(eng) 10kg인생최대 ‘대광어’를 해체하라!!!! How to Cut a Flatfish!!!

(eng) 10kg인생최대 ‘대광어’를 해체하라!!!! How to Cut a Flatfish!!!

It’s xxx! Hi, guys! Welcome back to SooBingSoo TV It’s *sobz* *sobz* SooBingSoo! Well, guys, for today, I’m going to show you the big fish. It’s the right time when you can eat this fish now, You can easily find it in the Sashimi restaurant, and other places. So the big fish is Well let me tell you first, it’s quite a big one. It’s the Halibut! It’s around 10.6kg. It was around 300,000 won too. It’s the wild caught halibut. [Halibut spawning season – Spring]
So most halibut spawn in Spring. [Before the spawning season – Fall, Winter]
So before they spawn, it’s the time when they become so chubby and so it’s really delicious. And I have brought a large halibut, right? 3-4kg? [That’s nono] Right? Hey, you can’t say a halibut that weighs 3-4kg is a big halibut. It must be more than 10kg. So now, I’m gonna fillet this. So if you see here, usually their eyes are lying on the same side of their face. So when the mouth is on the left, then it’s the halibut or flatfish and if it’s on the right, then it’s a flounder. And it’s facing the left, right? And when you want to check if it’s a wild caught halibut, check its belly. So white, right? For farmed halibuts, [Farmed halibut/the belly is covered with the same color here]
the belly is also covered with its back color. But anyways, let me let this little guy rest in peace now. Do you see it trembling? It means it’s dead. I just cut its spine. It’s because the nerves are still alive. Beware the bleed if you can’t watch such things. Oh so bloody. [spurting] Let me just move it to the sink. It’s like it’s squirting. It’s very watery inside so let me run the knife through it first. [Beware of the guts / so thick]
Guys, look how thick its bone is. It’s crazy. Wow Halibut’s head~ Well, the nerves are still alive so it keeps moving a little? [closes its mouth]
It’s not alive anyway, it’s dead already. [The heart of the halibut will soon appear in 3, 2, 1 seconds]
So when you open this, Halibut’s heart beats. It’s the heart of the halibut. Let’s see if this guy is really a guy or a girl. It’s a girl. Look at the fish roes. They look like the teeth of an elephant seal. So it’s the blood that is pooled inside we need to wipe it off too. Let me wipe the blood marks on its flesh too So it’s clean now. But it’s still a little watery inside, so using the paper towels, I’ll absorb the water. So for halibuts, they are very sticky on the surface. So when you descale it, you can see the sticky liquid coming out. So the descaling process is also done by some people but for today, I’m gonna skip this step because I’m going to fillet it and wash the flesh. So big! It’s gonna take me half the day. So when you chop off the tail, there you can see the bone in the center. Do you see it over here? So do you see the line between the fin and the flesh? We’re gonna follow the line with the knife. [Sungpack’s here]
I’m scared. So I have created a path to fillet this. The central bone sits in the middle like this I’m gonna put my blade from above here and run the knife through the flesh and get it off the bones. Wow. So when you’re done with this part, from the top again, try to tilt your blade a little bit like this, [Summoning Soobingsoo’s first youtube video]
It’s like I’m playing the xylophone. So when you scratch it off like this, And again, run your blade underneath. So now we’ve got a fillet of the halibut. [Tired] [Take it down] so look at the belly now, it’s so red, right? It’s because it was damaged while it was in the net. Repeat the same steps on this part too. I’m running out of sugar! [O!] Wow! [Playing the xylophone again] So the bones are removed! And now we’re gonna remove the guts now. [The nerves are still alive] So starting from the head, The bones here are all removed. Now we’re going to skin it. [For the dish of the day]
Let’s do it now. I’m going to remove the fins first. Wow look at this. The fin is almost 5cm wide. So cut the flesh a little And we’re gonna wash this too. [It’s better with the ice]
In icy running water, Add a little bit of salt maybe up to 3%. It’s the same percentage as that of the sea. And the flesh gets a little hardened and very chewy. Rinse it off to remove the impurities. Just rinse it off. Now absorb all the water with the paper. And at this point, I’m gonna roll it up like this for storing. [No more room] Let me rinse the rest of it too. [Hardwork] So It’s been matured for 5 hours already. Now let’s get the cooking started. So what am I going to do with this wide stuff? I’m going to deep-fry it! It’s the halibut cutlet! [Brand new] Barogi Throw the oil in. Turn on the heat. Guys, what do you need when you want to deep fry a cutlet? You need eggs. Flour [The expiration date check is needed]
For frying. And bread crumbs~ Very crispy. Will I need more? [Can’t go on my diet like this]
I need my eggs for my diet. [Pretending to complain] Well, I think I need to salt this fillet too. [let the salt snow]
Ew! Why did you sprinkle salt on your eyebrow too? And pepper! Flour! Bread crumbs~ First put in the egg mixture Dip it thoroughly and then the bread crumbs. Flip it Drop the flatfish [Scared] [Scared x2] This is fish so it will cook fast. [Exactly 2 minutes lol]
I will pull it out right away. Wow this is very heavy [Tired]
This looks yummy. Guys, we should eat pork cutlets in set menu! Only this is greasy. This is it~ Kwang Ho-dong flatfish cutlet set is ready! Kwang Ho-dong flatfish cutlet is now ready to eat! Different scale of size I make ~ I’m now on a diet so there is no more booze in this channel and sorry for that. Sorry. Anyway! Eating this right away is.. This looks great! I’ll try eating now. First the one without sauce. [Gave fork but uses hand] Baroip of Kwang Ho-dong flatfish cutlet~ [palate attack] I need water. (The meat) The thickness makes it clean and delicious I’ll try the one with sauce. Amazing, guys~ Big bite~ Oh this is good. Ready-mades are the best~ The pork cutlet sauce makes it just like pork cutlet. [Refill]
More! Mouthful of salad too! Jjolmyeon~ mix it well like this and to the mouth Like this~~ Like this~ Cheers~! Cheers~ Wow this is insane! It goes really good with Kwang Ho-dong flatfish cutlet. Eh? Pork cutlet and jjolmyeon set menu is almost 9,000 ~ 10,000 won, isn’t it? Eh? Flatfish~ 300,000 won of flatfish is… Flatfish is better for sashimi Wow~ [Artisan’s breath] [Artisan’s breath 2] [Flying fish roe] [A spoon of it] Boom! Oh yes I almost forgot! Flatfish corn ready! Flatfish corn~ Baroip! It’s too good! You don’t need soy sauce. The flying fish roe is salty~ and the pickled radish inside is salty too This is amazing! You know at the sashimi place they give the one that’s covered with dried laver. The one has flying fish roe in it~ This is 300,000 times better than that. Oh my I can’t resist! To Binggus~ Burnt out! Today I bought 10kg of natural flatfish and made Kwang Ho-dong flatfish cutlet and flatfish corn today. It was hard but I’m so happy that I could eat this much. Flatfish farming is successful these days, you know? But the fishermen are having hard times. They farm a lot and ‘Buy flatfish, lot’s of flatfish~’ But people don’t buy it a lot. They exported to Japan a lot but it decreased and people don’t eat flatfish. [Popularity of other fishes increased]
Why? Because salmon is selling well these days. I saw that research recently. So they are dropping the price now. So go buy and eat in these moments. Hanyway! But buy a smaller one~ Card bill this month… Arggg! Viewers! Me, Subingsu is trying to make Q&A. The question you have for Subingsu or questions about Seong-pak, ask them all. I’ll try to make it interesting. [Please leave the questions at the comments below]
Leave the questions at the comments below. Then barogi~

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  1. 혀러분 수빙수 Q&A영상 만들려고여 !
    댓글에 궁금하셨던 것들 많이 많이 적어주세요!
    질문 추려서 재밌게 만들어볼게용!!!! 빙구님들 싸랑해오!
    빙수타그램 : sue_ev
    팩수타그램 : somarch_

  2. 양식광어… 경제 소비위축으로 어민들이 힘들어서 납품가가 내려가는데 시장이 가격은 그에 맞추어 가격을 내려야 하는데 안내리기 때문에 …. 합리적인 가격이 된다면 누가 안사먹습니까… ?

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    -생선손질은 배우신건가요? 아님 독학하신건가요???

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    1 애기가 있으신지
    2 어느 지역 사시는지
    3 거래하는 업체가 있는지

  5. 좌광우도는 잘못된 사실입니다. 강도다리같은경우는 광어처럼 입이 왼쪽이고, 흔히 도다리라고 부르는 문치가자미(마코가레이)나 우리나라에서 보기 힘든 진짜 도다리(메이타가레이)중에서도 입이 왼쪽인 놈들이 있어요~

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    Q3 가장 좋아하는 생선이랑 도전해보고 싶은 생선

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    레알 사먹어야 하는건가 ㅋㅋㅋ

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    Q.원래 횟집에서 일하셨어요?? 생선을 너무 잘아시는거 같아서 신기해욤
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    4. 사랑해요 언니 진짜 언니가 제 인생의 낙이에요 알람 설정하고 하루종일 언니만 기다려요… 학교 친구들한테도 맨날 수빙수 보라고 전파시키고 저희 동네 수빙수 팬클럽 회장 자리 제가 꿰고 있습니다 진짜 언니랑 성팩님 너무 좋아해요 언니 영상도 진짜 10번은 기본으로 다시 돌려봐서 영상 대사도 다 외울 지경입니다 언니 정말 사랑하고 항상 행복하시면 좋겠어요❤️❤️

  12. I was randomly scrolling through videos and she came up, haven’t stopped watching since 3 days ago. She’s my spirit animal so much!!

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    근데 저는 여기서 제일 궁금한건 !!!———
    언니는 처음엔 참 순하고 참하고 조용한 수빙수였는데 지금은 텐션 업업업업업ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    수빙수가 되셨는지!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    성팩님도 먼가 되게 조용했다가 텐션이 같이 업되신거 같아여
    (다음에도 또 특별’출’현으로 나와주셨으면 좋겠습니당…성팩님 팬도 많으시니까여 ..힁힁)

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    아니시면 본업에 영상에 운동에 바쁜 인생을 사실까요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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    (잔 노동을 부려먹을 매니저를 고용하실 생각잇으심 저를 고용…)

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    그런디 궁금한게 저는 술먹을때 안주를 회 먹다보면 엄청 금방 취하고 그러던데 수빙수님도 그런가요
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  18. 수빙수님!!
    원래 해산물을 즐겨먹지 않았었는데 수빙수님 영상보고 조금씩 그 맛에 빠지고 있어요! 🙂
    얼마전에 인생 처음 방어 먹었는데 바로rrr입하면서 맛있게 먹었습니다!!

    혹시 저처럼 해산물보다 육고기를 선호하는 사람들이 맛있게 먹을 수 있는 육고기+해산물 콜라보 컨텐츠도 조심스럽게 건의해봐도 될까요?
    항상 너무 너무 잘보고 있습니다!
    수빙수TV 백만까지 바로RRRRR기!!
    수빙수님, 성팩님을 이하여~~~

  19. 질문: 보고 따라 할 수 있다고 했잖아요~^^성패기 시켜봐주세요~~회가 썰리는 지, 손이 썰리는 지ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    일단 전 대충 할 수 있지용. 여기가 울산 동구에서도 바닷가쪽으로만 평생 살아가꼬 회를 무진장 좋아해용^^
    수빙수채널은 뜰 때마다 라면봉지에 스프 두 개 든거 발견한 기분이에요~^^

  20. 생선 해체하는걸 따로 공부하셨나요?

    10만 된지 얼마 안돼서 20만 됐는데 또 30만 가까워 지네요 축하해요! 재밌는 영상 만들어 주셔서 항상 감사합니다. 수빙수tv 화이팅!~♡

  21. 수빙수는 무슨 약먹고 방송하나요? 아무리 봐도 맨정신은 아닌거 같은데 ㅋㅋㅋ 이세계물 보는 듯한 콘텐츠 ㅋㅋ

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