Diabetes During Pregnancy | Dietary Recommendations for Gestational Diabetes

Banana flower for gestational diabetes
gestational diabetes is a condition occur during pregnancy the only symptom
of this condition is the elevation of the blood sugar level after the baby is
born the amount of glucose in the mother’s organism becomes normal this is
happening especially during the third month of the pregnancy the elevation of
blood sugar in the organism of the mother is lead to an elevation of sugar
in the baby organism therefore babies born from women with
gestational diabetes are larger and bigger than normal the explanation of
this is that the glucose in the blood of the mother is passing through the
placenta and goes directly to the bloodstream of the baby in this way the
baby has more glucose than it needed and for that reason it becomes bigger than
normal mother’s who are suffering from
gestational diabetes are at higher risk for developing diabetes type 2 in the
future these are several ways which are suitable for women with gestational
diabetes to control that blood sugar level during pregnancy the first one of
them is to take medication prescribed by their doctors these medications are
anti-diabetic drugs which stimulates the secretion of insulin now let us prepare
delicious recipe with banana flour for this recipe take banana flour and chop
it into fine pieces banana flour onion cooking oil coconut
powder turmeric curry leaves mustard seeds and salt now let’s start the
process take a pan add 2 tbsp of cooking oil
let the oil boil add 1/4 tablespoon of mustard seeds curry leaves you onions and pry for some time now add finely
chopped banana flour add some salt turmeric powder pour some water cover it
with a lid and allow it to cook for five minutes after five minutes
you can open the lid and check the curry in bit pain and allow it to cook
properly now add coconut powder and mix well banana flower curry is ready it is so
Emmy delicious and healthy by taking this you can cure gestational diabetes thank you for watching this video like and subscribe for more videos

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