I’ve been so grateful. That, I’m feeling a little bit better…. This last week so I would be able to be present with my friends, who are… going through a very, very hard time. [Intro music] [Mary coughing] Good morning. Time to make some food. And, we haven’t gone to the grocery store in a while, we’ve just had a lot going on. So. Uhm, we had some ground beef that was already made in the freezer. So I defrosted that. And. I’m using the spinach noodles. And I’m going to boil those up. And I’m just going to make some gravy. Uhm, some butter. Flour. And then some beef broth. Since we’re doing beef in it. But we did this, actually we did this very similar thing with rice instead of noodles. And chicken, instead of beef. The other day. But. Beef is what we have so, I’m just gonna put some salt, pepper, garlic, and onion powder and parsley. And hopefully it tastes okay. We’ll see. Uhm, I guess it’s kind of like beef stroganoff … ish. I don’t know. Creamy beef noodles and…gravy! Sizzle, sizzle. Fry, fry! [Mary] Alright! There’s my “stroganoff.” [Mary] Ish. Beefy, noodle gravy. [Mary] Yeah. There you go. There you go. [Mary] Good morning. Good morning. [laughs] Again. [Mary] You were up early. I was up super early. Like, 5:30 this morning. And… Uhm. Just working on stuff and took a little nap! [Mary] Good! I finished the vloggies. Uhm… I’m uploading it. [Mary] Oh! You are? I mean. It’s rendering. And then I’m uploading. [Mary] Cool. And we’re just hanging out. So, that’s what we’re doing. And my voriconazole just kicked in so my eyes are like, mmm! It’s so bright in here! [Mary] Look at that beautiful lake. Wish I had the drone right now. We are just getting back from spending time with our friends. And um… I think that with the beautiful sun coming through these trees right now, it’s just kind of. Uhm… A visual reminder of this life. It’s beautiful and bright and also so, so broken and sad. But… Sometimes there’s nothing, there’s no answers, there’s nothing to say but. Being together, and being present and. We just actually like… Read scripture together and spent time together and… What more could we ask for in life you know? Knowing Jesus and knowing His people. There’s just nothing sweeter. And it doesn’t mean there are no tears. There are guaranteed tears in this world. But… The… I don’t know. That’s… That’s life. [Mary] And there’s the sun. [Mary] Coming through. [Music plays] We are now home. And we’re going to… I made that beef “stroganoff” and so… [Peter] Which, what are we calling it now? We’re calling it “strogy.” Or… [Mary] Strogiddy. Strogiddy. [Mary] Strogiddy. [Peter] We’re calling it beef strogiddy. And I’m going to make some carrots. I’m going to chop up carrots and potatoes. Cuz that’s what we have. And… bake ’em in the oven. [Peter] I’m making a little snack platter. [Mary] Are you? Yeah. [Mary] What do you think we should bake ’em at? Like 400? [Peter] Sure. [Mary] Cool. Let’s do this. Do you want to tell them what gives you joy? [Mary laughs] I was just saying, Like we hadn’t gone grocery shopping so we, had like, a bag of carrots in the fridge. [Peter] We’re great hosts. Super. [Dena laughing] We have really gracious guests. [Peter laughing] Uhm, And a bag of noodles and some beef in the freezer. And. [Mary & Peter] Voila! [Peter] We have a whole meal. Look at this guys. [Mary] So. [Peter] Mary just whipped this up. Okay. Now we have a screen so I can see if we’re all in the shot. [Peter] There you go. Okay! Ready? [All together] Bon appetit! [Mary] Look at these two. [Mary] Wait! I think I showed you, I didn’t even realize that was this morning that they were up on the couch. [Mary] I guess today is just a pretty tired day. [Mary] Look at that little pink nose. So, I decided that Dena and I need to do the speech jammer. [Dena] Oh yes, this is not going to be pretty. It’s going to be funny. Okay, so I just downloaded it on my phone. I’m reading a magazine, yeah? And we’re gonna… We might start with the alphabet. Okay, start simple. I like it. Right. Left It says to turn the…volume up. [Dena] Okay. So it makes me nervous. I don’t want to blast your ears. [Dena] Just go half way up. Half way should be fine. And then we can just leave it there. So, let’s start with you just saying the alphabet. Just start without the speech jammer. [Dena] Okay. [Both] A, B, C, D… [Dena] E, F, G, H Go ahead. [slower] A, B, C, D Is it doing it? Well, it’s delaying it. It’s not actually… So just tell us a story. Tell us a story of when you were in Scotland. Oh my goodness. Well, there was this one day I went to church and there was these weirdos there. And one girl, was in a wheelchair. And her legs were fine. Oh! What’s wrong with her! [girls laugh] [Dena] It’s weird [Mary] It’s not doing anything! [Dena] No, but I can hear you as an echo. [Mary] So, here’s the thing. When Peter does it, he can’t talk. Let me see… [Dena] Does it break his vocal chords? [Mary] It basically does. Let’s try reading a little bit of this. [Dena] This feels like we’re testing me. The fairy tale chateau in leafy Buckinghamshire… [Mary] This is a British magazine. You’re normal! Okay, let me see. Let me see it. [Dena] Check if it’s actually working, because… [Mary] Okay. Testing, testing. Oh! [Dena] Like, it has a delay, but it’s not bad. [Mary] The delay… [Dena] It’s long enough that if you just get yourself going [Mary] Testing, testing. Alright. Testing, testing. I wonder if… [Mary] Okay. [Dena] Is it just supposed to be? [Mary stuttering, laughing] Okay, here try this. [Dena] Red Buick, blue Buick! [Mary] Maybe I had the delay too slow? [Dena] Red Buick, blue Buick. [Mary] Is it harder? [Dena] Well reading annoying [stutters] [Mary] Ah! [Dena] It is more annoying! [Mary] It’s different! [Dena] Why does… Oh! Cuz it’s got a… You know? Like in a tunnel. You know with a … whoooooo! [Girl laughing] [Mary] Yeah. Just like that. In a tunnel like, what? [Dena] Eddy, edited-ed. Oh, that is much harder! [Mary] The, the… [Dena] Yeah, when you say these words. Like, Eddy edited-ed. [girls laughing] [Dena, slower] Edited it. Six sticky skeletons. [girl laughing] [Mary] Try singing us a song. [Dena] Uh…. [Mary] Like, Row, row, row your boat. [Dena singing] Row, row, row your boat, Gently down the stream. I harmonize well in this! [singing] Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream! [Mary] It doesn’t mess you up! Okay, let me try it. Let me see. Maybe speech jammer is broken. [Dena] Maybe it is but, that would be a hard one to do it. [Mary] I think you’re just really good at it. See, I sound weird when I do it. [Dena] No like, I can hear an echo. But nothing… [Mary] It literally makes Peter stop talking. [girls laughing at Peter’s expense] [Mary, slowly] A pessimistic pest exists among us. [Both] Amidst us. [Dena] Amidst us. [both laughing] [Mary] It makes me stop being able to read and speak! [Dena] Eyes are hard when I can’t… [Mary] Oh this is weird! [Dena] Yeah cuz you can, it picks up [Mary] Everybody. [Dena] Yeah! So I was hearing you, too. Yeah. Is that not what it normally does? [Mary] It’s weird. [girls softly singing together] [girls laughing] [Dena] It’s like, tinny! Or something. [Mary] Yeah, it is. You’re behaving like a baffling bumbling, band of baboons. [Dena] Is that from Harry Potter? Or is that actually from, like uh, Home Alone, or something? [Mary laughing] [Dena] Not Home Alone. Another like, 90’s… [Mary] Speaking of the 90’s, We’re gonna go watch a Mary Kate & Ashley movie. So we’ll just see you guys later. [Dena] We can’t find It Takes Two. [Mary] No. That’s unfortunate. [Dena] Gutting, really. [Mary] We might have to keep trying. [Dena] Yes. [Mary] We’re gonna go look for that. We’ll see you later. [Mary] Peter is back from studying. But he’s continuing to study. Dena and I found [Dena] Little Rascals! [Mary] Little Rascals. So. We watched that for a while. But we do need to finish our movie. And I am working on [cough] Exercising. And. [Mary] That’s what we’re doing. Uh, oh. [Mary] Oh, don’t worry, Ollie will help. Stretch!!! Alright, exercise? Check. [Mary] Down goes the yoga wheel. And. [Mary] Back goes the weights I used. I used these actually as hand weights today, as well. [Peter] Nice. And did like, some arm exercises. Uhm. [coughs] So. So. [Mary] It’s been quite a week. Yeah. I’m exhausted guys. [Mary] Rightly so. Preaching tomorrow. I’m wrapping up… I’ve been preaching through the book of Ephesians, for the last several months. And this is the last week, so. Uhm, it’s kind of… [Mary coughing] Exciting. And. So that’s what I’ve been working on. I’m almost ready. I just need to, print out my notes and… get some sleep. [Mary] Yeah, that’s important. Yup. I’ve been so grateful That I’m feeling a little bit better. This last week. So I would be able to be present with my friends who are… Going through a very, very hard time. I’m just, I’m just grateful, that I’ve been. Able to be present and able to be there. And… Anyway. Lots of things. You know? [Peter] Yup. Well guys, we’re gonna get some sleep. And so… Yes we are. I hope you can get some sleep. And if you can’t, you can watch old vlogs. And maybe they’ll put you to sleep. Or, we’ll keep you company. There you go. Either way, we’ve got your back. Yeah. And… [Both] As always, we will see you tomorrow. Good night! [Outro music]

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  1. I am glad you are feeling better this week too. Let's hope it continues to be the trend so you can be there for your friend in this difficult time. Hugs, love and light coming across the miles.

  2. Mary, it's great to see you feeling better. I don't know what is wrong with your friends, but God does and you've shared that times are hard for them. No, this world isn't easy and can be very hard. That will make our eternity so much sweeter with Christ. God bless you and Peter and all your friends.

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  5. My Pastor has been gone the last two weeks. But he is doing a series on Eph. 4:13!! He starts off every sermon I CAN, I CAN , I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME!! I CAN, NOT I CANT!! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR I CANT!! Told him if my phone would record his whole semon I would post it on You Tube!!!

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    Peter- you totally rock wearing a hat when you do. You don't have to quickly take it off or anything. Hope your sermon went well today!

    Ollie- loved your stretches!
    God Bless you all!!

  14. I really want to thank Mary and Peter for keeping me company every day, sharing their story. I really love this channel and the positivity it brings, but also the realness. everytime i have to work on long art projects I put on your videos and I feel less lonley. Thank you so much, i want to send a lot of positive thoughts!

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  32. Mary peter and Oliver,
    I love watching your videos I also want to say thank you, because you show me how every day can be good even when in reality it's not the best. Having no answer is probably my main fear of life. Together you show the light is the tunnel and I appreciate every moment of your videos! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

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