Fête de famille – ESMA 2019

Fête de famille – ESMA 2019

Marvin How are you hon? Great! I can’t wait to meet your family! Yeah… listen, I’m really sorry but… I think I can’t make it, I… I… They’re kind of… Hello there! Meet my Family Hum… Nice to meet you… Ladies! Sarah talked so much about you… I already feel like I know you! We are chaaarmed to meet you! It’s been so long… We were starting to think Sarah was ashamed of us! Oh noooo… No no. Cupcake… There’s one thing you won’t like… your mother’s outfit… Well. She hasn’t worn anything decent since grade school… Oh… I’m sure your mother is as elegant as you! Cupcake. For sure, she’s elegant! A true Lady! Unlike her cousins… Always on the internet and Facebook! Not even able to do anything separately… Ridiculous! Sorry Aunties, but meemaw is waiting for us. Oh my… You’re going to be late! Let’s go, hop hop hop! – Did you see how… (giggles)
– Yeaaah! That’s something! What was it in the bathroom? Oh, you met my cousins… Wait… Did they scare you? You ain’t seen nothing yet! Marvin, I presume… Oh no… Hum… Let me introduce you… my godfather… Sir! Hum… Yeah. First… Started law school… Wait! Hm… Failure And in the end… School teacher. Pathetic… He CHOSE to become a teacher! Hum! Sure, wiping kids is way easier
than taking care of criminals… Hush, don’t answer him! You have been together for? F… Five years. Five years! You do not plan to have children, do you. Y… y… yes! Really! You want children?! Between the diapers to change and the papers to grade… You’re going to get fed up my poor friend! Huh, No… What do you mean, no. You’re going to give up your job to live off my god-child?! Are you kidding me… Look who is talking ! You’ve been living off my mom for 30 years! Absolutly not! I’m her manager! I handle her contracts… her costumes… Aaaah, that’s why… so you try them on first! This young man’s got some repartee… I like that! I told you so! God… My mother… Your mother… people mistake me for your sister… Hmm, so, here is my son-in-law… Tall… Muscles… Strong hands… I hope that one won’t disappear… She already made her father run away. Marvin? What’s up pumpkin! Wow! I can’t put up with them and you… Well, they are nuts… …But they love you! Hmm… Except my mother… Except your mother… But she is crazy about me! Come on everybody! It’s photo time Leave me some space, Mum. Stop calling me mum ! It makes me… Old! You’ll have to get used to! In six months you will be grand ma! – It went well in the end! They’re not so bad… – Yeah… They were ok today! So… What about you? – Hum… What about me? – Nothing. Nothing… I just can’t wait to meet your family! – Yeah… Listen, I’m really sorry but… They’re kind of…

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  1. How can u like this when u don't understand what they say … I give this video 10 thumbs down.. The art work , one thumb down

  2. Why they showed her with big fine ass because they think brown and black guys love girl with big boody or good 85 breast or women with big ass and titty are more acceptable ?
    But we like girl with Brain tho..

    This is so racist and sexists..

  3. Très bon travail! mais je pense que je ne suis pas le seul à vouloir une deuxième partie avec la famille de Marvin ^^ Quoi qu'il en soit, bravo pour ce merveilleux projet

  4. 😍❤Oh mon dieu les gars c'est de mieu en mieu ! Je veux dire chaque année il y a des perles qui sortent comme ça ! 😍❤merci merci beaucoup (ps on attend la famille de marvin avec impatience ahah)

  5. J'ai pas pu m'empêcher de rester coincé sur le bas du corps de l'héroïne qui était disproportionné et stéréotypé à mort alors qu'elle est censée être "normal" par rapport à sa famille..

  6. Du grand génie ! Alors là bravo… Ça fait quatre ans que je suis de près cette chaîne et l'école ESMA (voulant un temps passé m'orienter dans cet branche professionnelle), et ce projet est bien l'un des rare où à la fin je me dit : "C'EST UN OUI !" Le fond et la forme m'inspire quelque chose de profond. Je ne suis personne pour dire ça mais je valide l'idée, le choix du design des personnages et l’ambiance légèrement brumeuse. Bravo à la team 😉

    + la petite ref "Oeil pour Oeil" dans le générique c'est cadeau

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