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  1. no one :
    absolutely no one:
    me hyped up and in aggressive way: please I don't want to Scream. (100x)

  2. When you're multi Stan this February month is very hard for you and when you also have exam it is super hard for you. And this is the situation I am facing right now.

  3. 가려진 눈앞이
    피로 물들여지네
    Tell me why
    I don’t lie
    차가운 바람은 불고
    시선이 느껴져 와
    혈관을 타고 흐르는 All pain
    묶여진 두 손 저려오는 이 느낌
    모두 내게 돌을 던져도
    벗어나지 못해
    하나도 난 재미없어
    누구를 위해서인지
    누가 좀 말해 줘 Tell me
    타오르는 불길 위에 Now
    Please I don’t want to scream
    (Devil eyes come 눈을 뜬다 눈을 뜬다)
    Please I don’t want to scream
    (Scream scream scream scream)
    어둠 속에 퍼져 Scream
    가면 뒤의 Trick 가소로운 Freak
    커진 증오가 낳은 무작위 속의 Target
    타오른 갈증 삼켜도 위선은 다 내 탓이라 해
    내몰린 끝은 절벽 위에
    후회만 남을 선택이 돼
    날카론 칼날처럼 날이 선 말이
    상처 되어 파고들어도
    끊지 못하는 숨
    하나도 난 알 수 없어
    누구를 위해서인지
    누가 좀 말해 줘 Tell me
    피어오른 연기 속에 Now
    Please I don’t want to scream
    (Devil eyes come 눈을 뜬다 눈을 뜬다)
    모두 떠난 후
    다시 눈을 떠
    사라져 버린 흔적
    Can’t believe me
    슬퍼하지 마라 No more No more No more
    날 위해 No more No more No more
    Uh uh
    네가 본 모든 걸 잊어
    아무 일 없었다 믿어
    그렇게 하나 둘 모두가 미쳐 가 Woo
    I just wanna make you scream
    (Devil Eyes Come)
    모두 나를 보고 Scream
    (Scream scream scream scream)
    I just wanna make you scream

  4. Gahyun spitting that sick fire yoohyeon being great vocals and visuals just everyone looking so good and killing. Let’s hope handong’s vocal can join soon

  5. I've been really sick lately and have been feeling like crap. This song honestly made me feel a lot better about everything

    Dreamcatcher deserves so much more attention then they get

  6. 지유 수아 시연 한동 유현 다미 가현 드림캐쳐 대박나자!! 스크림 노래 너무좋아ㅠㅠ 매번 내 심장을 저격하다니…ㅠㅠ 사랑해요 드림캐쳐 언니들❤️

  7. Just woke up and now Dreamcatcher made me scream:) 
    #DREAMCATCHER #DreamcatcherSCREAM #드림캐쳐 #Dystopia_The_Tree_of_Language

  8. I’m trying to get into Dreamcatcher. So idk if this is true, but isn’t this their first song without one of their member? I heard it from somewhere.


    JIU: Leader, lead vocalist, lead dancer, visual
    SUA: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
    SIYEON: Main Vocalist
    YOOHYEON: lead vocalist
    Handong (She isnt in the mv 😢) vocalist
    DAMI: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, vocalist
    GAHYEON: Vocalist, Rapper, maknae

    Jiu: May 17, 1994 // 167 cm
    Sua: Aug 10, 1994 // 164 cm
    Siyeon: Oct 1, 1995 // 170 cm
    Handong: Oct 26, 1995 // 165 cm
    Yoohyeon: Jan 7, 1997 // 171 cm
    Dami: March 7, 1997 // 163 cm
    Gahyeon: Feb 3, 1999 // 160 cm

    Please support them, their songs r just amazing, they are visuals, all the member can sing and the rappers are awesome!!

  10. Just Fyi, Handong is in China, participating in a survival show called Idol Producer. However, due to the Corona Virus the show is on a break so she's kinda stuck there for a while 🙁

  11. This has to be their most fair line distribution yet! Obv they have more lines to share due to Handong's absence but still. Even though Gahyeon has the least amount of lines, she has the biggest part in the MV so it even's out imo. Stan Dreamcatcher and stream Scream🤘🏻🖤

  12. Yo these lyrics are so telling it makes sense- I feel like bora is the “devil” and when the chorus changes from “I want to make you scream” I think they go through the shot with her eye and a tunnel which means “devil eyes has come”

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