Fish Disease Treatment | Popular Medications For Fish Diseases | Medications For Sick Fish

What’s up guys? Welcome back with my hectic life and today
I thought we would go over some popular fish medications out there that can help treat
your sick fish. And a quick disclaimer, if you do have sick
fish, make sure you always do your research before going ahead with any sort of treatment. Now there are a lot of medications available
for treating sick fish, trying to choose the right one to take care of. Any diseases that your fish might have can
be overwhelming. So without further ado, here are some of the
popular medications out there and the diseases that they are commonly used to treat. So first off, we have hickory pick x. As the name implies, this is a popular treatment
for it. Now this medication can also be used to help
treat velvet or gold dust disease. Now next up, we’ve got API. General cure for this medication is a great
anti parasitic treatment that can take care of a wide variety of parasitic diseases, including
velvet anchor worms, fish lice hole in the head, disease gill worms and more. And then we have malefics. Malefics effects is a great antibacterial
for minor infections. This is a great treatment for common bacterial
infections with open wounds, Finra, icloud and mouth fungus, and next up we have pima
fix. Pima fix is a good treatment that helps to
alleviate problems such as fungus, cotton growth on Ben’s mouth and body fungus and
reddening of the fins and body. Now with Mel Effects and pima fix, these two
are almost like a general first aid kit for fish. They’re commonly kept on hand and they help
to treat mild issues. These are not typically known to be very strong
medications, so if you have a really bad case of rod or something like that, you might need
something a little stronger like an antibiotic. And then we have Malakai Green. This medication is commonly used to help treat
external parasites, but Malakai green can also be used to help prevent fungus on fish
eggs and next up we have methylene blue. Now this one is used to treat a variety of
conditions. It is antifungal as well as anti parasitic
along with Aiken, can help with nitride and ammonia poisoning as well as it acts as a
general disinfectant. This is another treatment that it’s usually
a good idea to just have on hand at any kind of general point in time. Next up, we have API arithromycin. Now this one is an actual antibiotic. Again, help to treat bacterial diseases, mouth
fungus, open lesions, swelling and septicemia, and then we have another one by API which
is bed affects benefits, can be used to help heal bacterial infections, repair damaged
fins and open wounds. And last but not least on this list is the
see Kim paraguard. This one helps to treat ecto parasites, fungal
infections and bacterial infections, so there are a ton of medications out there for fish
to help prevent and get rid of any diseases that they might come across. These seem to be the more popular ones amongst
fished keepers, although I may make more videos on some of the other medications that are
available as well. So anyway, guys, that’s all for today’s video. If you liked it, please give it a thumbs up
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