DIY For Dior Party **STRESSFUL** | Miami Vlog Part 1

DIY For Dior Party **STRESSFUL** | Miami Vlog Part 1

this is like an opportunity to show
these brands that are so closed off to you to the potential because there’s so
much they ain’t nervous because this is my
first time going to this fancy schmancy run okay guys wow this is honestly this is
gonna be this is gonna be a beat of our imagination wait there’s a delay your delete it one
good morning I thought we were gonna die on the way here yeah again I feel like I
just left here and now I’m back here but we’re here for some business this week
it’s Miami Art Week which is far Basel and design Miami likewise there’s so
many different names and we’re here because we are attending a few
installations and we have a few projects that we’re working on really really
exciting with brands such as Louboutin and Sandy and Dior and this is my first
time to get into this pool pool pool pol this is my first time engaging with
these like high-end brands and I’m really excited I wouldn’t be surprised
if there’s no luggage to get a dress for the Vanity Fair party
because I’ve nothing to wear this is how I’m growing this is a long story
I think you look great well can’t make any promises okay so now we’re going to
meet with Danny who is a stylist working with the designer or brand are Mario
yeah hilarious picking out a dress for an event this evening with Vanity Fair
yes this is very last-minute usually people they do they have like a few
weeks before they’ll so much from this week is really good just gonna be roll
with the punches there’s gonna be a lot of amazing things happening and it’s
just gonna fall into play I might come back with a little grace trip we are
heading out to meet Danny because we have another meeting at 5:00 so it
really leaves us only two hours to pick the dress that we need to the event and
commute to the hood so we loved Gary to wait for my luggage
which I haven’t seen which makes me very anxious because it was literally like
five people left waiting for baggage and we’re one of them so how many bags are
we waiting for – one for me one for Valera I’m a little nervous cuz everything’s okay don’t worry
I was worried yeah I thought that was it the only thing was going out of my mind
is like at least it’ll make for a good content you could have rocked this for
Art Basel every single one way out fits is exacting just like this potentially
like different shades of grey I’m not the fashionista it’s my wife says the
guy in the glare is really worried that we’re gonna lose the luggage because she
had to leave she had to take off to do some I don’t know some fashion stuff she
said message me when you know that we have the luggage and that she just
messaged me saying luggage with a question mark so now can we confirm that
Eaton’s filming her tracking it down we left the airport they said they’ll call
me when it arrives don’t worry let’s see it what she says – that literally feel
like a crazy person tracking it down we left the airport
they said they’ll call us when it arrives the water loves my luggage
what ok she’s calling are you for real or you just are you just making jokes
I’m not making jokes they said they are gonna look into it and they’re gonna
call me I told the little Tom are you ok so we have to cancel everything today we
have to cancel everything yeah so we’re coming back to the hotel just make sure nothing everything is
cool baby we have the luggage everything’s fine
you’re just playing don’t play these games with me nobody you don’t know what
you’re talking to I know I know I know you’re very tough and I love you ok ok
bye bed so like this is kind of like a multi
like brand pop-up but they’re having so it’s great I mean there’s a little bit
of everything you yes I think it’s really a great concept we are meeting with Danny Perez who is a
lovely stylist here maiya meme and she is working with the brand arm Miriam and
they are graciously lending valera beautiful bureau in peace for the events
that Valera is gonna be attending tonight so we’re here for a quick
fitting then we’re heading back to the hotel for makeup with G Beauty and then
we’re gonna kick off the night first fun because Jenny and I decided that we
liked it where we don’t we’re not dying we want to die what do you think about this I love it
yeah she made yeah you can’t you can’t imagine it without that heels yeah
and I feel comfortable and finally I get the curbs it always wanted but a little
no for you but you doing too much thank you calamari what else back together you
were back to the hotel and we’re waiting for chicken wine
we have an hour to inhale the chicken wing and then go upstairs get in and
then meet our contact and then and then and then I have makeup and then I’d get
dressed and then I go we were planning on this of the Danny who’s a stylist
still like get us a dress for tonight I feel like I went safe but it look better
that way it’s like I’m safe as you could get for Art Basel I just feel like
everything else is not me I would never want to show up to a place and I feel so
self-conscious about yeah I feel like it’s better to feel confident and
meditative personality shine through you gotta be flexing this trip because
this is like an opportunity to show these brands that are so closed off to
YouTube like the potential because there’s so much there’s so much room for
storytelling this is for you we talked about more of an eye makeup Diana do a
little bit smokey a little bit of like a very modern you had eye with a little
flick that still feels like I was about to say is it a smokey eye because I feel
it’s a smokey eye no I was about to say smokey eye and then you beat me to it
you see do you I was okay it’s cool let’s really go now so right now we are
going to three events we have your we have the Vanity Fair party and then we
have this networking dinner house I don’t know all the details but
we need to go there I’m good excited not extinct excited so we haven’t really
done a proper introduction to Emily Emily came from Paris and she’s actually
works in the industry we met in Paris we had like a quick meeting and I was like and now Emily’s in my life I am so this
is your first my design like as is you know I’ve worked with
people who have come before and I know that the brand’s do so much to take over
and they use this as an opportunity to bring out collaborations with artists
some of the things we’ll see there will be brands that have done
design installations where there will be a bag let’s say that’s been done by an
artist we’ll be seeing things that combine fashion and art and designs now
that’s really cool we are going to the Dior party they nervous because this is
my first time going to these fancy-schmancy brands but I’m very
sweaty but you can tell right no no you look great
did I look like a scared dear right now anyways I’m going number bye on to the next one that was that was
good we Came we saw we conquered we identify
the targets and we walked I mean Emily walked up and I was like and then we
just did our thing and now we’re here I’m learning from Emily in and out and
ambition you want to be like see mingle but you talk just too long enough
exactly why you still have conversation short gets off and then you’re out okay
next thing is the Vanity Fair Credit okay on a hunt for the Vanity Fair part then any fair
oh you’re they go back down we’re trying to break into the vanity honest I feel
it I feel like it’s part of that that’s Darwinism it’s the survival of the
fittest anyway we’ll survive this Israeli and this la / Paris world will
survive okay so we are at the Vanity Fair and
Google Museum party so it’s really cool because and we’re actually at the Museum
they are fancy artists but I don’t know their name
excuse my ignorance honestly I just see a lot of really beautiful people we’re
gonna do a little tour and I get a picture with the car my dream came true
I feel like I’m checking up a lot of things in this trip you know how you have dreams my dream
was like that like someone closes me in the museum by accident it’s closed and
everyone’s out and I’m locked in and I’m just like putting music I’m sick at that
music in my name is no I never feel like this before yes I
swear they didn’t buy tickets to the Valerio
show so am I gonna show anymore I feel like my brother can make this it’s a
great idea radar I feel like this is my
Wow like my name you’re the artist oh my god
malaria I just saw it’s missing a jacket and it’s a representation safety
nothing doctor that I thought we are going to shoot with the Fendi
team which is so excited I’m really sad I don’t they’ll feed me
back this is what we’re thinking for you how chic you look the blazer is always
bring your own stuff a little kit with this is going to be interesting so I
guess they have like a bunch of content creators that are here to participate in
this project stuff they will excited I don’t even know what just happened and
just got there I just drop to the floor just move move move smile smile happy
happy joy joy get out there I got thrown into the clouds and Alamar thing I felt
a little crazy at times basically what we did today in case no one knows what
just happened we shot send these social media assets and potentially editorials
so we did just like a lot of really cool videos that was really interesting art
direction it was it’s gonna be pretty cool and they are showcasing their
peekaboo bad okay we have like 15 minutes before a
pickup we’re going to do the live before lunch so we and then after that I have
to come back and change again well now I have to go and pick an outfit for our
last event tonight so we just finished my lunch with Louie Vuitton now we are
on our way to pull an outfit for a Dior afterparty I need to get a nap in one
way or another what’s her name her name is Lola you want to do a picture together you’re
so beautiful you’re beautiful yeah I do my god I love to love I will
yours as we do by I need like pants of order like bottoms
you have to try the punch where am I going
you wear with a t-shirt though oh yeah a for sale but where am I going
well what else did you say that your own daddy or yeah I’m not going against it
it’s kind of fun and they fit really really well okay so it’s an option okay no we have the other side in that one
the other small size yes yeah okay that can be so we got a few options I think
I’m gonna be a little quick way for the door cocktail party I’m wearing like
sequined pants little mermaid life you know what Yolo we’re in Miami they need
to get a little Miami taste I’m like on schedule to have a good time in it now I need a nap so bye-bye
okay guys wow this is honestly this is gonna be this is gonna be a feat of our
imagination you have my necklaces manager I do it would be jealous are you
right outfit – goodbye pretty girl this is either gonna be so amazing or so so
sad okay what I’m thinking is to make it like very very cropped and then I’m
gonna do like smokey eye and then like a bunch of chains it’s like a box the
weightlifting what might be at the event I’ll have to be flexing at the event I
wish I brought that one that I wore to the valine event that was like right cuz
that’s the vibe I actually think it might work and then let’s do chains I
feel like this might be something can you imagine a DIY shirt I’m gonna be
like I’m gonna be like couture fabulous tonight okay let’s get the chains on something that open there oh yeah I went
I went to places where is this brew brush going where’s this brooch pin oh
that’s cute be careful not to I just feel like is it like too much oh my god
oh my dear oh yeah that’s but I feel like if there’s here and here it’s kind
of like you don’t know what to do with what you’re doing it’s just like give me
all the bling I don’t think like that no cuz then you have this no can’t go on
the shirt do and like hang a chain here if you
like I love it I also think that this would
work better for me and I think you should do without strap yeah with that
strap you made it come together I got it yeah this looks great
you have any doubt my feet are you know right blazer no no well I have to wear
something I wonder if I should wear the louis vuitton one thank you for coming
to Miami with us for more travel contact click here

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