Follow Your Heart… Your Brain Is Stupid

Follow Your Heart… Your Brain Is Stupid

segue seu coração seu cérebro é estúpido Preste muita atenção aos seus sentimentos. Não importa o quão bom algo pareça, se não parece certo … walk away. if it doesn´t feel right… chances are it is not right You see, your heart is much wiser than your brain. Most people, wen faced with a difficult decision, they go to their brain. Most people believe their intelligence comes from their brain. But that is not he case. You see, your heart is the most powerfull intelligence in your body. Your Heart is the intelligence that came before your brain. Moste people dind´t know that. Yes, your heart Started beating before your brain existed. So the intelligence that created your body and your brain is your heart. We form an emotional brain long before we form a rational one, and a beating heart before either. Research shows the heart has 60 times the energy coming out of it as the brain does Now you can understand how your heart dramatically impacts how your brain works, not the other way around. You can´t trust your brain 100% of the time. Your brain wants to keep your safe from all possible forms of pain, your heart… wants to take you where you need to go. Living inside your head is not only dangerous, it is reckless. As Tony Robbins says: “when you´re in your head,
you´re dead”. You´re dead to the wonder of this word. You´re dead to the beauty of this world. You´re dead to the clarity of decision making and true peace that comes from following your heart. To get in touch with your feelings, your heart is the way to unlock all of your true potential, is the way to unlock all of your true potential, peace and clarity Your heart knows the way, Follow your gut. Follow your intuition. if you feel like it´s right, follow that feeling. Get out of your head and into your heart. Intuition, or following you heart to act on sudden inspiration, has such a negative connotation in society. We are expected to think with our heads and be “practical” but being practical or logical will never lead to true fulfillment or happiness, you can only get that when you live fully as you authentic self and follow your heart, even if that doesn´t suit
those around you. Jim Carry said: “So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality.” As a society we are so conditioned to conform to “society standards”. whick discourages us from following our intuition, from following our heart. We take the “practical road” because it is safe. Less risky. But when we suppress the desire to act on difine inspiration, we build up tension so great in our soul that we begin to experience lower states of emotion, including depression,
anxiety and disappointment. We miss
our path. And for what?
So that we can fell “safe”? So that we can
have predictability? Sure, predictability and safety
have their benefits. But if your heart calls and
you choose to ignore it. the conseguences
may far outweigh the benefits. Your heart
will lead you to your
authentic self. Consider someone who is being
pressured within a family to join the
“family business”. To do what generation after
generation in his family have done. Will he follow the
crowd and be ‘safe’ or will he dare
to pursue other avenues despite the hardships
that may follow? When feeling compelled,
yet scared, to take the road unpaved
or “unapproved” ask yourself the tough questions
and be honest with yourself: Is there some other
purpose for me in life, other than meeting
other people´s needs and doing what is
“expected” of me? Am I more concerned
with how others view me, rather than my
own happiness? Am I suppressing
my true desires? What will the effects of
long-term suppression be, versus the effects of
short-term “acceptance” by friends, family
and society? Each of us
is gifted with talents and skills
which can be identified by looking at the things
we are passionate about
and inspired to do. By suppressing
and turning away from these passions
and impulses, we are denying the divine access
to powerful creation that exists
inside all of us. We are all here
for a purpose, and that purpose sometimes
does not, at least initially, look so practical. It must be felt,
within the heart. You always
have the answers inside you. Everything you need is inside you. Just follow your heart, and don´t confuse the voices
in you head, and around you with the guidance
of you much wiser, more powerful Heart. Follow your heart… your brain is stupid. Download or Stream the speech on
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100 Replies to “Follow Your Heart… Your Brain Is Stupid”

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  2. Both are necessary for telling values education and boundaries for livin'good life need brain , emotions, humanity needs heart

  3. bro i will be honest with you i dont now what i am going to do me heart or me Brain its really hard when you lost your way

  4. I always follow my heart cz my heart tells mie wat to do ,i glad to hear this.Coz yr heart never fail mie that's what i believe.

  5. Follow my heart ❤️? You know what happened to me the last time I did follow my heart? I got hurt by a man who made me believe he was single and never told me that he is married. I can’t let my heart ❤️ do things like that to me.



  8. What is your heart LED you too many troubles what is your heart isn't but another needs that you care more about your heart tells you you need them where you have to have it or it's got to be yours because how it made you feel think but your mind knows that is not good that you can't listen to it because it's called pain because it's hurt ones you loved because it's following Instinct Orange in rational feelings unexplainable instinct that feels four more scary I am a person who enjoys a certain amount of control and their life and to give that control two others is very least likely for me and the few times that I have it didn't work out for me I've not known that kind of love or respect the kind that I have in myself or in what I want to be my loved one it didn't give them what they wanted only what I had to give my heart didn't make me a team a better goal maybe a better understanding because I'm humble and able to respect myself recently I've not been able to do that I've done very ignorant things just for the name of learning or understanding why things happen then just accepting a moving on and letting go I'm not the type to ever let go of love it is a necessary SCAR or less than I have to have every time my mind tells me not to my mind tells me to be alone you're stronger alone and that saddens and distance is me I fear it my ultimate conundrum my Perfectly Imperfect contradiction I guess it's the best way for me believe what you want from most of this is going to be twisted in a way to hurt me anyways or not believed because of others insecurities

  9. This video contradicts some of the biological facts. Firstly, the heart beats because it is controlled by the brain automatically. If it were not for brain, it will just stop and person will die. Secondly, we call it heart but actually heart can not feel or give out any reasonable decisions. The idea that we say "your heart says something" is called intuition that is also produced by your brain. Heart has only one job and it is to pump the blood everywhere in the body and it is controlled by the brain. So, before calling your brain stupid, think about it next time. Because brain is actually the most powerful creation of all time. I am not trying to be contradictory here but I am just objectively pointing out some of the misconceptions that this video is saying.

  10. For me heart is a support system for our entire body which supplies blood to each and every part of body.Our brain gets well nourish due to supply of blood so that we can make clear decisions. So I don't think there should be much confusion between listening to brain or heart. Being in confusion itself is a bigger problem.

  11. Hey Let me ask 2 question"What is the difference between Brain and Heart?" In physiology class I learned that Heart is pumping our blood for circulation Then How can it help me with my decision making? Can anyone answer me plzzz!!!

  12. I love listening books on YouTube make me learn more English that I need to learn. Everyday I love listen book if not my energy level is low and very sadness thank you very much wish all the best to all my teachers on YouTube

  13. I am confused should I study only or should I just procrastinate all the time and get lazy or I don't know should I be Same as I am or I was….. How to be honest with ourself ….how to be good … How to enjoy every moment of my life…. How to see things good way

  14. My heart tells me to our family bloodline about our family bloodline for our family bloodline to the people about the people for the people

  15. My heart start pumping, then my brain is like ,wait something is wrong 🙄then my heart be like,you are in love don't be stupid 🙄my body said stop confuse my human she is innocent.which one is which. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  16. I follow my mind because I have a power. But my heart has nothing and I lost my heart so there’s no way I can follow. I want to bring my heart back but it’s.. just.. lost,


  18. Sir,Heart doesn't have emotions, thoughts or understandings. Heart is there in the body for other purpose my dear. Everything is done by the brain sir. Stop teaching nonsense. Only the fools will agree with u

  19. Guys follow your heart do what you love i finally found the courage to move to London and become a singer i can't wait 🙏🙏🙏🤗❤️

  20. wait wait does being in your head mean you're dead? .i disagree ,the true wander is when you're thinking ,that is where introverts live in

  21. Broo but sometimes we follow and fail and have no back up plans…
    What will we eat at that time…
    So we should also take in to consideration when out brain asks some logical questions about future like what is ur backup plan if u 👎☹👎fail…
    Bez without answering that question if u proceed and fail then u will be in a big trouble and there is equal probability of getting success or failure 50/50 so also see the future and don't take decisions like fools

  22. Even when people say the brain is placed above the brain for a reason, try following your heart for once. Touch wood, you wont be disappointed. When the results and satisfaction comes in you will realise that each one of us has this beautiful unique gift given to us by the Supreme Mind. Peace❤

  23. Follow your heart ❤️, but never ever forget to take the rational logical (brain) with you…because emotional rules logical

  24. Everyone have dream and me too. I will follow my heart if I need .my brain it contro my body .when I need to do something I think and try .if someone blame me they told me you are stutid .I will tell them you too .I don't care about them .because I never ask anyone for eat . I do everything by myself .I focus myself not other peple

  25. What if your heart tells you that you are supposed to be with someone who has hurt you in the past? And is ignoring the love that you feel are in both of your hearts? I am at a crossroad in my life where these are the questions. Follow my heart?

  26. In the past i used my heart for relationships but I was so disappointed after that & I turned my heart off & I don't think the brain is stupid but the heart is

  27. Struggles are real between the heart and brain. I've always used my heart. Part of me is practical it's like I'm either hot or cold. Either I love or I don't love..

  28. I follow my brain most of the time. The heart is deceitful. It will lead to you to sin and heartbreak. Follow what is right. You will not regret it..

  29. Follow heart?????? All are brain. Heart fungtion is only pmping. It caption is a fool itself. No scientific conciousness hehe….

  30. I don't believe we,re here for a purpose we,re here to find our purpose.What about these people that are severly retarted what is there purpose ?I'd like an answer to that question.

  31. Honestly,i think that you have use both the mind and the heart,if you feel something is right,don't blindly go there,your heart may be wrong, search for a balance between the two,don't just shut your mind down,or year heart down,it takes both the rain and the sun to grow a flower.

  32. wow i ve been Lucky to find this video ! ijust founded it so logical and peacefull mind … when the new fashion is to teach people how to control their feelings, and be Always on control and rational in their relation ships ! so great and peacefull … this video made me feel better and i just called someone that i wanted to many weeks ago but couldnt cause my brain was fighting my heart… i was so upset and sad till now, cause i did after listeningthis and we talked and i finaly find a good way to move on, in peace… thank you. I feel delivered even if…

  33. Hi
    I know your not going to read this I don’t know why I’m writing. I’m 32 years old and all my life I have been afraid of what people think of me if I do that or this what will they think, should I be doing this, all my life I’ve had dead end jobs I know I’m better than that I know I am here for a lot more than working in a warehouse or cleaning someone’s office I made the wrong choices and I’ve ended up sad and depressed I am going nowhere, now out of nowhere someone suggested joining the army I don’t know what to do, I’ve got to comfortable doing nothing and it is driving me insane. Joining the army is a big choice I would be away from my family which would hurt but I would be bettering myself it would hopefully make me a better person it would teach me skills I would have for life, my heart is telling me to go for it, but I’m worried, scared, I don’t know what to do but I know I can’t carry on doing what I’m doing now which is nothing I want to become the best I can be, I want my children to be proud of me. Thanks for listening.

    God bless.

  34. To any high school students

    live for your damn feelings not to make money or get a high profile job.

    And minimize stress dont let it take over your life and alter your descisions

  35. “For out of the heart come evil thoughts — murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander.” Matthew 15:19. Don’t follow your heart. It’s stupid.

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