COVID-19 How is it different from the influenza virus?

From a from a high-tech medical
perspective right, it’s a completely different family of viruses so they act
a little bit differently. The uniqueness about the corona virus and specifically
the COVID-19 virus, is its unique. It’s novel, it just started off. So it hasn’t
had a lot of human infection over a period of time so we haven’t had any
immunity. As humans, related to this, which is why you’re seeing a lot of infection
and moving.>>So there’s a lot we don’t know about it that’s a travel
and that always scares the medical community or at least alarms them a
little bit.>>I think I, think we’re conscious of it and one of the, one of
the nice things about this being 2020 and not 1918 is that information is
traveling quickly. So we’re learning about what happened in China and they’re
sharing with us we’re learning about what happened in Australia and they’re
sharing with us. We’re learning about what happened in Italy and in France and
they’re sharing with us. So we have more information now to be able to start
treating this novel virus than they had.

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