Fruits To Control Diabetes II फलो से करें मधुमेह पर नियंत्रण II

Fruits To Control Diabetes II फलो से करें मधुमेह पर नियंत्रण II

Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer Ms. Rashmi Asthana from Mou, She has emailed us She has written that , “I have seen your episode fruit for heart disease” I am suffering from diabetes What all episodes which I can eat in diabetes , please do an episode on this Ms. Rashmi, let us do this episode for fruit for diabetic patient So, what all fruits you can eat in diabetes And what all those fruits which will be beneficial for you in diabetes So, the first fruits which I will name that is Java Plum (Jamun) Java Plum is such a tremendous fruit for diabetes Because Java plum contains anthocyanins, ellagic acid, hydro eligible tanins Which makes this fruit a perfect one for diabetes. In diabetes what all we eat that carbohydrate got convert into blood sugar So all these elements of java plum , low down the process of carbohydrates converted into blood sugar Along with this , it is also known that in diabetes often we are thirsty So, if you will eat java plum then you will get rid of your thirsty throat. Along with this it is also noticed that in diabetes you have frequent urination. if you will consume java plum then the problem of this frequent urination here also you will get relief Along with this take care of one thing Since Java plum is a seasonal fruit , its not available all the time when it is in season then you have it in a lot. as much as you can eat, eat it without worry with this your sugar level won’t get increase but when it is not in season then what you have to do? you have to consume java plum as it is very good for diabetes. then do one thing take out its seeds and get the upper layer over the seeds dried out under shadow and once you will dry out the upper layer then inside there is green color of inner portion is there you have to dried out that portion under shadow and when it is completely dry then grind it & make its powder and take 2 spoon of this powder with a glass of warm water in an empty stomach then even this will similarly work like as java plum do Along with this the leaves of Java Plum Leaves if you will wash them thoroughly and boil them in a good amount of water or 10-15 liter of water and boil this water till its reduces to one glass after that strain this water and let it cool down and as soon it becomes luke warm and if you will regularly use this water, then the problem of frequent urination or being often thirsty, or high blood sugar levels so, with this water you will get relief in all of these problems. Now let us talk about second fruit, Apple means Seb It contains high soluble dietary fiber Vitamin C, Anti-Oxdinat Along with this it contains an enzyme called pectin Pectin low down the requirement of insulin in our body It almost low down 35 % of the requirement of insulin in our body So, consume apple daily whenever you feel like then you can take a medium size of apple daily and you can even keep your blood sugar level in control Along with this the name of third fruit is Guava means Amrood it contains high dietary fiber, Vitamin C, Potassium, Lycopene And when they all get combined then they are really helpful to control the blood sugar level So, you can consume a medium size guava as it is very good for the digestion. Along with this one more thing you have take care of specifically if you are not a diabetic patient but you are at the stage where you can be a diabetic patient means your BP levels are getting increased. then what you have to do? Then take Guava leaves wash them nicely and let them dry out nicely too. and after they are dried, put them into a grinder and grind them make a powder kind of and boil 1 spoon of this powder in 1 cup of water ,make sure you boil it thoroughly and after boiling , strain this and consume this once in a day then the possibilities of diabetes will be very low So, consume Guava & if you are not diabetic then you must consume guava leaves too. And the fourth fruit which I will name is Strawberry It contains lot of Anti-Oxidant, Vitamin , Fiber One thing is famous for diabetes, that this disease never comes alone it comes along with lot of other disease , like your BP will increase you will get heart disease, kidney disease cholesterol level becomes high So, strawberry has one good thing in it which is actually its advantage of this fruit First this helps to low down the level of BP Along with this it helps to low down the bad cholesterol And also very helpful in increasing the good cholesterol it contains lots of fiber So if you had 1 bowl of strawberry then till long period of time you feel your stomach completely filled out So, with this problem of obesity that usually occurs in diabetes that will also remain in control Along with this it has very low glycemic index Its Glycemic Index is 40, so this is actually a very good fruit for diabetes So, whenever you feel like you can consume 1 bowl or 4-5 strawberries daily in a day if you are a diabetic patient And the fifth fruit, that is orange It contains Vitamin C, Fiber Along with this it contains minerals , minerals like thyme These minerals are very supportive to mange Blood sugar level. So, you must consume a medium size orange daily. but take care of one thing whenever we talk about orange , people start drinking orange juice Don’t consume orange juice, there is no fiber in it which is not that much beneficial. So, consumption of 1 orange if you are diabetic then that you can do daily. and it will maintain the level of your blood sugar level The sixth fruit which I will name that’s Pear Its contains Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, E & lot of fiber When they all get combine they help to regulates blood sugar level Along with this it strong our immune system low down cholesterol, as I said earlier that diabetes comes with various diseases. So, when you will have strong immune system then disease can’t attack on you and if you have low cholesterol then even chances to have heart disease will be also low down So, whenever you have craving to have something sweet then you can consume 1 pear 1 pear in a day I hope now your doubt is clear that I am diabetic and I cant eat any fruit. My friend I have told you so many fruits Eat all of them and keep your diabetes in control Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. And to meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell to your friends & relatives To subscribe this channel. Get the health benefits by sitting at home. And do support us in our motive. Our motive is that maximum number of people Should get the health benefits by sitting at home only. So, don’t forget to share our videos as much as you can. Thank You…

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