Eating SWEET POTATOES Good for DIABETICS? Can Sweet Potatoes Raise Diabetic Patients Glucose?

Eating SWEET POTATOES Good for DIABETICS? Can Sweet Potatoes Raise Diabetic Patients Glucose?

fifteen reasons why sweet potatoes are
perfect for diabetics sweet potatoes are a particular type of potatoes from the
same order as regular ones with the difference that they are part of
different species and a different family you can find sweet potatoes in a variety
of colors the most frequently found are the ones with white cream and yellow
orange color there are also sweet potatoes with
purple flesh and they are extremely abundant in antioxidants the most
important thing about them is that they have excellent nutritional values 15
nutritious facts one sweet potatoes are an excellent choice for diabetics since
they contain natural sugars that decrease and stabilize the insulin
resistance in diabetics they are also good for the regulation of the sugar
levels too sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fibers which are good for
digestion they also prevent colon cancer and help with constipation three sweet
potatoes contain carotenoids which help in producing vitamin A this vitamin
regenerates the respiratory system so people with respiratory problems
especially smokers should consume sweet potatoes more often for vitamin D is
also contained in sweet potatoes this vitamin is good for the teeth heart skin
bones energy levels as well as for the normal function of the thyroid gland v
in general there can be an improvement of the heart functioning with the help
of the potassium this vitamin lowers the impact of the sodium regulates blood
pressure and makes a balance of the electrolytes the sweet potato has
vitamin b6 that prevents heart attacks strokes and degenerative diseases 6 the
potassium in the sweet potatoes is good for healthy tissues and muscles it also
helps in reducing swelling and cramps provides with energy and relaxes the
muscles it also regulates heartbeats and nerve signals 7 beta carotene in the
sweet potato act like an antioxidant it helps with arthritis gout and asthma
protects against lung and breast cancer and it also reduces aging effects
eight since sweet potatoes are rich in folic acid they are a great source of
folic for healthy fetal development pregnant women should consume more sweet
potatoes nine the potassium content and potatoes increases the flow of oxygen
regulates the balance of the body’s water and normalizes the heartbeats the
magnesium content on the other hand acts as an anti stress agent ten vitamin c is
crucial for the entire body’s function and sweet potatoes have abundance of it
eleven sweet potatoes are also rich in iron that has a crucial role in the
producing of bread and white blood cells that’s why they help against anemia
twelve did you know that you can use the water from the boiled potatoes for
treating your skin especially for irritation of the skin cleaning the
pores and absorbing impurities the vitamin C contained in the sweet potato
will produce collagen while the vitamin E will helping the improvement of the
complexion of the skin anthocyanins will help you in removing wrinkles and
purifying the dark circles around the eyes thirteen if you suffer from painful
premenstrual symptoms the iron and manganese and sweet potatoes will sue
them 14 Don having problems with damaged hair and dandruff the beta carotene will
prevent them and it will also stimulate hair growth 15 since sweet potatoes have
an abundance of the vitamins vital for the enzyme protein and carbohydrate
metabolism you should consume them more often however you need to consult a
doctor if you have ever had oxalate urinary tract stones what are the best
superfoods for diabetics as diabetes becomes one of the most common metabolic
diseases it’s essential to know the best superfoods for diabetics in the 20th and
21st centuries diabetes has evolved to become one of the most common metabolic
diseases in 2013 more than 382 million people were diagnosed with diabetes and
had to undergo major lifestyle changes individuals who suffer from diabetes
have high blood sugar glucose as a result diabetes sufferers cannot consume
certain foods that are high in sugar and can aggravate their metabolic imbalance
however certain foods can help diabetes patients keep
their symptoms at bay these are also known as diabetes super foods what makes
the food a superfood for diabetics despite the fact that there is no
official definition medical or legal the term superfood refers to foods that are
rich in nutrients and can have a major beneficial effect on one’s health status
in other words they are nutrient powerhouses in the form of certain foods
that contain large quantities of vitamins fiber minerals and antioxidants
however when it comes to diabetics things get a little bit complicated
since sugary and starchy foods are out of the question
fruits bread pasta etc the term superfood takes a whole new meaning and
refers to foods that are both rich in nutrients and can keep blood sugar
levels low the glycemic index GI of food is an excellent way to determine which
foods are indeed super foods for diabetics specifically if you are
diabetic keep in mind that any food which scores less than 55 on GI is
heaven-sent whereas you should steer clear of foods with a score higher than
74 those who are still learning the ropes when it comes to eating super
foods for diabetics here follows a helpful list that includes everyday
foods which are easy to find there is no need for you to ferret out any specialty
stores to enjoy a superfood Y meal kale kale is without a doubt an example of
the nutritional powerhouse this leafy green and non starchy vegetable should
be a versatile ingredient in any diabetics kitchen kale is low in
carbohydrates and calories which can only be good for diabetes sufferers
carbs tend to convert into glucose once they enter your body as you cut back on
them do you lower the chances of increasing your blood sugar levels
meanwhile kale is high in protein the protein contains fiber which is
responsible for feeling satiated for a longer time however this is not the only
reason kale is a superfood for diabetics it also provides a particular type of
fiber that can lower your cholesterol levels keep in mind though that this
kind of fiber is highly active when kale is cooked specifically fiber attaches to
bile acids and forces cholesterol out of your body as a result
your body cannot absorb fat additionally kale is rich in several elements such as
vitamins A C K and flavonoids which are critical for blood clotting and
antioxidants / anti-inflammatory purposes kale can satisfy everyone’s
palate with its talent to match with almost any type of food
feel free to sock a steam stir fry or microwave your kale based meal and read
its health benefits fish most fish are an excellent choice for diabetics unlike
several other foods fish contain high levels of healthy fats and our great
source of omega-3 fatty acids this type of fatty acid comes with many health
benefits including the ability to lower the triglyceride levels omega-3 fatty
acids can also regulate blood pressure preventing heart disease and stroke
let’s not also forget fish’s power to reduce inflammation in your body
lastly fish is also rich in protein fiber as mentioned earlier fiber tends
to keep you full for longer no matter if it is mackerel salmon trout or tuna on
your plate count efficient and give yourself a nutritional advantage
blueberries another superfood that ranks low on the GI blueberries can be a great
substitute for your sweet tooth if you suffer from diabetes they contain lots
of fiber which is a blessing for diabetics fiber contributes to the
processing of glucose more efficiently by slowing down the rate at which
glucose dissipates into your bloodstream as a result it regulates your blood
sugar levels furthermore blueberries are rich in antioxidants which ward off
numerous afflictions including cancer and inflammation development medical
experts credit mainly the anthocyanins blueberry antioxidant for decreasing the
chance of developing type 2 diabetes nuts from pecans and peanuts to almonds
and pistachios and that’s proof that great things come in small packages fare
rich in various elements such as protein fiber omega-3 fatty acids vitamin E and
l-arginine Pro diabetes amino acid specifically
l-arginine forces your artery walls to become more flexible
as a result the chance of blood clotting is significantly reduced if we combine
this with fibers heart related benefits your blood sugar is bound to stabilize
let’s not ignore that nuts have powerful antioxidant properties which can help
your body flush away harmful toxins that negatively impact your metabolism beams
beings are an abundant source of protein and are therefore rich in fiber just
half a cup of beans can provide you with almost 1/3 of your recommended daily
fiber intake as a result beans help you regulate your blood sugar level they
also contribute in controlling your blood pressure
these factors significantly lessen your chances of stroke and cardiovascular
diseases beams also contain lots of potassium and magnesium potassium is
known for relieving stress and anxiety as well as promoting heart health
in the meantime magnesium helps you maintain healthy nerve and muscle
function while advancing your metabolic rate some of the most delicious and
beneficial bean variations include white pinto black kidney and lima beans you
can eat them in many ways in the form of soups salads or as an excellent
substitute for beef in Mexican dishes quinoa seeds this option might seem a
little strange to most considering quinoa seeds only recently started
gaining the popularity they deserve however it is also a diabetic friendly
option that’s worth a shot quinoa seeds are rich in nutrients amino acids in
particular amino acids are vital for composing protein what makes quinoa
seeds unique is the fact that they’re 9 amino acids can’t be composed inside
your body as a result quinoa seeds promote protein composition inside your
body while curbing hunger cravings and preventing blood sugar spikes meanwhile
these seeds contain elements such as vitamin b6 magnesium and iron iron
contributes to the normal oxygen transmission inside your body with the
health of red blood cells tomatoes and oldie but a goodie tomatoes are one of
those foods that almost everyone likes and can make any meal taste better
however Tomatoes benefits do not stop there they are also a powerful superfood
for diabetic tomatoes are rich source of vitamins A
and C which promote your eye health as well as boosts your immune system in
general they are also rich in lycopene a strong antioxidant that protects you
against cancer development research has shown that lycopene is most likely to
prevent prostate cancer additionally tomatoes contain other
essential nutrients such as bio flavonoids and carotenoids these
nutrients combat inflammation and result in lowering heart disease incidents the
last reason why tomatoes are a powerful superfood especially for diabetics is
that they do not contain starch which is known for increasing glucose
concentration in your blood apples apples are one of a few fruits on
this list because most fruits contain lots of sugar
medical experts generally do not recommend them for diabetes sufferers on
the other hand Apple score low on the GI under a diabetes friendly fruit choice
apples and antioxidant walk side by side they are rich in courses and which is
known for serving significant antioxidant purposes meanwhile they are
low in calorie and concision your hunger as a result they are a powerful ally in
your effort to maintain a healthy weight food can evolve into a nightmare for
patients who suffer from diabetes however this can only be true if you let
it happen healthy and well informed food choices
are crucial and can save you from significant discomfort when dealing with
diabetes so there is such thing as medicinal nutrition and it is a matter
of everyday choice make sure you include the above superfoods for diabetics and
your life quality shall improve for the better

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  1. I am a Diabetic patient.After readig that sweet potato has low glycemic index, I took one boiled sweet potato size smaller than that showed in this video.My blood sugar rose to 235 mg% after 2hrs.My blood sugar never increased above 185mg%before.

  2. Check your sugar fuck asshole after eating sweet are informing wrong about eating potato.your sugar rise up.try it whore

  3. the only thing that sweet potatoes contain is what nutrient is in the soil that they are grown in. The only way to cure diabetes2 in a month or so is to have chromium and vanadium . These two process sugar. Without them no sugar can be processed. Clinical tests with lab animals absolutely proved this in 1957. Want the truth watch Dr Joel Wallach documentary Dead Doctors Don't Lie on youtube. This man has cured just about every ailment known to man . blindness diabetes arthritis tinnitus Alzheimer's dementia cancer erectile disfunction pregnancy explains autism cystic fibrosis blocked arteries heart condition skin disorders thyroid ljver kidneys etc etc etc

  4. This one is better than rice. The whole sweet potato is equivalent to 1/2 cup of rice + sweet potato is more nutrients.

  5. I am a prediabetic and it seems lie almost every video I have seen say this food and that food is bad. I seen a video that showed sweet potatoes are bad and now this video say sweet potatoes are good. I don't know foods to trust any more!

  6. Diabetics should not be eating starches. Its those foods which turn normal healthy people into diabetics over the long haul. The reason being carbohydrates are the same as sugar in that they are processed into glycogen in the blood, the end product is aggravating to say the least for a diabetic.

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