Dr. Rosenberg on Headache Care | Kaiser Permanente

Dr. Rosenberg on Headache Care | Kaiser Permanente

Hi, I’m Jason Rosenberg. I’m a neurologist
and headache medicine subspecialist. The World Health Organization recognizes that a day
with a full blown migraine is as disabling for the patient as if they had quadriplegia.
It’s a total loss of a day of life. Headache specialists can really do a lot to bring people
back to function and improve their quality of life. At other area headache clinics, patients
will often wait sometimes in pain and in fear for up to six months to get in to see a headache
subspecialist, at Kaiser Permanente, I can often see patients within a day or two of
onset of their symptoms. I can think of a woman who came in after not sleeping three
nights in a row, having been woken up with these excruciating headaches, and one of our
urgent care providers just recognized that this might be cluster headaches. I got the
patient up. She was having a headache in the room. We’re able to bring it under control.
I was able to give her a diagnosis, a treatment and a management plan and the lag time for
diagnosis and treatment, this patient was four days as opposed to, in some studies,
the average being five years. So I love being a physician with Kaiser Permanente. Every
morning, when I get up, I’m going to a place where I have an opportunity and it’s an opportunity
not only to get to meet people and know people from all walks of life, but to help them.

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  1. Good comments Dr. Rosenberg! I live in Northern California and have Kaiser Healthcare. Can you or anyone recommend a Headache Specialists in Northern California? Thanks,

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