omg its awsome Ohhhh yes this is so frickin’ satisfying Yes yes ohhh look at it all come out! Ahh good day everyone and welcome back to today’s video So I’m super excited because we’re opening giant frickin’ stress balls I didn’t know they came giant but apparently they do So that’s gonna be crazy So as you guys know I’m doing a giveaway every single day this month and today I’m giving away a frickin’ iPad mini holy frickin’ crap it is beautiful, it’s gorgeous It can do everything you want, if you wanna play minecraft on it if you wanna do all your things Uh I’m giving this away it is 32GB iPad mini 4 So it’s the newest one out there Pretty crazy, it has wifi capability Uh, So if you wanna win it just stick around to the end to learn out how and also yesterdays winners are in the description below Alrighty, so let’s get on with cutting open these stress toys just so you guys know how large were talking look at how frickin’ big this smiley face is this is crazy this is like a super sized stress ball i don’t know whats inside here i’am going to save this one for last cause this is the big Bertha of the day so, big Bertha we’re just gonna sit you off to the side sister now let’s move on to the other cool things we have alright so the first one up is a dinosaur stress toy it feels like he has some sort of beads or something inside of him, he’s very stretchy Guess what Mr. Dinosaur Man? I’m gonna cut you open! We’re gonna make a simple incision on his stomach, right there. Oh gosh, oh! Packing some peanuts, it looks like! Oh my gosh! Wow! Look at ’em come out! Oh! They’re eggs. They’re dinosaur eggs. Oh my god. I feel like this is gonna be a mess. Ok I think its just styrofoam Styrofoam pellets There sticking to me whats happening!!! Ok I feel like this was a fail of a stress toy thing he has little white balls inside him ok up next we have, I guess this isn’t really giant but I saw this and i still want to cut it open so we are going to cut open this little guy this is what he looks like when you squeeze him he has like a bunch of white puss inside there so we need to get that puss out we need to get the infection out of his eyeball ohh my omgosh this is gonna be great, this is gonna be wonderful yes oh yes pop that pimple this is everything ohh my gosh wowwwwwwwww ooooh yes this is so fricken satisfying yes, yes ohhh look at it all come out ohhh its swirling Oh this is kinda sick but its also very satisfying holy crap Oh this is crazy! ohh all this is why I love my job I love it ohh yes okay well, all the puss is out truly sick but also, who wants a bite? ew (chuckles) next we have this mushroom now i’m so excited about this one just because it looks so cool and kind of that I have to break this open but it’s like a super-stretch mushroom thing this is crazy cute sorry that I have to do for the video so I’m going to cut top of it kind of looks like something from Alice in Wonderland or like mario i know it was inside it no purple there be nothing ok make an incision oh my gosh okay this is like true Whitehead action oh my gosh wow we have we have liftoff there’s gonna be a lot of oh wow oh my gosh okay I feel like when you make the hole bigger because that took a lot of energy wow it is kind of like a pimple Oh what’s this oh my gosh i think there’s like an actual freaking warm inside of here that was a real word for a second i was pulling out holy freakin crap oh my god this is it real is it real no why is there a freaking warm inside this mushroom holy freaking crap ok should we pull at it let’s keep going at it oh okay that was weird we need to see what’s in here need that you need to go this way we’re going for the bottom of my formal ok now we’re really seeing what’s inside here oh that squid was inside as motor mount oh wow kind of like Sanders up Sam okay let’s just cut the head off get a little mushrooms okay well I’m sad that i had to break this mushroom open people you have like somewhere inside of you still want that was the last but not least we have this giant gonna smile again face there’s it looks like there’s a bunch of like little all something inside of it I have no idea let’s find out for the grand finale everyone i hope you’re ready for this give this video a thumbs up if you’re excited right now go ahead and click it click it or ticket you don’t think I won’t do any more videos oh my gosh did you hear that Eric amount wow I think these are like Orbeez or something holy crap wow oh my gosh they’re either or bees or their fish eggs either one holy freakin crap Sam itself and all she’s giving bird she’s led her eggs for everyone come on mill if you want these eggs where’s me my where’s Nemo me good oh my gosh look at these this is crazy clear Orbeez these are ready yeah my gosh I was ok well i hope you guys enjoyed today’s video again if you did please give it up ah and now you’re probably wondering Joey how the heck play with this ipad mini that now covered in slimy Orbeez hands well all you have to do is be one of my subscribers and also leave a comment down below and i will choose a random winner from the comments and check your email because I reach out to the winner in the comments section so make sure you find out if i respond to you and yeah that’s it for today’s video check back tomorrow to see the winner and tomorrow’s description of the video and i will see you all then. Good damn bye!


  1. Hey joey I'm a girl and love your videos when I'm down you bring me up I wish I could meet you in real life I love you so much x x x x x x โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

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  5. lia (aka sssniperwolf) when she was little couldnโ€™t cut or throw away anything with a face idk why this just came to mind probably the big smile face thing

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