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  1. Source: https://github.com/geohot/corona | Follow and subscribe https://twitch.tv/georgehotz and help George get Twitch Partner! | Programming archive🡿 https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzFUMGbVxlQs5s-LNAyKgcq5SL28ZLLKC

  2. Love your content!!, hope you see this, but i really fuq with your energy.
    Currently teachin gmyself to code (python)
    Awaiting my comma 2 for my Rav
    And shopping for merch, to wear now.
    Too much info, but yeah I think you're great… if that means anything

  3. That video about knowing the names of things doesn't constitute as knowledge, goes with my theory of, excelling/or failing in school does not represent your intelligence. Like coding for example, you might excel at it in school but does it mean you're a good "coder" ? You only know the name of "things" (syntax), but do you know how to actually code/program (Knowledge)???

  4. it true what he say about good doers, is always for the ego but you can make you ego altruist. like opensource coronavirus vaccine only for whoes know how open source works

  5. Glad you're at least looking at this. We need the smartest people to help. Maybe get a Nobel prize out this even though those sudo-intellects passed you up for one on the PS3 hack.

  6. I think you don't have any problem regarding with self isolation, quarantine, and social distancing 🙂

  7. Corona means crown. It came from the top, the queen herself. The British Crown. Population gets to big Queen calls the shots, it's getting out of control, to many people, we are losing our natural resources she says. The 13 bloodlines of royalty are running rapid with worshiping Satan himself.

  8. Fermi paradox isn’t a paradox because they’re obviously here already, and we are collectively too dumb to figure out – as a species – that they’re here. We can’t even agree that they’re here. That’s how fucking dumb we are: blatant evidence out in the open, thousands of eyewitness accounts, and literal video footage of impossible aircraft, yet we just won’t even accept it.

    We’re looking for the equivalent of smoke signals while they use WiFi and are at our doorstep. We aren’t smart enough to deserve open contact as long as people keep refusing to look at or accept the now overwhelming and undeniable evidence.

  9. The US now has access to massive amounts of supercomputing resources COVID-19.
    THEY ARE ACCEPTING RESEARCH PROPASALS NOW. Sign up if you got a good idea. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/white-house-announces-new-partnership-unleash-u-s-supercomputing-resources-fight-covid-19/

  10. I like how he always starts his video with him eating food, almost always some type of sandwich…. now on to the video.

  11. Hey Mr. Hotz, I just saw on LinkedIn GitHub has a bunch of open source collaborative projects to fight COVID-19. There are links here if you’re interested: https://lnkd.in/d5n3kaf keep doing what you do! All the best! -Kaan

  12. 2:41:15 "What kind of idiots believe in Pizza Gate." Exactly. What kind of idiots believe in Epsteins Lolita Express? He wasn't working with the Mossad to blackmail people that did things with underage girls. He only recorded people while they read books. Sick perverts are trying to ruin his good name. Catholic priests only help little boys read books. Sick perverts try to ruin that too. Ronald Reagan didn't play with underage boys. He read underage books. Wake up. Don't believe those perverted conspiracy theories. Take a blue pill and chill.

  13. just sayin', but italian population is generally older than the rest of the world, death percentages are more around 3%

  14. "Trump can't lie"… Well I know you weren't lying when you said you don't follow politics, not sure why you comment on it though.

  15. It happened before.. So history repeats itself… "The failure to find the source of the SARS virus further convinced these people and many more that SARS was artificially synthesised and spread by some individuals and even governments. Circumstantial evidence suggests that the SARS virus crossed over to humans from Asian palm civets ("civet cats"), a type of animal that is often killed and eaten in Guangdong, where SARS was first discovered."

  16. Thank you, George! Your effort is inspiring!
    @ 01:22:57 : "you've got to turn Medicine into Code" – way to go, man!

  17. 6:00:37 I just check the address and he didn't give them any money keklord bc1qccn54y3l4a9un7dhqnuewd22jx5vnruhf0dqve

  18. Thanks for the great videos. Don't forget to keep your fingers out of your mouth and try not to touch your face as much during this covid pandemic. We don't need you getting sick.

  19. a couple o days and ma dude here pretty much broke ans reverse engineeredthe genome of the "human malware"

  20. You ate that food like you’re on a mission! ❤️ yes! tell these folks no need to listen to politicians or the news. A scientist or mathematician of the sort would definitely be qualified to speak on this.

  21. Chinese medicine treatment COVID_19Subscribe to view recipes中医治疗新冠肺炎药方订阅我查看配方

  22. 57:28 you don't want to eat or inject soap because it will kill your body cells same as it does kill the virus, soap destroy the fat of a cells, you do not want that inside your body, skin protects it from entering your body

  23. Arrests in Winnipeg Canada by the FBI & CIA were made of senior virologists and Chinese nationals caught smuggling genetically modified viruses between BSL-4 labs into Wuhan China. Some sources:





    This is genetically modified as per sources below.

    If you catch this, you potentially catch it for life (much like HIV, HSV-1&2) and should you be re-infected, as many recovered Chinese SARS (2002-2004) patients recently discovered, you can die suddenly from very sudden organ failure. There is something genetically sinister about this statistical relationship.

    Here's the nucleotide sequence at NCBI's Nucleotide database:

    Here's a patent for its use in recombination virology:

    This particular technology was used in 2008 to attempt to develop a more immunogenic vaccine against coronavirus. Here's a Chinese patent for that technique and product intended for use in a vaccine:

    The breakdown … "The resulting massive alignment confirms a major unique inserted element in 2019-nCoV not found in other bat coronaviruses, nor in SARS in the homologous genomic position"

    Make preparations now. Use this knowledge to help prevent or minimise the possibility of catching COVID-19a. It's here and coming your way too! At the very minimum, learn how to treat yourself when/if you catch it at home using Dr.Sircus protocols and advice. By doing so you reduce secondary infections and give your body immune response time to react and get over the worst. The hospital is possibly the LAST place you will want to go during the out break as is now being seen in China and detected in all countries now as infections will be running riot.

  24. how didn't he realize it was SARS when the official name changed to SARS-Cov-2? We have called it SARS since February 11th. I do enjoy this learning trip tho

  25. Well…. Yes, SARS and Corona are of the same family. Thought that was rather known.

    But yes it is basically sars, with a little pneumonia added to it because sars isn't horrible enough already

    Edit: Fun fact. COV viruses cannot properly jump from an animal to a human host anymore. Not through air, not through touch.
    The only way to initially contract COV is through eating infected animals. Once contracted, it evolves to spread from human to human.

    Kinda fucked if u ask me.

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