Eckhart Tolle’s Advice that Oprah Says “Eliminated All Stress in Her Life” | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

Eckhart Tolle’s Advice that Oprah Says “Eliminated All Stress in Her Life” | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

-ECKHART: All we need to know is in order to live more consciously.  In order not to live in opposition to what is in the present moment, which is to live more consciously, accept this moment as if you had chosen it.   And that brings in a new consciousness.       OPRAH:   And do not deny the moment.  This is what I learned from you that literally — it eliminated all stress in my life.   Resisting  the  moment that is, is only going to create more anxiety and more — being more upset.       ECKHART:  A lot of the unhappiness people experience, they believe it’s due to the conditions of what’s happening at this moment. But in most cases, it’s not the conditions of the situation that you’re in that causes the unhappiness. It’s the mind telling you something about this moment that causes the unhappiness.      OPRAH:  Yes.   ECKHART:   There’s a commentary.   OPRAH:  I should have been there earlier.  I shouldn’t have stopped to do this.  Da.  Da.  Da. It’s the mind.       ECKHART:  Yes.  I sometimes tell people just don’t believe what I say.  Just try it out in your own life.  Next time you get upset in a certain situation, let’s say you’re at the  airport,  many people get upsets at airports. You line up and it kind of takes a long time and you get more and more upset and then you observe that what is it that causes me to be irritated, angry, upset?  What is it, the situation?  Or is it that my mind is telling me that this should not be happening. OPRAH: Yes ECKHART: The ego is very good at misinterpreting reality.  And it believes its stories.   The ego comes up with stories, often not pleasant stories, about the is-ness of things.  And it’s a source of great suffering.  So once you recognize that, you can  experiment in your own life when you feel upset arising, watch your mind. OPRAH:  Yes.  ECKHART:   Be there.   Be aware of what your mind is doing. This is the most vital thing in spiritual life is to be able to watch your mind.  To be the observer of your mind so that the mind is not controlling  you.  OPRAH:  And that is how you eliminate stress. ECKHART:   Yes OPRAH:   And suffering. 

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  1. I did not give you a spirit of timidity, but of power, love, self control and a sound mind.  Why don't you'll just believe that Jesus IS the Living Word!

  2. This is such simple and powerful wisdom… and each time I hear it it resonates strongly… and each time I hear it it feels like I hear it for the first time… and then you think.. I was already so grateful for this simple wisdom the last time I heard it… so difficult to hold on to… thanks for bringing it back into my consciousness today.. thank you!

  3. One if the greatest moments if my life was watching super soul Sunday as my own awesome Awakening.

    She is the good news we asked for. I love you for sharing for ever. My daughter calls you "Anutie Oprah".

  4. Seems like it could work in some situations (like sitting in traffic or having to wait in line), but what about truly horrible situations?

    How can you tell a woman being raped and/or abused to say to herself, "I chose this moment" and expect her to feel free of stress and anxiety?

  5. Really? Do you think the people suffering in Puerto Rico are trapped in their own private hells by their egos? I have great respect for ET-in fact I'd just read his book right before my beloved very suddenly died when my kids were young and I credit "A New Earth" with helping me through. But this conversation somehow sounds…hollow. Having just been through (and thank God survived by a hair's breath) the Sonoma County fires, I have to ask, does he know of what he speaks? I mean I get it. When I was fleeing in the night, I wasn't resisting; I didn't care that much about my things. But I take issue with the idea that the "airport" is somehow equal to "great suffering" of a real sort- a house burning down, a child dying, a parent drifting into Alzheimer's. ET is great. But considering the world we live in, that was just a bit too…I don't know…easy, panacea…meh??? He seemed like he was asleep, just giving us the same, old same old. Love you to death O but… just sayin…

  6. Yeah, who cares if your broke or frustrated. It’s just your mind telling you that when in reality you are wealthy and you are doing what you love!

  7. The Power Of Now is a wonderful book I have started reading.We become connected to our source of our being""the ever present nonchanging formless ONE.My gratitude to you and thanks. Soundara.

  8. Just imagine when they are talking like this and suddenly a lion runs and pounces on Oprah and Eckhart says " just accept the now."

  9. Eckhart Tolle is a pretender preying on troubled minds. We gravitate to gurus that resonate within our own limitations. There can be no transcendence of the human condition until this is clearly seen.

  10. You cannot eliminate suffering. God is ultimately the sovereign one over this world and he can bring suffering into our lives if he chooses. The advice here might work on small daily things but good luck applying this during a war where people get killed and civilians are driven from homes and scarred for life. Suffering is a part of human experience. The best we can do is humble ourselves and pray that god does not exceed what we can bear, and also to use our suffering to purify our soul.

  11. Perhaps "accept" is not the right word to use? If you "acknowledge" the "bad" situation you make room for change in the situation. You can say, "Ok this is what is." and if there is anything you can immediately do about it, then do it. If not then "accept" it as if you had chose it. This can even make room in the "bad" situation for change. Doesn't Christ say, "Resist not evil?" Just my take on the topic.

  12. Hello Eckhart, may I ask, can you feel with me for a moment, starting May 16th 1961 year born, then in 1965 my real journey at five years of age began, starting when I manage to escape repeated alien abductions, by the gray's that would come and take me from my dream state and experiment against my will, using the magnetic field of the Toughs Cove coal generated power station in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I remember so clearly the night I escaped them, I was standing with them next to a control panel to return me to earth, when the moment came, that I sum how knew I ran from the panel to the area they would transport me, when I return to my body I awake and found my self laying across my bed on my back, and remember looking down at my feet, feeling the pressure of the hand there, and saw the gray hand long fingers around my right ankle, and with a quick reaction I used my left heel to literally bang the hand off witch worked the hand let go they never came back.
    Of course no one, I mean no one, in my family believe's me still don't, that is fine.
    The next encounter /experience I had was at six while out side playing I had a vision, of what I called, an older land some where in or recorded human history, I felt was at the time ancient Egypt needless to say that's not all, then one day grade one in school my mother, on this one day said you don't have school today, mummy is taking you to the local Dalhousie University University of Halifax for test /experiments to be do on you. Not in those words but more what I had experience while there,
    This of course lead to a trust bond issue with my mother, and really for me with man kind so I began to question every aspect of life, around this time, then another thing happened, I was again by myself playing, in a natural area as kids we'd play I found a small girl about four years old just wondering around this area alone, she was crying so I wen't to her and asked, where is your mother, she just kept crying, then I recall in my mind this was to be my new friend, because not many of my friends would play with me, because I was different, can't really blame them, now then it became real scary from there, I remember thinking if she doe's not stop crying, I will have to stop her, then my past repressed childhood anger grew, I remember thinking of ways to do this one being face down in the water in the brook, beside where we stud, then the miracle happened, in truth Christ appeared over my left shoulder all of three inches tall and just floating there, my body started to vibrate uncontrollably I recall thinking I was finding it hard to even stand up, then Jesus say's to me "you do not, won't to do that" then Satan appears in the same way over my right, and say's "do it" then the said again even louder, as if to be furious with me "DO IT" I remember shaking even more when he said it, I remember next, something like my life flashing before my eyes, but only the time in my life, that I knew or held the "present moments" with Jesus, weather in church or at home when I heard about him by others talking of him, I always felt a place in my heart for him as a child, but I would curse him all the time and the Father/mother earth /source, these pure /clear energies. so then this over whelming feel that came over me was to take this child back to her mother. So that is what I did I walk her back threw the path I felt she came to be there on where we came upon the school field where she and the children where playing, before she wandering off and at this time people where searching for her calling along the edges of this large field.
    And when her mother saw us she hollers at me "YOU, YOU have my daughter" I realize this was not good, so I let go of her tiny hand and I ran like I have never run before, yes I am crying now, as I type, only because, I only recently recalled from that moment is feeling her mothers shame for losing sight of her daughter, even now the feeling is difficult but helps me some how to understand the connections we have between each other, I love them and my saver, blessed be, my life from this moment go's on to later when, the dreams came, not aliens but a giant, yes a real dream GIANT, and in this dream, I found my self at the vary same spot, I found that little girt eight years earlier, and in the brook, I planed the silence her in it's waters, was now dry, the dream always start with hearing the giant come towards me, then I would run and lay in the dry brook so the giant could not crush me with his foot.
    When the giant would then leave, I'd sit up and could see how deep his foot print was and how close it came to crushing me, I had this dream tree times on the third time and last time, I was now at age thirty tree around that time the dream occurred again, every thing was happening the same way me running to the dry brook bed but this time was different, in this version of the dream, when the giant wen't to crush me and his foot firmly planted over me all the sudden he just turns into a vary large puff smoke I still can recall sitting up in the dissipating smoke and wondering what just happened Wow!
    It was then I heard a firm /clear voice that said "I have turned your Giant to smoke, now go…" I could remember feeling my heart healing in my chest as I lay there in my bed feeling asence of wonder, like I never before felt.
    Since that dream I have discovered how to repair the epiderma /skin, in a way not yet known, other than a few key people in my immediate circle.
    In reflecting, I now know that as a result of the good dead I have please the creator and have been gifted, my heart is full, I feel so blessed, I am now fifty six and can live to be as old as I care to be, we can maintain our densities /pysie allergie in the present moment "NOW" age is just a filling up of life, and if we can reduce /remove this filling up, we create a space for more of life, it is not fear, or that we have to little, it is the consciousness, that take's the human condition, to a new evolutionary growth level.
    It is easy to say, it is there problem, when we know in our heart of hearts we are one…glory be to christ.
    In closing, I would like to thank you Eckhart Tolle, for your kindness, and the wisdom that you share, we truly are in a special time on this planet, the awakening has clearly begun, and in it's light, that reaches all.

    Paul James Barkhouse Jr.

  13. Oprah never had an original thought or concept anout anything..she makes millions regurgitating everything she gets from others

  14. “People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.”
    ― Thich Nhat Hanh

  15. “To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.”
    ― Thich Nhat Hanh

  16. Great advice, I wrote it down and hung it up on my wall.
    "Accept the moment as if you had chosen it" – Eckhart Tolle

  17. You eliminate suffering by eliminating the rich. Isn't your mind telling you that you shouldn't be in the forest sitting in a chair made out of wood? The trees are horrified.

  18. Oprah promoted Obama, he caused the extreme racism we are going thru now.
    Therefore I won't be voting for anyone who promotes racism against white people…

  19. Life is comlex than that. You can a wise sereen person with a high consciousness but when you face you are in constantly trying to eliminate obstacles .It is a battle.I enjoy the small things and have moments of deep peace but in general life is abattle to survive.

  20. You make mind your friend so it works for You not against You.Mind believes everthing You feed it so feed it loving thoughts about yourself.

  21. If oprah wims and leads from the heart instead of he-hashing failed liberal polixies like obama, the USA might make it

  22. It's funny to me that the video description calls Tolle a 'spiritual' teacher… This stuff is practical. Not sure where the spiritual part is.

  23. Ohpra.,
    He is there for you to tell You how to live without talking about suffering or about rapes anymore…
    O.W.., Don't make your stories about rapes anymore! so your next life will be free of that..
    Hope O.W., get it for ones and for all !!

  24. I tried this once when I was being raped…didn't help me very much…
    But seriously…he is right off course. People think themselves crazy. Love Tolle.

  25. Unfortunately, this video doesn't explain the entire message. Yes, it makes no sense to resist something you cannot change, like having to wait in line, but Tolle also explained in other teachings about what to do when what is happening to you IS something you can do something about. He talks about he sword of presence and how you can use it to strongly STOP certain events.
    Mainly, the most important thing you can get from this is to observe your thoughts and realize how your thoughts are causing your suffering over the most trivial everyday things that you resist.

  26. I really do love Tolle's teachings and I think the world as a whole would benefit from his advice. But I do caution people to listen to their intuition when they enter states of depression because it is often telling you what you need or value and how you can change your situation to make it progressively better. Yes, I do believe accepting your present moment is most critical 9/10, but during that rare 1/10 example where you intuitively know something is wrong and you are not actively doing something about it, you can potentially drive yourself mad, anxious and depressed unless you take direct action and listen to your gut.

  27. I lived in the woods too for some years. I lost a shoe, so I had to walk on one shoe, but nobody laughed at me, there were no other humans

  28. Eckert should know that Oprah is part of the globalist criminal syndicate. The moment when being so spiritually aware of self caused you to not see a globalist sitting inches from you .
    Otherwise Eckert is champ!

  29. Back in the day swindlers would sell magic elixir via horse and buggy from town to town. Now they do it with psycho-babble and YouTube and become billionaires.

  30. I love Ek but most of his teachings are borrowed from Jiddu Krishnamurti whom I also love. JK's teaching is very radical and perhaps most people are not ready to embrace. Check out his talks and his audio "Freedom from the Known".

  31. "It's the mind telling you something about this moment that causes the unhappiness." "Es la mente diciéndote algo sobre este momento lo que causa la infelicidad." There is light here. I have been talking about Tolle and The Power of Now to all my special friends for years. It came to me at the right moment. The moment is always, Now

  32. Ive just clicked. What Eckhart is saying is that the mind, ego makes you think that you shouldn’t feel or think a certain way. When there is nothing wrong with how you are feeling or thinking. Because it’s all mind made. Accepting the thoughts and feelings as if I had chosen them and relax into the present moment. Don’t believe what you mind tries to tell you, you shouldn’t think those thoughts. You shouldn’t feel that way. Nothing in wrong, go into the present xx

  33. This Budhism way of thinking has been out there for 4000 years, this is nothing new but still seems humanity is far away from knowing and understading it

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