2 Replies to “Governor Kasich vetoes ‘Heartbeat’ abortion bill”

  1. He professes faith in God but obviously not the same triune God I follow. More babies murdered by abortion as a result of Gov. K’s veto. He’s looking to 2020 and doesn’t want to “sully” his chances by supporting abortion in Ohio. Had your chance John… how anyone of faith can now support you for anything is beyond me . Buh-bye!

  2. The Democrat Party IS the Godless party of PURE EVIL !!!
    Abortion IS 1st Degree Murder, (the worst kind there is) plain and simple.
    In 1973, Murder (over 60,000,000 in the U.S. alone) became legal but only to those living in the safest place in the world,
    The Mothers' womb.
    Abstinence is 100% effective means of birth control.
    Our "Rights" are a Gift from God. Our "God Given Rights" ONLY come from our Creator. 
    Abortion/Murder is NOT a "Right" because it is NOT of God.
    The Democrats/Planned Parenthood/ACLU are unbelievers in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
    This is why you are seeing abortions being "ramped up" in many Democratic controlled states.
    Everyone of us IS Created in His Image so they MUST DESTROY these unborn children of our God before Roe vs Wade is overturned.
    Life begins at the moment of Conception.
    The Democrat Party IS the Party of Satan himself.
    I pray for them everyday that God will heal their hearts.
    It only makes cense.

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