Former bank CEO slams Trump’s handling of China trade tension

Former bank CEO slams Trump’s handling of China trade tension

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  1. Oh shutup….Trump is doing a good job, he's standing up for the US…China has been stealing our innovation for years…….Trump is doing his best to end that.

  2. The USA has been monopolistic oligarchy since 1871, when the republic was replaced with a corporation owned by the European banksters who were reorganizing, in bankruptcy, the US civil war debts. The free market and the freeman died that year.

  3. Wells Fargo is one of the crooked banks in America and they only care about their salaries and bonus so why listen to this guy put down polices on China.

  4. So this guy was a CEO just to up before the recession. It's as if he knew what was coming and got out while the gettin was good.

  5. It is amazing that Trump is balancing Iran, China, N.Korea, Venezuela, and the border and seems fine. What has any one else done like that. The economy and negotiations are the test of a President.

  6. why these stock market analysts think doing what has been done for the last x amount of years will change anything if we just keep doing it, is beyond me

  7. Oh yes, lets listen to someone that worked at wells fargo the company that was caught stealing money from customers by opening accounts w/o permission and stole money by charging for every added link to the account, I would'nt trust bankers for anything, the day is coming for the FED….not so far off…

  8. Kovancevich is a Traitor! POTUS is Defending American Workers/Business against ChiComs Theft of Intellectual Property! U.S. didn't get to Top of Food Chain by Backing Down!

  9. I disagree, the buyer (the loser) is tired of the seller (winning buy stealing intellectual property & government subsidies), so what if the stock market goes down, it also needs an adjustment.

  10. The Constitutional Definition of a US Dollar is 371.25 troy grains of pure Silver Ag other metals to strengthen. It has been Paper Trade suppressed along with Gold Au I suggest get Kennedy Halves 1964 Ag Use up Federal reserve notes for something REAL

  11. I see Greenspanm a fn liar who never helped the economy my entire life is against Trump. Greenspan always pumped the brakes on the economy constantly.These are the same bankers that supported NAFTA. Then a criminal Wells Fargo CEO !Assured Trump 2020 USA ! Fakestream Media. Vote with your wallet .

  12. well he was a Bank CEO before the financial crash, yet when he criticized Trump's policy these morons already jumping in to defend Trump….this is sad for America

  13. Oh great Bank CEO , during the bubble burst, and one of the key player of the downfall of housing market in US in 2007/2008. And also Greenspan the one responsible for all mess in U.S. economy since housing market bubble burst.
    why would fox invites these idiots

  14. Yes .. we need a chum to tell us that the only good thing the US has done with regards to China in the last 30 years — isn’t good .. yeah keep that mentality of short term gain over long term growth.. unbelievable how greedy and short sighted these banksters are.. we let em run our banks and they give us recessions..

  15. gσ∂ вℓєѕѕ уσυ ¢нιηα, тнє ωσяℓ∂ ηєє∂ѕ уσυ тσ ρяσтє¢т ƒяσм υѕα'вυℓℓу!! !

  16. Wells Fargo had to pay 587 million for setting up fake customers and addresses in a FICA fraud. That's why he's former

  17. "We ar not a big importer …. or exporter" he dosent see the curent metaeconomy we are changing…. and obivous long tome trump deragement syndrome suffer…

  18. The Wells Fargo guy says the economy is Wall Mart and the that the USA has a higher standard of living than Europe.If you work stacking shelves at Wall Mart I think their standard of living is somewhat lower together with his life expectancy, medical care , holiday entitlement .

  19. Democrats are like chickens they know if they stick their necks out they'll get their head chopped off.

  20. So many politicians in office for years and have done nothing. Look at nyc and California. Stop criticizing everything he does. Let Trump be Trump, he will shock you.

  21. Might be bad,,, for the bankers. But China needs the US dollar. They have a lot of product and if we aren't buying being their biggest market they are the one's who lose. And they have been screwing the US in trade long enough. So keep going president Trump

  22. Greenspan was the problem!!! Typical globalist for us to hand over our wealth for short term greed! 🖕

  23. Both Greenspan and this banker are idiots. Bank CEO for ten years and stopped when the crash came… Yeah real smart idiot

  24. Ok, so the banks needed a bailout, these financial geniuses, but this guy criticizes thinks he knows best? I'm sorry, I'll let Trump go on doing what he does best and it can't get any worse than losing US jobs to a country that puts toxic crap in their own citizens baby formula and sells cheap crap in all the stores here.

  25. Fox just proving as always that there paid opposition. There several easy arguments to push back on this guy with and they instead just let him dribble on.

  26. Economy is not everything. Political responsibility towards God and then to men is paramount. Fear Him and He will bless USA greatly.

  27. Of course bank people are going to be against Trump.
    The bankers stand to lose the most in both wealth and CONTROL!

  28. The US has one of the worst records for standard of living anywhere in the world. Maybe the rich and wealthy have the best standard of living but not all of its population when you have 40 to 50 million living in poverty and no health care how can you say that with a straight face . Its a bold face lie

  29. China – not you kapitalism – produced the greatest wealth to his population in all histroy – sorry Sir! Kapitalism produced the greates killing of inocent people in ths world – they will not have any benefit form your ritch supplying system any more.

  30. China – not you kapitalism – produced the greatest wealth to his population in all histroy – sorry Sir! Kapitalism produced the greates killing of inocent people in ths world – they will not have any benefit form your ritch supplying system any more.

  31. These commentators ignore the massive advantage the US has had by controlling the world by by having the worlds reserve currency and the worlds biggest debt which they can have because they can just print money that has no backing, which no one else can do, change that and we will see.

  32. Wells Fargo is the worst bank in America, and the dirtbag dude U interviewed is one of the worst crooks in banking, hell is where he belongs~!

  33. Maybe it was not that a trade war, but a moral , anti stealing intellectual property , and anti corruption process.

  34. I'm sick of the stupid save face for China mantra put out by anti Trumpers. How about save the Social Security for the American people? These idiots never has solutions other than doing the same things and hoping China behave.

  35. LOL Wells Fargo has been fraudulently ripping people off for decades and has been convicted for it. FOX news is getting opinion off of this criminal?

  36. Yeah , I want to take advice from a banker who is connected to the world bank that is oppressing the world. I don't think so.


  38. Banks are clueless, how many times do we have to bale them out. They are really Socialist in disguise, they live off your money which you put in their bank, then you have to bale them out, you loose twice, as a depositor and as a taxpayer. Why would I listen to this idiot. Besides all fiat currency fails in the end, gold is the only thing that is worth more than paper, gold has been around longer than fiat currency.

  39. no administration has been more hostile to American business and especially farmers than the current one bad mouthing highly innovative companies the likes of Apple and Amazon and making their tasks in places like China (fastest growing market in the world) harder and harder. .

  40. China is glad to stop trading with USA and watch the americunts to pay 3-5 times dearer for everything. USA is the biggest joke under moron trump. Enjoy

  41. China has been humiliated by the west for over a century, and we Chinese have no problems at all if the trade war would cause us back to grass-eating poverty, which was something we just got rid of like twenty or thirty years ago. Mr. Trump made a TREMENDOUS mistake when he underestimated the determination of fighting for national pride of Chinese government and Chinese people. We might lose the war, but SO WILL YOU.

  42. US government needs to find out those bankers their own connections with China. what kind of corruptions they did in china and usa. They support China not for USA as a nation, not for American people, but for their own benefit. they are the traitors to USA. They should be judged by American people.


  44. Alan Greenspan knows the global economy more than those warmonger cligue in the Oval Office who are only obsessed with wars, power and control. This clique is going to take the United States to hell and destruction.

  45. Stardard of living is lower in EU ??? That depends on which standard you measure. EU is better educated, has better health,
    less anxiety and more innovation . On the other side EU has less money, and therefore smaller houses and smaller cars.

  46. Trump is a loser no mater what he does with China. When he realizes he is losing he repeals everything he is doing now. Trump is not smart enough to handle China trade.

  47. Successful bank president's opinion versus failed businessman's opinion; I'll take Kavacevich over loser Trump any time.

  48. I was told that almost the whole Wall Street was controlled (bribed) by China CCP. And including some one in White House or Congress

  49. I got a lion in my pocket & he's ready to roar!

    End of BORROWING BINGE. What happens when a gambler or alcoholic runs out of cash? #greendemons zombies let loose!

    Dalian Port Group in China's north has reportedly #banned imports from #fiveHarbours and other Chinese ports had instituted a go slow, DELAYING SHIPMENTS by 45 days. (40 Days Jesus' temptation in the desert!)

    Dr Lowe warned there would be "very difficult" (ie. BIBLICAL RETRIBUTION) #economicConsequences if the #coal restrictions were a sign of a broader "souring" of the Australia-China relationship.

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