Criticism of Dr. Fung’s Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

Criticism of Dr. Fung’s Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

Medical science is changing, for example
when we started talking about intermittent fasting, which is truly a
method, a diet, it’s literally the oldest dietary intervention known to humanity.
It’s been used for thousands of years. And we know that if you don’t eat,
nothing bad will happen you’ll burn some sugar, you’ll burn some fat, that’s the
reason you have body fats, so that if you don’t have anything to eat, you’re
gonna burn that fat. So nothing bad really happens.
So intermittent fasting, for example, five years will go when I started talking about
it and using it for patients as a therapeutic option, because we don’t make
anybody do it, we can’t make anybody do anything. We give them the option to do it.
Everybody thought it was the craziest, stupidest idea they’d ever heard. And
just last month I went to San Diego to give the keynote lecture for the Obesity
Medicine Association, which is the largest association of obesity
specialists in the United States. And there were hundreds and hundreds of
doctors there wanting to know about how to use intermittent fasting so that they
could also make their patients better. The problem is, I think that the doctors
and the medical community in general is very slow to change, and that’s really
one of the reasons why I go to sort of popular books and social media, because
this is a message that doesn’t need to be delivered to a doctor to change the
message, we want people to kind of be empowered, and the thing is that medical
science, everybody thinks it moves very fast, is very very slow, so you could have
debates ongoing. If your blood sugar drops, then you don’t need to take
medications. And then, if you continue to not eat, you’ll lose weight. And then if
you lose weight, your diabetes your type 2 diabetes will go away. Again, I
don’t think anybody is gonna argue with that. So the question is, why don’t we just do
that? And that’s what we do. I’m not gonna make my patient, who I know in 12 years
will be on dialysis, I’m not gonna make them wait 12 years assuming
that I can actually get the funding for this. My duty to him or her is to take
care of them right now to the best of my ability. So I do that.
And we see cases every single day. So we have an intensive dietary management
program and every single day I come in, and just this morning for example, I saw
a lady – 15 years of type 2 diabetes on 80 units of insulin, followed by a
specialist an endocrinologist. I took her from 80 units of insulin to zero and her
A1C is now 5.9 % which is classified, because she’s on no
medications and her A1C is below 6%, she actually classified as a non-diabetic.
So we took a severe type 2 diabetes and in four months we moved her and she
would be classified as a non-diabetic. This is a reversible disease, but I don’t
need to prove it to anybody. I need to treat people. And that’s what I do. I mean,
it would be great if somebody gave to me a, you know, a couple million dollars to
hire five or ten researchers full-time who can do a study, but that’s not gonna
happen and I don’tsee that as a very logical solution. We can
do both at the same time. So when you take the message out sort of directly to
the people on the frontlines, that is the doctors who want to be there, the
patients who want to be there, they want to know, because something like fasting,
something like low carbohydrate diets, it’s an option. I’m not saying that
everybody in the world must do it, I’m saying you can give it a try, it’s okay.
If you do well, great. If you don’t do well, then don’t do it. But at least you
have the option. It’s like a tool in your toolbox – it’s better to have that there,
rather than saying “Oh, you must never do this.” It’s ridiculous really to to give
that sort of, you know, to take away those choices from
patients when they should really, you know, be empowered to to make decisions
for themselves.

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  1. After 50 years of advertising, its tough to deprogram yourself from all the lies. But, its helped me a lot to IF and fast in general, while lowering my carb intake to 30%

  2. Dr. Fung, Your description reads as if you are criticizing Dr. Fung's/your own Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. ???

  3. I will follow what you teach. This sounds great and I’ve seen n heard results. God bless you for teaching us this method. I wished I lived near your office.

  4. I've lost 15kg. Type 2 150units of insulin 2 ×1000mg metformin tablets before the loss.. went down to 40units no metformin. As i said 15kg loss but bsl rising again 😯. Endocrinologist here told me before my weightloss surgery she didn't think after the op I'd ever go off all meds as she thought my pancreas was not making insulin anymore….. So is all type 2 biabetes reversible please????????????

  5. Cool clickbait bro… maybe just title the content as it should be and get real followers… crazy I know… I take it back. Dr. Fung is the real deal… the clickbait fools just get less views and blocked…. Good show

  6. am suffering from motions in If fasting.pls tel me solution.fasting best for weightloss.i lost 6 kgs one month

  7. I reversed my fatty liver in 2017 with Intermittent fasting and thanks to Dr. Jason Fung because of his videos about reversing type 2 diabetes, I was able to deal with my fatty liver and insulin resistance and lost weight too.

  8. I have been told by two different nutritionists that I would kill myself if I tried intermittent fasting.
    I stopped seeing them. I am 63 and in danger of dying at 345 pounds and using 80-100 units of insulin and 2000 mg of metformin. I got so sick I had to stop working after 21 years at my job and am now on SSA and SSI, with Medi Cal. I wish I could see a doctor who understood the truth of what Dr. Fung is saying. I'm going to try this. Thank you, Dr. Fung.

  9. My A1C was at 10 and in 40 days of intermittent fasting, exercise, and eating reasonably, I lost 30 lbs., and my A1C is 5. I no longer take insulin.

    Prior to my intermittent fasting I was eating reasonably, exercising with no real weight loss and my glucose was high. Dr. Fung’s concepts are brilliant yet common sense at the same time, and I applaud the fact that he is pushing his philosophies in the face of criticism. Rock on Dr Fung!! You may have saved me a life of misery, and medical issues.

    Thank you !!

    I was told by all of my doctors not to fast, that is it bad for a diabetic to not eat many meals a day. Well now I can see now that this mentality is completely ridiculous!!

  10. 10 lbs lost in a month With IF, by just cutting down carbs and sugar, not fully though, which I am trying to do, my next goal, dr Fung is great.

  11. It bothers me to not see any criticisms in the comments. It leads me to suspect that criticism is deleted.

  12. I must tell you about a person who helped me with Diabetes! He is the only person, who can tell you a 1, 2 step guide how to cure it. Just open site DIABETES. XCOURSE. XYZ and watch his amazing story!

  13. Social media nowadays is engaging in "censorship". Anything that is not in line with their narrative and rhetoric they will censored or suspend the user account. Medical discipline will so be scrutized after political censorship upon conservative has been exhaustive.

  14. Dr. Fung, This Dr. got it right! I’ve lost 35 lbs. for free. Controlling blood sugar no meds! Thx. Dr.

  15. Thanks for having the Courage to follow this line of reasoning. May others in the medical community join in please
    I know the AMA is not liking your direction for monetary reasons only. THAT is a shame. May your message go world wide and be received with open arms.

  16. Doc Fung is solid gold. Also Prof Noakes. Both professionals at the spear point of nutritional science. I lost 66 pounds listening to these gents. I feel absolutely fantastic, like 20 years younger! Eat fat, burn fat!

  17. The best out there without a doubt one meal a day green vegetables with fish or grass fed beef no carbs works for me listen to him

  18. Thank you Dr, I’m so happy that I found you ,I have 2 type diabetes , my glucose level is between 160-140, eating very healthy , no carbs exercise, but I was eating 3 times a day , by my Nutricionist advise, and I’m in
    Metformin 500mg, thanks to
    Her advise too but I desire to
    take 1/2 pill, I’m always in YouTube looking for information about how to reverse my diabetes , until I found Dr Fung , and I have to said some other professionals too, talking about fasting and I’m so happy to tell you that I’m doing the fasting for the las 2-3 days and my glucose went down to 137-130 and today 115, something that I don’t have since I have type 2 diabetes, a couple years ago , just keep helping people Dr Fung, this info is very
    Valuable , also people with type 2 -1diabetes , and they are over weight Keto Diet is excellent, in-hear this Ondina lot, I can’t do Leto diet because my weight is normal
    Thank you Dr, God Bless You

  19. Dr Fung deserves the Nobel Prize. I too reversed my Type 2 Diabetes, lost weight and feel so much better. Just read his books, follow what he says to do, it works!!

  20. is there anyone here who followed dr fung's diet had success in managing type 2 diabetes without losing weight? I'm underweight and yet i have type 2

  21. Hello Dr Fung
    a french patient says on YT you think that metformin let molecule of glucose hide in fat cells and this fat cells "free" the glucose in the blood as soon as you stop metformin even when you are fasting. Is it true ?

  22. It sure beats modern medicine (drugs)as they cure nothing. This program gives you the opportunity to get better by addressing the factors and habits that are making you sick. Most doctors don't have a clue.

  23. No need for study or research, it can be proven by every individual patient who want to get rid of unnecessary medicine and save himself from side effects

  24. I started listening to Dr. Fung and a couple others on youtube on Fasting and the Ketogenic Diet. I researched it there a ton and tried it. I lost 35 pounds, fixed my Diabetic symptoms and high Blood Pressure and other other problems and at the age of almost 44, I'm building muscle like I was 10 to 15 years younger. Lol. I think it's amazing and I feel amazing as opposed to always feeling sick like I used to.

  25. 2017 my weight is 92kg, fasting blood sugar 184, blood sugar 2 hours after eating 192, I was diagnosed with cardiomegaly. In 2019, my diet was low in kabo hydrate and sugar but my blood sugar was fasting 130, my blood sugar 2 hours after eating was 188. After reading the article about diabetes I finally understood that I belonged to the prediabetes category (not yet diabetic). I found patches on the nape of my neck, chest, chin and forehead. July 2019 I started a diet without sugar, salt and carbohydrates and finally black spots on my skin disappeared completely and until now (12 sept 2019) I still keep on a diet without carbohydrates, sugar and salt, I also do fasting with 8 hour window eating and 16 hours of fasting, my weight dropped from 92kg to 77kg at the moment (September 12, 2019) I feel healthier and fitter.

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