[ENG SUB] 위걸스 두근두근 ♥하트비트♥ 비하인드/Wegirls ♥Heart Beat♥ behind

[ENG SUB] 위걸스 두근두근 ♥하트비트♥ 비하인드/Wegirls ♥Heart Beat♥ behind

Wegirls E-you, Hana: Hello~Wegirls E-you, Hana VisualDirector(VD): pink place and pink cloths. Do you like it? Hana : Yes I like it. People’s etiquette changes depending on their clothes. VD : It’s great. Hana : Sang-ji styled it. VD : Today’s concept is cherry blossoms. Hana : Hearts remind me of something. I worked as a ‘Ride’ in my second mini album and I’m doing it with my second song, ‘Heartbeat.’ This song is a love song with a heart beat for fans. VD : If you love someone, you can think of a pink color. That’s why I chose pink color for outfit. Both of them are so pretty that I like them. VD : I’ve a question. I told you this song is ‘falling in love song’. I think ‘du geun-du geun’ is the killing part. What do you think about the killing part in the lyrics? Hana : ‘du geun-du geun’! It’s cute. It’s the most obvious expression in my mind. E-you : just alright just alright just alright know you baby. VD : I’m curious when your heart is beating. Hana : When I go to a palace like Gyeongbokg Palace or Insadong. VD : She’s a princess. Hana : My mom is the royal. That’s why I keep wanting to go in. I’m sorry. Hana : I always think sang-ji looks at things beautifully. E-you : That’s why she makes us beautiful. Hana : I think the soul herself is positive and bright and has lots of love. I think that’s why she’s looking at us with hearts. VD : Wegirls were born with my heart. Hana : mom! VD : I’ve participated a lot since Wegirls debut. Hana : Then, shall I call you Mom now? you dressed up like my mom today. VD : Wegirls look very calm, but they have distinct personalities. I’m really amazed at that. Wegirls has different charms. show them in the same team. That’s my homework. E-you and Hana usually ask me how to styilling. I think it is better more detail like personal marketing. Hana : Please send photo a lot. Off screen… Hana : She usually sends us a lot of makeup suggestions. VD : But Hana always adds a little variation to what I send you. Hana : I thought you might be disappointed. VD : What do you think is the weakness? Hana : My face is swollen well. There’s a lot of fuss when it’s on the morning. My face gets swollen if I eat something the day before. VD : That’s not a problem, it is more cute. Hana : What’s your problem? VD : I hope there will be more subscribers on my channel. please subscription and like E-you : I’m worried that even if my appearance changes a little, my photos and videos will be different. I can’t always get the same make-up and hair. These days, I’ve been thinking about makeup artists because they’ve been getting along well. A little change in makeup will change image. My eyes get smaller if I put on heavy make-up. VD : People with big double eyelids don’t do it, but you’re a little double eyelid. Those eyes look stuffy when you draw eye lines. Me, too. That’s why I don’t draw eye lines at all. t’s only expressed in shadow. If you put on your eyelashes, your eyes may look stuffy and older. E-you : My face isn’t always the same. How do I keep my face in shape? VD : I explain it in plastic surgery. There’s a golden rain on face. You have faces that fit in the golden rain. It’s like a perfect face, but it’s only the ones who got swollen. I think a person’s image is half formative and the rest comes from their facial expressions. I think facial expression is too important. Hana was on stage, I really liked the expression. she opens the introduction. Whenever I saw music video, I think a group of colors. that’s why Hana’s role is very important. and I love her smile. Hana : thanks VD : Hana has power vocal. I think it’s the most similar image to the original image of Wegirls. SANG-JI is co-writer of “Heartbeat” (sub name : Lee sang) When I write lyrics, I think about Hana’s image. Hana : It’s an honor. VD : Is it good? E-you : What does it sound like? VD : Mother. Hana : Try this. It smells good. VD : That’s good, baby. Hana : I’ll follow my mother’s water again. VD : Sweetheart, there’s no water. VD : My channel’s high quality. VD : What would you like to do next time you have a new concept? Hana : Charismatic! I’ve always been feminine and young. VD : How would you like to try hair, make up? Hana : Hardly. VD : Okay, I got it. girl crush right? Hana : I think so. like Harleyquin, anything else we wanted to see that? It’s pretty dark. joker? can you dance to the joker? VD : No, I can’t. You can do it? VD : What do you want? E-you : I’m want to be cheerful and Lively. Hana : What’s the famous of the man dressing? VD : The Hunters! E-you : I think my fans will love me more when I see my other self. a brash-haired, nerd fashion with glasses VD : I agree. sometimes you send me message. I feel so good when I get that picture. It’s perfectly set when you’re on TV. The pretty goddess you draw in dream is hard to approach. She wears this much glasses in fashion like a nerd. Whether you really want to be close. If I were a fan, I would feel very fond of the picture. The image I want to be friends with. E-you : right? VD : She’s one of the most beautiful in the school. but it turns out she’s got something to do with it. Actually, women are attracted to that kind of thing. Hana : i agree VD : It’s real E-you : right? Huh? Ugly? Nerd? VD : I don’t do anything controversial E-you : because it’s high-end. VD : Next time you meet me, send me the image you want. Then I’ll arrange the concept for it and make it. Send me about 3 things you want to do. We’re going to draw up a concept and make it together. Idol usually adjusts to the team color, so you don’t have a chance to show yourself. Hana : inside us that we want. Charisma, sexy, tomboy, cutie. VD : It was great today, guys. Thank you so much. Hello, I’m YEHANA of WeGirls. I had a great time with Sang-ji and E-You. When people with lots of love come together, my heart is heartbeating. I feel like I’m getting more love. Thank you.

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  1. Thank you for being so caring and loving 'Mother' for WeGirls! ❤️️✨ I love E-You and YeHana! ❤️️❤️️ I believe the next concept for WeGirls will let the members to show all their talents and beauty! ✨✨
    P.S Please, make YeHana to be more visible in the video frame next time! 🙏😊 YeHana charm is very eye-catching and unique! 😍❤️️

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