[ENG] SUB] Producer Review BTS Heartbeat / 프로듀서 원웨이 리뷰

[ENG] SUB] Producer Review BTS Heartbeat / 프로듀서 원웨이 리뷰

Peter: Feels like it’s been a while since we last did a BTS review SKY: We’ll try our best with today’s review SKY: Is this really the standard for a
soundtrack to a game? Peter: I seem to keep saying the same thing when I talk about BTS’s vocals Peter: I know it’s the same compliments.
But, unlike a few other groups in KPOP, they really know how to belch those hard notes… SKY: I can’t seem to concentrate ^^;;;; LMAO^^ Peter: Do we look at the lens or ourselves…lol Hi guys we’re One Way Hi guys this is Jong Moon SKY: Ok so our concept for today is… SKY: Traffic lights LMAO^^;;;; Peter: I thought we were more like
‘The Power Rangers’ LOL SKY: Red… Green… Orange (Yellowish) SKY: The amazing thing is…
This is all coincidental Peter: None of this was planned…LOL^^ SKY: So, we’ve gathered here today to review
BTS’s ‘Heartbeat’ SKY: Have you guys listened to it yet? Peter: Yes SKY: Oh you did Peter: It feels like it’s been a while since we last did a
BTS review SKY: We’ll try our best with today’s review SKY: Apparently this song is an OST for a game called ‘BTS World’ SKY: I’m actually looking forward to it SKY: I have no idea as to what type of game this is Director: Apparently you plays BTS’s band manager Jong Moon: Say what now?
Ahhh~ a manager Peter: Quick you have a schedule at 10.
Quickly drive them to… LMAO^^ Jong Moon: Yo~ do you see what I see in the camera… Jong Moon: Is it just me…or do we look ridiculously funny right now… LOL LMAO^^;;;; SKY: I should take this off… SKY: You know this is actually isn’t from around here Peter: Bro you’re dressed like weathly man
who owns a lot of oil… LOL (Went off track and now we’re back to the review LOL) SKY: Ok let’s do today’s review BTS’s ‘Heartbeat’ SKY: Seems like it’s a live performance video SKY: That looks pretty cool (Mad level of concentration… straight into the song) SKY: Is it set in the country side of Korea? Jong Moon: This video seems to have a storyline to it SKY: Jong Moon you seem to like these types of music videos where there’s a plot to it Jong Moon: Yes I do Jong Moon: These days we can see a lot of artists using their videos to tell a story Jong Moon: For thoughs parts where the music has its limitations Jong Moon: We get lost in translation sometimes after just listening to the lyrics of a song Jong Moon: However, if there’s a story in the music video, we can understand the artists intentions for the lyrics Jong Moon: I like looking for these types of things in a video Jong Moon: Shall we keep watching? SKY: The whole song has Rock vibe to it Peter: Close to a Pop Rock vibe Peter: Now, because all the members have such a versatile tone to their voice Peter: I feel all the members have a way of filling in the empty spaces within the song Peter: Without it being ‘Who sings what specific part’ of the song SKY: We seem to say this everytime we review a BTS song SKY: The level of skill and chemistry between each members is so tight that their songs are flawless SKY: That’s why their music sound so solid SKY: In between certain parts of the song, I can hear the piano, and guitars SKY: It’s guitars right? SKY: RIght SKY: You hear the use of that heavy snare drum in the background Peter: Wet snare (Meaning a snare with a lot of Reverb) Peter: Crossing the galaxy… SKY: They’re saying we’ve invaded this galaxy Peter: You’re in the BTS universe now (Heas just nodding…) (The mind is dancing inside^^;;;) Peter: They used a lot of graphics here SKY: You can hear how if one person sings a high melodic section of a song SKY: Then the next section is overlapped by another voice which smoothly transitions into a lower melodic section SKY: This just shows how there’s great balance within the group Jong Moon: Wow just look at the quality of the cinematics Jong Moon: Just like their previous videos, I like how a lot of detail always goes into their videos Peter: Seeing that… their videos are not just viewed domestically here in Korea Peter: But, also viewed internationally, you’d have to think that it’s obvious they’d put much more effort even into the smallest of details SKY: If we go back to last time when we reviewed BTS’s full album SKY: We know that BTS can pull off handling their big, sophisticated, high energy projects SKY: But I feel that BTS really does the softer ‘Pop Rock’ vibes justice (AGREED) Peter: Yeah I remember that Steve Aoki song they did in that album Peter: I was predicting something really flashy (considering it was done by Steve Aoki) Peter: However, I was left amazed because not only was it different to the usual Aoki sound Peter: It was a piano ballad but the members sang it so well they did the track justice Peter: Did you see that last part? (Don’t just watch… say something guys LOL) Peter: I like how they showed the rehersals and the actual performace SKY: See you again SKY: First of all… I’m wondering if this really is the standard of quality for a OST that’s to with a game Peter: See most game OST’s usually don’t have that satisfying end product even if it was a collaboration with a Kpop artist Peter: I’m not used to hearing a game OST that sounds like a serious song in the Popular music genre Peter: Game OST’s are never at this high quality Peter: Now we haven’t played this game (BTS World) yet, however, the music is great SKY: I believe that there are more songs that were included into the OST right? Peter: Yes that is true SKY: If I were to only judge from listening to this song… I think the overall quality is gonna be great Jong Moon: This song is good for just easy listening Peter: Now, when it comes to BTS’s vocals, I know I say the same compliments each time Peter: But I have to point out how BTS members make singing seem so easy for parts of the song which most of Kpop bands would find difficult or challenging SKY: Give us an example Peter: When they sing that melody in the chorus Peter: They hit a ‘G’ or ‘A’??? Peter: Now, you and I have been around to know that most idols would find that ‘A’ note very challenging Peter: Challenging to the point one has to belch that note to get it out or sing it properly Peter: But it’s great how they can sing with so much ease that it doesn’t make it seem as though it’s difficult for them SKY: In other words they sing ‘Effortlessly’ Peter: Yep Sky: They can sing those high notes without making it sound forced but make it sound good Peter: See, you can find these types of techniques and skills being used from those more advanced singers that work a lot on their tones and ways of vocal expressions SKY:You know come to think of it… I too can hit a high ‘A’ but it would sound hella agressive SKY: It is very difficult SKY: Look they say that there’s nothing much to it when it comes to singing from the note ‘G’ to an ‘A’ SKY: But believe you me it feels like a giant wall to get to that next note Peter: Metaphorically speaking. It’s like an engine in your car, where as you drive and pick up speed you would shift gears Jong Moon: All this we’re saying is that the members of BTS sing with ease SKY: Like I said mid song, I want to point out how there were influences of ‘Rock’ music in the vibe of the song SKY: Usually when we think of BTS SKY: We think of songs like ‘DNA’ and the EDM vibe the song is heavily influenced by SKY: And we know how that style is best suited for BTS SKY: But, when we go back to when we reviewed their ‘Love Yourself Tear’ album, almost half of the songs in the album were influenced by ‘Rock’ music SKY: The ‘Rock’ vibe really goes well with BTS SKY: Sounds like the heavy and wet snares, they all compliment the vibe of their music SKY: Also the softer ballads, almost all songs that have specific vibes SKY: And you know how they have stories that go with each song, just like their music videos each have stories. Well they do those very well Peter: Well, now because BTS are like Korea’s ambassadors, how they represent Korea Peter: I just love how they try so hard to somehow show the world the many beauties of Korea in all their videos SKY: Like how they did in the start of this video Peter: Exactly, the beginning Peter: Look, even though we live in Korea, there’s so many beautiful places we haven’t yet checked out ourselves, so I was happy to see those in their videos SKY: So, today reviewed BTS World’s ‘Heartbeat SKY: After listening to this song, I want to check those other tracks out too Peter: Apparently the artists that featured on those other songs, well lets just say there are some big foreign names amongst the list of featured artists SKY: Oh, in the game OST??? Peter: Yeah in a game OST album Peter: So a lot of time and effort has been put into making this game soundtrack album SKY: I think it’s safe to say that this is a big album then Peter: No, really this is an actual full on album SKY: I can’t seem to concentrate ^^;;;; LMAO^^ Peter: Do we look at the lens or ourselves…lol Jong Moon: Red, green and orange… we look a traffic light LOL Jong Moon: Hi guys we are ‘Traffic Stop’ LOL^^;;;; LMAO^^ Peter: We’re lucky we didn’t sit in the order of a traffic light. If we did that would have made it worse Jong Moon: It’s worse than calling ourselves a the fire brigade LOL (I think SKY just had a moment… on his own thoughts^^) SKY: Well, this was yet again another review by ‘One Way’ SKY: We will be back with more new content This was ‘One Way One Sound’ (Wait… there’s more???) Director: WTF was ‘Traffic lights’ reference? LOL^^;;;; Director: Give me some cute poses for the thumbnail please Director: 1, 2, 3 Our boys work this hard to get likes, subscribers and comments

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  1. I love the reviews you guys do! You guys really give a producers input on your thoughts and opinions on the tracks. I wish you guys would not only do BTS but other artists. Like soloists, other K-Pop groups, and etc. Also keep creating your own music too. As a producer I feel that you guys should put out your own music in your own flavor (if that made sense). Good Luck!!!

  2. pls react to the other 3 songs/ost for the game
    All Night: RM, Suga and Juice Wrld
    A Brand New Day: J hope, V and Zara Larrson
    Dream Glow: Jin, Jimin,Jungkook and Charlie XCX

  3. Ah, this review was great! As with the other comments, their other songs on this OST are equally great and high are quality. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and review of them! 💜

  4. Even though it's just an OST for a mobile game, the quality is still too notched. The music video was super well made too. The song definitely pulled my heart strings. The message and vocals are amazing the rap parts too. BTS and Bighit don't half ass their creations. They always make quality music in any form. That's how real musicians and artists do.

  5. Another great OST from BTS world is "A Brand New Day" sang by V, Jhope and Zara Larson. Hope you can check it out!

  6. 맞아요 한국적인… 그게 제일 중요한것 같아요. 참고로 방탄 뮤비중에 해외에서 찍은 뮤비가 없단거 알고 계신가요😄근데 뮤비들을 보면 전부 외국에서 찍은듯한 영상미에 놀라고 한국에 이렇게 아름다운곳이 있는거에 두번 놀랍니다.ㅎㅎㅎ(아!하나 있어요. 외국 호텔에서 셀프로 촬영한 등골브레이커💜)

  7. When i listen to BTS…i never associate them with EDM for me it’s more r&b and hip hop. ‘Dark and wild’ is their first album 1 year into their career and it’s full of r&b influence…maybe we can’t put BTS in a genre cuz they do it all and they do it WELL! Hopefully you guys review MONO which is RM’s playlist which for alot of us is the person behind RM (Namjoon) And it has good ass songs innit! Check it out and I wanna hear whatchu think bout it

  8. bts월드 ost 앨범 전곡 리뷰 부탁드려요ㅠㅠ 해외 아티스트들이랑 콜라보한 곡들이라 굉장히 고퀄리티입니다 ㅜ
    공개된 순서대로 Dream glow (feat.찰리xcx) – 진,지민,정국
    a brand new day (feat.자라 라슨) – 제이홉,뷔
    all night (feat.주스월드) – 알엠,슈가
    굉장히 팝적이고 힙한 곡들이에요 리뷰 기대할게요ㅠㅠ

  9. 2:28 if you like mvs with storylines in it I recommened watching I Need U, Prologue, Run and other BTS MVs that's part of BU(Bangtan Universe) you'll know if the mv is part of BU if you see "BU content certified by Big Hit Entertainment
    " written on the video description, it's ok if you guys won't react to it on this channel specially coz this channels reaction focuses more on the music but just a suggestion if ever you want to check it out on your free time

  10. 와 ! 진짜 기다렸어요 ㅜ 영상을 자주 올리시지는 않아서 항상 언제올라오나하고 기다리게 되는거 같아요 ㅎㅎ 개인적으로 리뷰영상올리시는 프로듀서 분들중에 가장 좋아한답니다 !! 영상보면서 혹은 들으면서 바로 리뷰해주시는 것도 좋고, 설명을 비전문가인 일반인들의 입장에서 쉽게 설명해주시는 거 같아요 !!간혹 다른 프로듀서님들꺼는 너무 전문용어가 많아서 스킵하면서 보는경우도 많았거든요…그런데 oneway분들꺼는 10분이 너무 짧습니다!! 길게 해주세요 ㅜㅜㅜ 심지어 리뷰해주시는 영상 배경의 스튜디오 취향저격이랍니다. 리뷰영상 자주올려주세요 ㅜㅜ 항상 응원하겠습니다!!

    +ost 앨범 비하인드는 피쳐링 참여해준 가수 분들이 어마어마하다는 것, bts전체가 함께 부르지 않고 유닛으로 부른 곡들이어서 굉장히 느낌이 달랐어요 ㅎ 그리고 ost앨범도 빌보드 200에 차트인하고 있답니다!
    앨범전체 리뷰도 기회가 된다면 보고싶은 작은 바램이… 있답니다 ㅎㅎ

  11. 다른 트랙들도 너무 좋으니
    꼭 리뷰 부탁드려요 ㅠㅠ
    좋은 노래 같이 듣고픈 마음 ㅠㅠ

  12. Aww the cutest stoplights eve though i think the power rangers fit better lol anyway love the reaction as always and yes thereis a story to this video its basically what they would be doing if they werent BTS, jk an athlete, jin a hotelier or business man, jimin a baker, jhope a vet, rm a detective,v a farmer, and suga would be playing the piano

  13. 음 뮤비 보기전 게임의 사전내용을 대충 알고봤더라면 더 좋았을텐데 아쉽네요 ㅠ 가사와 영상의 감동이 더 전해져요

  14. So the different solo shots of the members are there side stories in the game what they would be if they didn't meet us BTS

  15. Totally missed so many parts of this MV sad to say…the skipping fast thru scenes ruined the concept of what was occurring. I was disappointed in the reaction. Plus would like to hear the video along with you. Had to strain my wars trying to hear since the scenes were all chopped up. How did you even get the depth of beauty in the song along with graphics of video? You totally missed way too much. Will never understand skipping. Would rather you pause than skip. 😔

  16. 전 토론토에서 바를 운영하고 잇는데 음악은 그냥 구글 플레이로 틀거든요. 플레이리스트에서 트렌디한 팝 댄스 팝 인디 알엔비 이런거 골라 오토로 트는데 이 음악 제법 자주 나와요ㅎ 곡이 좋아 서버들한테 물어봣더니 할빗이라고. 예전엔 구글 플레이 리스트에 한국노랜 아예 기대도 못햇는데 ㅋ암튼 이곡이랑 라이트 보이윗러브 3곡이 많이 껴잇어요. 뭐 특별히 비티에스 팬은 아니지만 괜히 자랑스러운거 ㅋㅋ 가게에서 자주 듣다보니 라잇이랑 이곡 외외로 괜찮아서 …그렇게 히트친 노랜 아닌거 같은데…아닌가?? ㅎ

  17. AA MISSED YOU GUYS!!!!! this was FUN, i see so many recommendations in the comment section hahaha PERSONALLY WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU REVIEW mono. BY RM its his second mixtape/playlist, and honestly think you guys would appreciate how organic it is.

  18. 주스월드랑부른 올나잇도 좋아요
    알엠하고 슈가만 참여한곡인데 들어보시면 좋으실듯요~~리뷰감사해여~

  19. 게임이 어렵지 않고 쉬워요…단순하리만큼…
    게임이 그닥 재미사 있지는 않지만 과거의 소소한 에피소드들을 알게 해주고…일정 스테이지까지 클리어해야 핥뷭이 나옵니다…ㅎㅎ
    어나더 스토리쪽 OST에 유닛으로 낸 노래들이 해당 멤버별 BGM으로 나오고요.
    대충 조금 만져보는데 30분도 안걸립니다.
    계속 하고 말고는 존중이니까 츄ㅣ향 해드립니다만..
    리뷰를 위해서 조금은 플레이를 해보셔도 좋지 않을까 생각해요.
    그러니까 한 줄 요약하면…
    (대략 Brand New Day 리뷰를 해달라는 그런 얘기)

  20. 해외에서 건너온 거라면 무조건 좋은거다 라는 찌질한 생각….외국나가봐라 한국것이 젤좋다 라고 느낄거다….

  21. Yall really should react to the other songs All Night, A Brand New Day, and Dream glow. The other song are only soundtracks but if you want you can check it out

  22. i love watching your reviews, but you missed out on the other other songs on the OST!
    Please review them all, I love your style!

  23. I WISH YOU REACT TO THE OTHERS OST. There are some sub units from the members and collaboration with international artists.
    -Dream Glow
    -A brand new day
    -All Night


  24. 주황색 겉옷 엄청 멋있는데요? 뭔가 스타일이 업 되는것 같아요.

    뮤비 스토리는 방탄이 방탄으로 데뷔 안 했다면 무슨 일을 했을까 이고요. 두 행성이 충돌하면서 폭발이 일어난건 다른세계와 방탄이 데뷔한 세계가 충돌해서.. 위 아래로 화면이 나눠지는 것처럼 공존?.. 뭔가 그런 느낌이에요

  25. Please react to Everglow they’re a new girlgroup and had their debut early this year and a couple days ago a comeback. Both songs are a BOP!

  26. This is my new ringtone. Bts cant make a bad song. Everthing they do turns to gold. Amazing. Best male vocal group ever, worldwide. Says alot that they have taken over the world and their songs are mainly in Korean. Just shows you how dynamic their songs and performances are. Lots of love from Australia.

  27. Review these BTS albums, 화양연화 pt.1 and pt.2 as well as Dark&Wild and WINGS, arguably some of the best BTS albums

  28. watching this content is good but i'm a bit disturbed are yall satisfied everytime doing reaction only with a tablet?not with a bigger screen and nice speaker?you know what i mean??yes..every good songs has amazing details😁😁
    *i'm sorry if my opinion is annoying😁✌🏻

  29. Thank you for the reaction!!! I love your commentary because you come off as very genuine and have constructive feedback with both technical terms and more witty remarks!!! I would love to see you react to their 2016 WINGS album as it's own of their most experimental albums with every member getting a solo song that they helped create and is personal to them. It's a very diverse album genre-wise and I would love to hear your input!!! Anyways , looking forward to more so please keep up the good work!!!

  30. 화양연화 앨범이 진짜 진또배기라 생각하거든요..ㅠㅜ 리뷰해주시면 진짜 감사하겠습니다..ㅜㅡㅜ

  31. 게임회사 측에서 만든 곡이 아니라 여느때처럼 빅히트 작곡팀과 멤버들이 만든 곡입니당 🙂

  32. if you like music videos with stories. you should definitely react to the Bangtan Universe music video series by BTS, especially I Need U, HYYH on stage: Prologue, Run, Young Forever, Blood Sweat and Tears (both the Korean and Japanese versions), Euphoria, and Epiphany. Trust me its worth it

  33. Guys I am glad you reacted to them again
    But could you please do me a favor?? PLEASE don't skip parts of the video or the song it irritates me on a spiritual level its ok if you guys are quite through the part just don't skip it I hate that

  34. 아헐 이곡 리액션해달라는 댓글 달았었는데 드디어 해주셨군요 선생밈들ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ 오늘도 잘보고갑니다ㅜㅜ 건강하세요

  35. 뭔 리뷰를 태블릿으로 음악 쳐들으면서 하는거지?
    졸라 개성의 없네 ㅋㅋ
    음악하는 애들 맞아?ㅋㅋㅋ

  36. this totally went full circle for me lol I've been a kpop fan for 12 years now and my first group I ever stanned was 2PM and I remember getting into Oneway because of Jun.K's feature on your song Rainy Days and now 8 years later you guys are reviewing my Bangtan boys 😔💜

  37. Hope you'll react to RM's MONO full tracklist 😊 Looking forward to more quality contents from you guys!!!! 💜

  38. REACT TO THE WHOLE BTS WORLD OST aside from HEARBEAT there are also songs that they collab with other international artist, you must react to it " DREAM GLOW, BRAND NEW DAY & ALL NIGHT" this ost has different vibes. 🙂 hope you'll react to it. Have a nice day!

  39. 보컬계의 강형욱ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 갑자기 강형욱님 왜나오시는뎈ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이번에도 잘듣고 갑니다. 다른 트랙들도 해주셨으면 좋겠네요ㅎㅎ

  40. It's about how the members will always find each other no matter what lifetime they live in or what jobs they do. The galaxy represents the army lightsticks. The reference to 2012 is when all the members finally came together as one group (others joined earlier but jimin was the last one added). The rehearsal you saw was for their first ever song no more dream which they debuted with. Its showing them practice for debut in a small place and how they are now performing in stadiums. Its a really beautfiul song. The lyrics have so much depth.

  41. The game was 2 years ago so they filmed all the scenes in the game back before they ever realised what they would achieve.

  42. 게임OST라고 하기엔 퀄리티가 높아서 그 앨범만 따로 사고 소장할정도입니다. 다른 트랙들 퀄리티도 다 높아서 들어보시면 좋아하실뜻.. 그리고 가운데있으신분 스토리있는 영상 좋아한다면 방탄 무비가 세계관이 장난아닌데 한번 빠져보세요~ 복잡해서 너무 재미있어요. 책도 읽어야하고 RM의 가사보시면 언어유희도 많아서 재미있으실겁니다. 봄날영상 안보셨으면 무비 추천드려요. 세월호를 잊지 말자는 간접적인 내용이 있는데 해석영상도 있으니 보셔도 좋구요^^

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