Do Vitamin D Supplements Help with Diabetes, Weight Loss, and Blood Pressure?

Do Vitamin D Supplements Help with Diabetes, Weight Loss, and Blood Pressure?

“Do Vitamin D Supplements Help with Diabetes,
Weight Loss, and Blood Pressure?” My last in-depth video series on vitamin D
was done more than 4 years ago, as in 15,950 papers ago.
I had a lot of catching up to do. Review articles like this
continue to be published, touting vitamin D as
a veritable cure-all. The vitamin D receptor is found in most
tissues in the body, including the brain. Upwards of 2,000 genes may
be regulated by vitamin D. Within 24 hours of vitamin D exposure,
you can change the expression of hundreds of genes. The term vitamin,
though, is actually a misnomer. Vitamins by definition cannot
be synthesized within our body, but we can make all the D we need
with sufficient sun exposure. D is not a vitamin, but a hormone
produced by our skin in response to sunlight exposure. And it’s not just a hormone of calcium
regulation and bone health, but a hormone of fertility and
immunity and brain function. But is it a panacea
or a false prophet? Remember when vitamin E
was the vitamin du jour, touted as curative for
many clinical disorders? Vitamin E: the radical protector, with
supplement sales in general forming a billion-dollar business
to capitalize on the public’s fears. After all, those with low levels
of vitamin E in their blood had 50% higher cancer risk. Hey, and
what about vitamin A or beta-carotene? After all, people who eat lots
of greens and sweet potatoes and other beta-carotene rich
foods have lower risk of cancer. So, hey, let’s give people
some beta-carotene pills. But when they were put to the test,
beta-carotene pills increased cancer rates. Beta-carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin E
supplements may increase mortality. In effect we’d be potentially paying
to shorten our lifespan. So you can understand the skepticism in
the medical community regarding claims about vitamin D, which is now
enjoying its . . . “moment in the sun”. Having a half-billion dollar vitamin D
supplement industry doesn’t help matters in terms of
getting at the truth, not to mention the highly lucrative vitamin D testing
industry that loves to talk about the studies suggesting having higher
vitamin D levels may reduce the risk of heart disease, and cancer, and diabetes,
autoimmune diseases, and infections. But most of this research stems
from observational studies, meaning studies that correlate higher D levels
in the blood with lower disease risk. But that doesn’t mean vitamin D
is the cause. It’s like the early
beta-carotene data. Higher levels in the blood may have
just been a marker of healthy eating. Who has high beta-carotene levels? Those who eat lots of greens
and sweet potatoes. Just like vitamin D levels may also just
be a marker for healthy behaviors. Who has high vitamin D levels?
Those that run around outside. And those who run around outside,
RUN around outside. Higher vitamin D levels may just be a sign
of higher physical activity, for example. So when you see studies like this, showing
significantly lower diabetes rates among those with higher vitamin D levels,
it doesn’t mean giving people vitamin D will necessarily help.
You have to put it to the test. And when you do, vitamin D
supplements fall flat on their face. No benefit for preventing
or treating type 2 diabetes. So when supplement companies
wave around studies like this, suggesting vitamin D deficiency plays a role
in obesity because most population studies show lower vitamin D levels
in the blood of those who are obese, is that just because they’re exercising less,
or simply because it’s a fat-soluble vitamin? And so it’s just lodged in all that fat. One might expect obese sunbathers
would make more vitamin D since they have more skin surface
area, but the same exposure leads to less than half the D, because
it gets socked away in their fat. That’s why obese persons may require
2 to 3 times the dose of vitamin D, though they may get it back
when they lose weight and release it back
into their circulation. So that would explain
this population data. And indeed when you put
vitamin D to the test, try vitamin D as a treatment for
obesity, it doesn’t work at all. Similar story with artery health. Those with low vitamin D levels
have worse coronary blood flow, more atherosclerosis, and
worse artery function. But if you actually put it to the test
in randomized controlled trials, the results are disappointing. Also ineffective in bringing
down blood pressures. So this all adds to this
growing body of science, casting doubt on the ability of vitamin D
supplementation to improve anything beyond just falls, fractures, the common
cold and all-cause mortality — Wait! What? Vitamin D supplements
can make you live longer? That’s kind of important.
I’ll explore that next . . .

86 Replies to “Do Vitamin D Supplements Help with Diabetes, Weight Loss, and Blood Pressure?”

  1. As vitamin supplements cannot replace a healthy diet in any form, a vitamin d pill cannot replace the natural vitamin d produced from sun exposure.

    Its all a big scam which clearly benefits not us but the pockets of the supplement industry!

  2. Fascinating facts doc, I definitely like my sunshine. Dr.McDougall accually warns against oral vitamine D supplements, cause he considers them dangerous.

  3. tell this to people who live in Iceland in darkness 4 months out of the year…don't take vitamin D at all folks and watch the suicide rates quadruple

  4. All vegans should take B12 and vitamin D (unless you get a ton of sun near the equator).

    I'm glad the Doc is giving more information about vitamin D. That area is still a little grey. I think we're still waiting to see if we should take D2 or D3 or if it even really matters.

  5. Well I don't what's coming up next (I'm looking forward to it) but I can say that for me at least D supplements to nothing to adjust my blood serum D levels.
    I had a report from my doctor based on a blood test that suggested I take a D supplement, and I said I already take 1 per day because I spend a lot time indoors, so he suggested 2 per day. 1 month and a blood test later a test showed my D levels were unchanged and because high D intake levels are supposed to increase risk of kidney stones I dragged myself outside for 20 minutes at midday each day instead and the next test showed normal levels.

    This tells me that D supplements are not particularly effective at maintaining D levels yet very little sun is.

  6. I am from Arizona and get a ton of sun exposure year round biking, walking, and swimming. However, my blood test results show I am "insufficient" in vitamin D. I have a dark complexion so perhaps melanin is inhibiting my absorption of vitamin D? My Dr has me supplementing because I have an autoimmune disease. Interested in the next video.

  7. I have no thyroid and Im constantly being moderated for Calcium and VitD. After talking to an unprofessional herbalist, they mentioned to me Magnesium often being ignored and that if you increase magnesium to balance with Calcium, improvement should be seen. So Im trying this to see my next bloodtest outcome.

  8. digestive enzyme supplements? I'm following a plant based diet and digestive enzymes are helping me with my poor digestion. I suffer with GERD and a plant based diet with a digestive enzyme has basically eliminated 98% of my GERD

  9. If you live in an area that doesn't get much sun then take a D supplement, if you live in a sunny area then take a walk between 10am – 2pm for 15 minutes a day and you will get all the D you need. Those lunch-time walks are the best way to get exercise and sunlight.

  10. my husband is black and work indoors in Michigan during daylight hours. He started getting nosebleeds and found out that his vitamin d was very low. After taking vitamin d for a few months the nosebleeds stopped and his levels went up. I consider it cheap insurance.

  11. I would love to see a video on the relationship between vitamin D supplementation and depression! Six or so months ago my psychiatrist recommended 7,000-10,000 IUs of vitamin D per day. He said that daily amount often helps women suffering from depression. What do you think?

  12. I don't think a lot of people are taking vitamin d for diabetes, weight loss or blood pressure. Most people prob take it because they have low levels and can't get enough sun. If you can prove it has no health benefits at all then fine. And if it helps with falls and fractures, as stated in the last study then how is it just a marker for health?

  13. Rather than supplement there are vitamin d lamps that you can use to produce vitamin d and also certain tanning beds that can produce vitamin D. I'm sure the sun has benefits that go beyond Vitamin D that we just haven't discovered yet. It's important to go outside in the sun without shades or contacts because the beneficial light triggers beneficial reactions trough the eyes as well. Dr.Greger also dos a video on how The sun light reacts with chlorophyll in our body to increase our own anti-oxidants and immune system. Get sunshine folks no harmful chemical sunscreens it's an essential part of a healthy life. If you can't get sunshine buy a Vitamin D lamp just google "Vitamin D lamps".

  14. Thank you Dr.Greger for all that you do. I think I speak for everyone when I say you have done us all a great service. Most of us don't have the time to read thousands of studies and in publishing your findings in an easy to digest manner that everyone can comprehend we all get healthier and stay well.

  15. This is my favorite channel on YouTube by far. I'm a nurse at a busy medical/surgical/Renal unit and you never fail to teach me something new. Thank you Dr. Greger

  16. I love that this is a 100% pure all natural supplement! I was so excited to try Weight Loss Green Store Tea! When taking Thyroid care supplements I have been so thankful to already notice super quick drastic difference in the all in all results when it comes to mood stability, less fatigued more energy, increase in concentration, I've lost that sluggish feeling that I have felt for so long. Overall just feeling so much more like old my natural self again and am very satisfied so far, I couldn't be happier.

  17. My n=1: I have alopecia universalis (autoimmune disease) and during the summer months, when im in the sun a lot more my hair starts to slowly grow back. Come fall, it's gone. Vitamin D supplementation in the winter months hasn't helped.

  18. The vitamin e studies that showed higher mortality were done with the synthetic version of the vitamin.


  20. Yes,So don't keep humans in dark prison for you are not supposed to be demonic dumbass. Humans have equal right to get sun light. You demons.

  21. Sunlight isn't called the Giver of Life for no reason. The Egyptians didn't worship the sun for no reason. Its one of the most important things we need in life to thrive at optimal levels.

  22. To gain an even more in-depth understanding of how supplements are not beneficial, read "Whole" by T. Colin Campbell (author of "The China Study").

  23. If all or most supplements don't work, then does vitamin B12 supplementation work as an alternative to getting it from meat?

  24. Is it not essential to take Vitamin D with both Vitamin K2 and Vitamin A in order to be fully effective?

  25. Out of all the weight loss remedies, There is only one licensed one in UK (vid on my channel);

    So you're right to focus attention on vitamins for weight loss. Not many better alternatives.

  26. People are getting less vitamin D from the sun due to the overuse of sunscreen and from limiting sun exposure. Darker skinned people generally don't have as many sun related problems, skin cancer etc., but they also get less vitamin D from the sun and have to have more exposure than fairer skinned individuals. MS is correlated with low vitamin D, as is a lot of other diseases, so better get it any way you can. Vitamin D, A, and E are fat soluble so you can risk toxicity if overdoing it. We are talking about D3 to be exact.

  27. i live in london uk. its overcast a lot. for two years i was having ballence issues it got to the point i was shaking as i walked and dropping things and walking into things i went to the dr thinking i was dying of some nurological disorder but after a blood test turns out my vit d was 20 and needed to be 50. i didnt think vit d was the cause but after taking 40000mg once a week for 7 weeks my symptoms went away. im concerned that if i dont take supplaments it will all come back again.

  28. This is bullshit! There been tons of studies done on Vitamin D3 supplements that have all had positive results. Of course, the supplement industry is not going to give anything away for free. I mean, they have to earn a living. Take the supplement people, there's only upsides not downsides.

  29. I wish I had come across the “fizy unique plan” years ago once i was dieting for my wedding. I would`ve dropped 13 pounds years ago. You should check it out on google!

  30. Since seeing my doctor and discovering I have a vitamin D level of 24, I started upping my dosage from 1000ius to 4000. Within a week, I lost stubborn weight that would NOT come off inspite of severe calorie restriction and exercise (which I forced myself to do because I was so tired all the time!) I also have a slightly elevated high calcium level which may be due to a parathyroid tumor. This may be the cause of my persistent low vitamin D. In any case, taking a larger dose of vitamin D, converted my 27 1/2" menopausal matronly waist line to a sexy 26" waistline of a 30 year old. Ladies(especially those over 50 or post menopause): if you are reading this and can't lose weight or inches inspite of your best efforts, check your vitamin D levels! It might be what is keeping you from shedding those extra pounds and inches. Sure hope this helps someone else.

  31. Yeah, I too am guilty of jumping from weight loss plan to others as well, I do believe that I must have tested every weight-loss method that was available, however eventually not one of them helped me to reduce and maintain the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time with the Fenoboci Diet Plan because my cousin who told me great things about it and so far to date I have successfully dropped 17 pounds in 4 weeks!

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  35. hey, you really need to update your knowledge, things are not so simple… there is a difference between active and passive Vitamin D. The one which we get from supplements is passive so it is just filling up the reserves. Only through sports or/and cold showers, less meat and dairy it can be activated. These 4 keys lessen calcium and phosphorus in the blood which activates the parathhormon, which on its side activates your Vitamin D reserves into 1,25 OH and it can then and only then do what it is supposed to do in the body. Check out the work of the Dr. Raimund von Helden and delete this video because it is not knowledge- based… it deceives many people. If you are not having enough reserves you can't activate much, so supplementation is needed if there is not enough sun. Stop playing smart and do some more research. I feel sorry for those who believe you.

  36. The questions is, are the supplements used checked for quality? Like bioavailability of the products, might be that the supplements they’ve used on this study is a poor products for potency.

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