CSUSM Student Union Becomes Heartbeat of Campus

[ Music ] [Background Music]>>It’s super exciting to hear about
the University Student Union and just to walk in, the feel that it gives you. And it’s a culture shift for our campus. It’s a huge milestone, that we are now
able to have a University Student Union. And it feels that now we’re able to
bring all of our students together and have these formal interactions
that are outside of the classroom that compliments the learning.>>The USU has so much to offer, from
game room to going to orientation and having your own little space there, to the
Gender Equity Center, to LGBTQ Pride Center. You go there, every single space
has a welcoming environment. Everywhere you go you will have students come
up to you and say hey, how are you doing? Do you want to get involved in this? Are you interested in doing this? Finding your passion, in a sense, at Cal State
San Marcos, is what you’ll find wherever you go. [ Music ]>>I just feel like I’m at home. I just feel really relaxed and I feel comfort. I feel like this place is a space to
hang out with friends and like connect and just laugh and enjoy your time on campus.>>What I love about the union is that it’s just
a place where everybody just comes together. I mean there’s a bunch of friends I see all the
time and just food and just a place to hang out. And I love how like all events
are going to be thrown here and all events are already thrown here. It’s all so great. [ Music ]>>So the University Student Union
is the heartbeat of the campus. It’s the place where everyone
gathers and it’s just exciting. It’s exciting to see all of it unfold. [ Music ]

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