Ginger And Moringa: The Miraculous Combination That Fights Many Diseases

Ginger And Moringa: The Miraculous Combination That Fights Many Diseases

For many years these, two ingredients, have
been used to fight all kinds of diseases, and have shown excellent results. Research has shown that if these two ingredients
are used together in calculated amounts, their effect is significantly better. Ginger aids weight loss by speeding up your
metabolism and gastrointestinal system, prevents nausea and vomiting, prevents diseases such
as colon cancer and stomach ulcers, and acts as and anti-inflammatory. Moringa, originally from India, Afghanistan
and Pakistan, has remarkable properties, and is popular in several different parts of the
world due to many reasons: It relieves the symptoms of arthritis
According to many studies, Moringa is great at combating pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis. It prevents diseases
Studies have shown that Moringa contains numerous anticancer compounds, which mainly act against
ovarian, liver, lung and melanoma cancer. These analysis tested Moringa’s potential
beneficial effect on people who suffer from cancer. It protects the heart
Moringa helps keep your intestines from absorbing too much bad cholesterol and prevents the
formation of fat buildup in your arteries, thus decreasing the risk of cardiovascular
disease. It cures migraines
Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, traditional Indian medicine uses Moringa leaves
to relieve headaches and cure migraines. Improves digestion
Due to the amount of fiber it contains, it is beneficial to people suffering from constipation
in addition to preventing and helping treat ulcers in the stomach. Protects the liver
Moringa is also widely used to prevent liver infection or to help individuals who want
to improve the health of this organ. Against Anemia
Moringa, because it has several proteins, vitamins and minerals, is full of nutrients
that prevent or combat anemia. Improves circulation
Due to its vasodilator effect, Moringa regulates your blood pressure and helps treats hemorrhoids. One way to consume these two wonderful ingredients
is to make an infusion. Here’s what you do: Ingredients 10 green Moringa leaves;
4 cups of water; 85 grams of fresh ginger;
A teaspoon of honey. Start by cleaning the ginger root and cutting
it into pieces. Let it boil in the water for 10 minutes. Take the ginger off the stove and add the
Moringa leaves, cover it and leave it to sit for 5 minutes. Strain the mixture and drink. If desired, add the teaspoon of honey to sweeten
it. Drink one cup in the morning and another before
going to bed.

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  1. What is 85 grams in ounces?
    And i have never seen whole leaves, only a loose tea form so how much would i need to use for this form of moringa?

  2. I have ginger but not moringa, but I am going to buy moringa and will try this recipe! Thank you very much for this helpful and interesting informationπŸ’œπŸ™πŸ’œβ˜―οΈ

  3. I tried this method and this really works , thanks for sharing these good content as I’m using all these teaching to enhance my health and wellness journey.. daily on my YouTube channel..

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  5. My daily drink, turmeric, moringa, ginger, avocado I blend everything so I get the fiber also (a pinch cayenne pepper) the only doctor that heal all dis-eases not treat said, there only one disease

  6. Good information In Pakistan Karachi to Punjab sariky belt moringa’s big trees found evvery streets but no one gave importance axcept hikmat and tib

  7. YesπŸπŸ’πŸπŸŒπŸ‹πŸŠπŸˆπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸˆπŸŠπŸ‹πŸŒπŸπŸ’πŸπŸπŸ‹πŸŒπŸˆπŸŠπŸ

  8. Great video and I will use this receipt. I already use Moringa and ginger but not like this now I will. Thank you!

  9. u really just keep it simple…how much tespoons of each?? never seen leaves/just powder form of morigna..KEEP it simple how much of each?? forget the leaves…people understand teaspoon n tablespoon measurements not grams ect. 85 grams??

  10. I'm gonna try moringa, ginger, turmeric, and matcha all together in the morning. Might throw in something else depending on how it tastes. I have powdered form of all of them. They're all highly beneficial.

  11. This tree is magic, am lucky we have a Moringa tree at home just pluck leaves every single morning.
    Also since I started using moringa,ginger and tumeric drink,my skin has been glowing: no acne.

  12. There are (2) main/best well known species of Moringa
    (1) Moringa oleifera from India and the rest of Asia (with its origins traced back to East Africa)
    (2) Mopringa . stenopetala, from Africa.
    Of the 13 known species of Moringa, few are cultivated outside their native habitats. Moringa arborea, M. borziana, M. longituba, M. pygmaea, M. rivae and M. ruspoliana are endemic to certain areas of Africa, and exist nowhere else in the world. M. drouhardii and M. hildebrandtii are native to Madagascar. These two, along with M. ovalifolia and M. stenopetala, both native to parts of Africa, are called "bottle trees." Their lower trunks swell to impressive size to hoard water in their arid native lands.

  13. Please, people stop buying everything from Amazon. Because Amazon is a monopoly and a globalist company that cares nothing about us. Please start buying from other online stores with just prices, or better prices.

  14. Sure, ALWAYS avoid giving any credit to Africa. Moringa is very common in the land of Africa and the Caribbean!

  15. This really does work. When I hurt from work I make this tea. Pain goes away. I pray and I thank God that the pain is gone. Great combination God and this tea.

  16. I noticed you didn’t mention the Caribbean countries and Africa that moringa actually grows and they have been useing this herb for years

  17. Morninga is excellent for Lupus, but it can cause gastritis. Ginger is also excellent but people with a overactive or under active thyroid should not abuse it.

  18. Why people don't mention that moringa have also in Africa he grow him self naturally we didn't take it from india

  19. What about just eating the plants 🌱 and just dry it grind it down to a powder and sprinkle it on your for after it’s cools. I use moringa dry powder in smoothies for the kids they don’t even know it’s in there.

  20. I have a huge Moringa tree in my backyard and didn’t even know what it was till recently πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

  21. I started taking Moringa just to see if they worked (pills) I did notice a slight change but I didn't know just how much it was helping me until I stopped taking it. I have been so depressed for many years and nothing seems to work for me. I am so tired of taking pills I just wanted to stop! I did and I noticed a big change come over me. What I thought was helping me was the new pills my Dr. had changed for me. That wasn't the case, it turns out that Moringa is and has been used for depression for many years! I never knew this. My doctor asked me when I started using Moringa and it was the same time he changed to the new pills. So when I stopped with the Moringa the most horrible symptoms came back. I am slowly stopping my depression pills and just want to take the Moringa. They have so many side effects that I feel I can't go wrong with Moringa. I hope it works for me.

  22. Great video…so many natural medicinal choices out there yet the pharmaceutical companies pumps out so many pills that can cause more harm than good.

  23. Since ginger is a diuretic i can touch it, i suffer with dehydration so bad (even though i drink plenty.) The same with garlic.

  24. I make my own moringa and ginger power. Best thing I've ever done.
    The tea tastes vet good.
    Energy, clarity, great GI fucntion, etc. I love it.

  25. Can anybody help me with how much 10 green moringa leaves in grams or ounces?
    I only could find moringa in powder at Amazon

  26. In tamilnadu,india we r having moringa tree in every home.we put this leaves in sambar and make as porial also.very tasty.very gud for neuro pblm patients.

  27. Most of the things like this we r having in our state tamilnadu india very naturally in food.our medicine is in our daily more additional medicines we use to cure our pblms. Its all in our food habits

  28. Can i use moringa powder instead of leaves bcoz it not available at my place n many of them dnt even know what is moringa so plz plz reply with best solution n i want to loose weight n i have magrine to so if possible plz ans me plzz πŸ˜“πŸ˜“

  29. Hi, may I hv an references of that's researches? Coz I'm doing some research too bout moringga but I don't get so much info about moringa leaves..

  30. Now the whites have stolen our trophy.everything comes from Africa , they come and steal the idea.and Make money out of it.

  31. The Caribbean grows moringa also. I have ginger powder and organic moringa. I am starting it tomorrow. I have high blood pressure. So going to give this a try

  32. Only 10 leaves of Moringa and 85 grams of ginger?? That's not very much Moringa at all, and that's a LOT of ginger…

  33. Gosh u people or ancestors has been using these leaves for years and never measured it 10 leaves five leaves dah 2 – 3 tea bags can give u a a cup of tea and won't die u take too much and u will crap more and the ginger will balance it out . you not baking a πŸŽ‚ . Do we measure every thing in the kitchen come on people quit that mess !

  34. Leave out the Ginger. Moringa needs NO addition. Moringa is a Complete Nutrient. You can live on Moringa. You cannot live on ginger. This is Nonsense.

  35. Hi I don’t have Moringa leaves can I use mornings powder &if I can how much can I use. The cover of ur video shows powder ginger& mornings. But u talk about fresh ginger & moringa leaves I find it’s not the same plsssss if it is fresh ginger & moringa leave 7 should show it not the powder

  36. I think this would have been more helpful if she used tea spoonfuls or table spoonfuls or maybe 50/50 or something like this.
    I am just now going to try maringa , I hopes it helps

  37. Not everyone has morninga leaves. Please help us with recipe with the powder. Thank you for your videos

  38. Moringa with green tea is good for reducing blood sugar from my experience, it reduce sugar 30 degree of sugar mlg when i put a small spoon of tea …… i will try Moringa with ginger and green tea i will see how blood sugar will be reduced .

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