Diabetes – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Diabetes – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

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  1. What exactly is bitter gourd, is it the the same thing as bitter melon? Also where can I buy those thing here in America ?

  2. I feel sorry for you. I wasn't even talking to you in my original post. I certainly wasn't arguing with you or anyone. I also wasn't talking about type one dieabetes.

  3. It doesn't matter who you were talking to. If I hear someone giving out what amounts to medical advice when clearly they don't know what they're talking about, it's the responsibility of any bystander who knows better to say something before the one you're advising takes your horrifically bad advice. Don't bother feeling sorry for me–save your pity for anyone foolish enough to take your advice. They already have mine.

  4. I am in the herbal business and have helped MANY people with a number of maladies including Diabetes. I do know what I am talking about and I have never had ANYONE have any adverse effect from my herbs. I clearly did NOT give medical advice, I gave a suggestion, just like the lady in the video. You are right, I don't feel sorry for you, I feel sorry for anyone who has to live with you! You are an argumentative person for no reason. What are you getting out of this? The satisfaction of what?

  5. black berry and jamun are not the same thing. and please avoid saying w instead of v. it is television not telewition. your videos are awesome. thanks for teaching us.

  6. . You are so beautiful inside and outside. I love you(Like a fan) and respect you for your generous work. God bless you and this web site , I have learned so many important things here.

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  8. These are all great remedies, unfortunately all (except cinamon powder) ingredients are not easy to come by where i live (l.a.)

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  10. Watch all your video, very interesting. Thank you. For the cinnamon and fenugreek, is it any time of the day that you drink it???Thank you so much ti reply..

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  13. 1. what is the difference swallowing 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds and drinking the water from soaking it overnight?
    2. What is the difference dipping food in 2-3 teaspoons of cinnamon powder 3 times a day with drinking the boiled cinnamon water?
    Please explain. 
    Which one is better?

  14. All of this is related to Type 2. Type 1 isnt caused by dietary problems. Unfortunately many people need to differentiate the difference between the two. This will definately NOT cure type 1. 

  15. Question : (1) How many glasses of any of the solutions given in the video should a diabetic person drink-per day ?  (2) Should the drink "or the solution" be taken on
    empty stomach ? (3) Cinnamon already comes available in powdered form- wouldn't
    it work if one just takes prescribed table spoon of it-and just mix it with normal water and drink it ? 

  16. well .. if you have iphone … this might help .. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/home-remedies-pro-expert-remedies/id902027822?ls=1&mt=8

  17. Diabetes can be controlled if the person is disciplined particularly in his diet, exercise and by taking the right medication when the need arises.

  18. @Homeveda – Home Remedies for You! diabetes can be reversed i am glad i discovered this video instead of
    listening to my doctor who just wanted to put me on insulin

  19. The video is very good except for one thing. This is where I think this needs to be addressed properly. Many people are misinforming people saying exactly the same here that "the increase in glucose concentration in the body causes diabetes…" I think it's about time this is corrected. It should be this way "the increase in glucose concentration in the body is the symptom of diabetes." This is because diabetes is the disease of the pancreas. If the pancreas is damaged then diabetes begins and the glucose is no longer controlled by insulin which is produced by the pancreas. So the real issue is not to reduce the concentration of glucose in the body but to aim to heal and regenerate the pancreas and this is done with what is shown in the video. Bitter gourd helps in healing and repairing the pancreas. Period. My two cents.

  20. Was difficult to understand over the accent. She spoke to fast and didn't pronounce her words well. I will have to watch this over a dozen times to get it, lol.

  21. I feel worried about constantly checking blood levels as the former diabetes victim imagined I would die with diabetes

  22. Three more items of possible interest in controlling blood sugar: Vanadium, Chromium, and the Indian herb Gymnema Sylvestre. Worth it to look into…

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  27. Each day in the United States, some 18 million people with diabetes walk a tightrope between too little sugar in the bloodstream and too much.

  28. Thanks for the video. I prefer natural remedies every time. You have to take your meds but they can be sooooo dangerous. Thanks again #LoveIt  

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  31. all of these fucking sites have different doctors selling their cure. Such fucking bullshit, just pay 300 dollars and you're cured. They will all burn in hell as they should. Fuck everyone associated with these cure sites and videos. Come to my door to sell it I'll punch you in your stupid head. jerkoffs.

  32. Interesting that Barbara Veasley and Darcie Whitehorn have the exact same posts, word for word. Are they telepathic? And then it just keeps happening! Further down, Frida Bach and Arianne Goddu do the same thing! What is going on here? Are we witnessing miracles?

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  37. If I choose the second remedy of cinnamon and one liter of boiling water, do I spilt up the liter and drink with each meal or drink half before breakfast and then the other half before dinner? Please explain.

  38. Type 1 is mainly genetic and doesn't respond as well but Type 2 Diabetes ( acquired ) can be treated effectively by allogeneic or autologous transplants of expanded insulin-producing cells.

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  47. Eat good foods, try yoga, think positive move your ass and your diabetes will go away for good. After a few months you will throw the drugs directly in the trash.

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  49. Itne sarey way bataye tu kya iss mein se koi ek method ko select karna hai aur
    karna hai. Kitne Dino ke liye ? Ya saray ek ek baar ek din mein karna hai beta pls help..

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