Dealing with anxiety and stress during uncertain times – a message of hope and inspiration

Hi everybody, today I want to share a
message of hope and inspiration around this whole coronavirus pandemic and the
uncertainty and fears that it’s bringing up. One of the reasons that I think we
are feeling so stressed is we feel powerless. We feel powerless over the
situation, that we have no control over how all of this will impact us, and we
aren’t able to look ahead and prepare or plan and get ready to face this – at least
in this moment. So, in moments like this I like to remind myself of some of the
life lessons I’ve learned from nature, actually. When you look at this little seed, for example, and you think of powerful wind gusts you think… Wow! If it was a human… right… If I’m this little seed I probably would think
“That is scary.” That’s a big powerful force of nature, I can’t control it. I don’t stand a chance. And yet, look at how Mother Nature responds. Through trial-and-error she morphs, adapts to what is happening… not just to withstand the force, but she uses it to her advantage. And to me that is incredibly inspiring, it’s very hopeful and it’s a reminder. It acts as a reminder that that is one way I, too, can face events that are beyond my control. If tiny seeds and plants and trees that are rooted in one spot and can never move, figure out ways to deal with these overpowering forces of nature just like we’re facing right now then we can too. And it’s just important to remember we are part of nature, we will adapt, we will figure out ways of managing. Another message that you might find helpful is in this video here, where I talk about what you pay attention to,
and how it affects the quality of your life. So, that’s my message of hope and inspiration for you, today. I look forward to seeing you in the next video. I’m gonna try to link up over here or here – one of these places. And clips I need to clip out Why can’t I clip this? Oh! definitely not that! (greek accent)
No no no. Is no good, is no good… (greek accent)
Is no joke, no joke, Kaliopi! (singing to self) Let’s get serious, Nikitas! Let’s get serious. Alright….

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