie be able to tell if a gummy pickle was Touching him or if a regular pickle was touching him. Oh, yes, so my Hypothesis is if I touch you with the gummy pickle in the real pickle while you’re blindfolded You won’t be able to tell which one’s touching your body There’s a excellent question and it can’t be tested so it is a high pop. Yes. I am willing to do this because I have Excellent sensory ability. I don’t care where your pickle choose me Eric I will know if it’s a gummy pickle or your vehicle test number one mmm I think this might be the easiest one I’m gonna start easy here That’s a real pickle all right that is a real pill That’s a real pickle real pickle. I’m so real okay Gummy pickles yeah was it gummy pickle Okay that’s a Goodness all right, and we need you to remove your shirt. Okay, all right kind of lift it up like this. Thank you Pickle there’s the gummy and real pickle simultaneously Checkmate I have to say that I actually felt like that was not that stupid for some reason Yeah, no It’s not stupid at all yeah You’re gonna eat that pickle or what’s going on the one that touched you it was rubbing on your nose pretty good I’m pretty sure there’s some there’s some slime Some homemade slime on that one slime King I’m not like that’s not this segment is over Over all right get out of here. Okay? I’m excited about this next product throw it in here Carol boom This is the giant stress ball look at the size of this thing. It’s about five inches in diameter Which is about double the diameter of most stress balls thing weighs like three quarters of a pound. I mean this could really Relieve some stress. I think but to put it to the test I’m gonna have Eric stress me out from off-screen and see if I can stay chill I could just blow my nose. I don’t care. I use a nose hair trimmer I know my nose is fine a nose is on fleek About your hairstyle I Fixed it you made so much fun of it just a fauxhawk sound like that weird We didn’t get any audio in this video. Are you nah? You’ve done that before Eric. We’ve had to redo whole episodes an awesome time because you got the microphone turned on all you got Yeah, this is fantastic though. This is up there with putty as far as fidget ability giant stress ball get it now at Okay, this is straight awesome throw it in. This is color-changing Floof Floof is Amazing as it is it’s just super fluffy Super awesome material the folks that made floof have made it color change It feels the same super fluffy It’s like snow or marshmallow or whatever, but it changes color when you get it warm So I’m gonna kind of get this warm. It’s normally blue and It turns white when you get some heat on it I’ve got two balls of flute to demonstrate the color change So I’m gonna hold both of these and then I’m gonna have Eric from off-screen blow some of his patented hot air get it Full of hot air Eric blow on one of them, so you guys can see in real time the color change blow blow You see it changes, that should be going kind of white and this one’s probably staying blue There it’s magical hot air you? Can go for days he’s so full of it get your color change fluke now at I’m really excited about this next product All right these are larvae tson crickets lar vets are mealworms snacks and crickets or Cricket snacks they’re actually not that bad They come in three different flavors each bacon and cheese crickets salt and vinegar crickets sour cream and onion crickets Mexican spice mealworms Barbecue and cheddar cheese look. Here’s the deal I know it’s really gross sounding But they’re an excellent source of protein and they’re way less harmful on the environment to raise than say Cows are it’s a fun crazy snack and luckily Kara’s here today to test them out for you come on in here Why are we doing this which flavour are you gonna try I’m gonna go with sour cream and onion mmm I’m gonna go with the barbecue lar vets you know. I’ve actually never tried this I Couldn’t bring myself to try them the buyers here try them and told me they’re pretty good so I went with their Sage advice. I’m hoping it kind of just tastes like a Pringle Are you going the whole thing or yeah kind of just smells like a soybean? Mm-hmm yeah on three what you like you’re not gonna. Do it. I’m totally gonna. Do it come on go on three one two three Mmm. Not that Kind tastes like a soybean – I did it I had a mealworm Barbecue flavor not bad though. Yeah, if that would have been Crushed up and I wouldn’t have been able to see it I wouldn’t have even know those are the lar vets and crickets buy them now at toss it um Training a ten there’s a full electric train inside this tin here what awesome holiday fun is this so cool Get a little train set with a working Locomotive. I got my train all ready to go. I’m gonna get him get him riding Oh Yeah! Pretty cool that this whole thing actually I got I could have made it a bit wider I had two more pieces left over all this fits in this little tin right here This is the train in the tin set available now We’ve got so many new products, and I can’t always give them the full awesome time treatment, which is why we have bullet time I’ll just give you the bullet points jump to the next product as soon as I hear that… Okay, this is the holiday cactus. It’s a light up cactus in a potted play, hook it up to your computer It’s a glowing unicorn pillow look at this guy. He’s adorable This is kitt-A-Boo. It’s a you put this on your wall. It’s a hook and when you put stuff on it, a cat Pops up all right Star Wars Droid inventor kit make and design your own R2-D2 Okay, move it on don’t throw that okay Speech bubble light up box that you can you can draw a message on here, and then it lights up Do you see it lighten up all right fine Erik? I’m moving on whoa okay, crazy Aaron’s mixed by me putty kit now has a holographic version. How cool is that, all right get that out of here. Awesome fan art as always. Thank you so much for sending it Here’s our address if you want to send in some of your own fan art I’d love to see it and we will put it up on the wall behind me in a future episode of Awesome time what you heard while the fan art was playing was a voicemail that we received from one of you So keep those coming okay? It’s time to wrap this episode up check out the videos around me especially go watch the Vat 19 movie If you haven’t already we put a lot of effort into it. We’re sure you’ll love it and um Follow us on social media. We do a lot of Giveaways that’s Facebook Instagram and Twitter. Thanks for watching We’ll see you next time bye. Vat JAMIE IS AWESOME!!!!

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