CoronaVirus Symptoms vs Flu vs Cold & When Should You See A Doctor?

CoronaVirus Symptoms vs Flu vs Cold & When Should You See A Doctor?

Hello Health Champions. In this video I
want to go over some of the signs and symptoms of the corona virus and how
they compare with and contrast to some of the other common ailments like colds
and flus and allergy I also want to cover some unique characteristics of the
corona virus to help you avoid getting it but more importantly to help avoid
spreading it. Coming right up hey I’m dr. Ekberg I’m a holistic doctor
and a former Olympic decathlete and if you want to truly master health by
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notification bell so you don’t miss anything it’s certainly easy to get
paranoid during a pandemic like the corona virus outbreak we’re just
finishing up cold and flu season and we’re heading into allergy season so
millions of people are having symptoms anyway but what do they mean well here
are the most common corona virus symptoms they’re not necessarily how
severe they are but it’s the frequency so 88% of people who get infected are
gonna have a fever at some point not necessarily so much in the beginning but
it would develop over time dry cough is going to be experienced by 68% of people
and these two are the big characteristics of the corona virus then
we have things like fatigue and wet cough that get about a third we’ll get
those and the wet cough is also described as sputum production as
opposed to a dry cough where it’s just kind of irritating a sputum production
of wet cough means that things are coming up out of the lungs
shortness of breath muscle pain and joint pain now we’re getting down to
about if they’re a sixth of people sore throat headache chills less common and
quite uncommon are things like nausea or vomiting nasal congestion diarrhea and
with the nasal congestion also sneezing kind of rare and that’s one of the
things that set this apart so what about kids well the symptoms are going to be
the same but for the most part they are less severe kids get away pretty easily
for the most part however when they get it they’re the same so they get the same
fever and the cough and even respiratory distress in severe cases even though
they’re fewer something to keep in mind though is that even mild cases are
contagious that you’re just as likely to give it to someone else even if you
are not as harshly affected kids not being so aware of the importance of this
that’s just an extra reason to limit their activities and keep them away from
other people so let’s take a look at how the symptoms compare across some of the
more common ailments with corona you’re going to almost always have a fever with
a cold it’s gonna be more rare with the flu you’re gonna almost always have a
fever and with allergies it’s going to be rare the dry cough is something that
is quite common with all four of them but even more so with a corona and the
flu so cough is not a discerning factor you’re gonna have that pretty much in
all of these shortness of breath is very characteristic for the corona virus but
more so in the more severe cases as the infection progresses you can get a
secondary infection which causes inflammation and fluid buildup in the
lungs and most people who die from the corona virus die from acute respiratory
distress syndrome meaning the fluid builds up to the point where there’s not
enough available surface area dry surface area in the lungs to exchange
oxygen and carbon dioxide and now they basically drown the cold and the flu are
not going to have shortness of breath or respiratory distress and allergies
however can have that but it’s not going to be the same mechanism you’re going to
react – pollen and environmental stressors not
have the respiratory distress because of fluid buildup when it comes to aches and
pains they do happen with coronavirus quite a bit but even more so with the
colds and the flues and hardly at all with allergies so the first three are
infectious agents where as allergies again you’re reacting to the environment
same thing with sore throat that follows the same pattern that you’re gonna have
it with the infectious agents but not with the allergies what about a runny
nose runny nose is quite rare with corona
which is surprising to most people but the corona virus has receptors that
affect the lungs specifically so with colds and flus you’re gonna have lungs
and head congestion but with the corona you’re gonna have pretty much neck down
it’s going to be lungs primarily so the colds and the flu are gonna have quite a
bit of runny nose especially the cold and also allergies you can get very
congested and runny nose sneezing is virtually absent with the corona it
could happen of course if you breathe in some pepper or something but as a result
of the virus it doesn’t really happen the cold also has very frequent sneezing
whereas with the flu it’s kind of rare and with allergies is extremely common
let’s take a look at how the symptoms overlap if you have cold or allergies
then you’re gonna have it she is cough runny nose and sneezing and if you have
those primarily that’s a good sign that you don’t have the corona virus or the
flu corona versus the flu is a little bit harder to differentiate because they
do have fevers and chills they do both have the cough the difference is going to
be primarily on the shortness of breath in the COVID-19
and it’s gonna be that the flu also effects the the head the chest and the
head whereas the COVID-19 is primarily the chest another difference is that the
COVID-19 is going to have a slower onset and progression typically whereas the
flu is pretty much once you get it you wake up one morning and it’s there it’s
overnight now let’s talk a little bit about why is the corona virus why is
COVID-19 so bad. Why are countries shutting down is it all the deaths not
really even though the death rate is significantly higher than the common flu
than the regular flu it’s about depending on the age group and the
category it’s between four times to twenty times more deadly than the flu
but it’s still a small percentage so that’s not the reason that we should be
concerned that’s not why they’re locking down borders the reason is something
called R naught which is a value that talks about how easily it spreads so if
R naught is one that means that for every person gets infected they’re gonna
transmit it they’re gonna infect or contaminate one other person and if
that’s the case then the disease neither shrinks nor grows okay it stays the same
that if we have a hundred people then they’re gonna get well but before they
get well they’re gonna infect another hundred people if it’s less than one
then the infection is gonna peter out and die on its own because for every
person who gets infected they’re gonna infect less than one so it’s never gonna
take off if it’s a little bit more than one now even a 1.1 or a 1.2 that’s still
pretty serious because now that means that the infection will increase there
will be more and more people there is an exponential growth even if it’s very
slight so with the flu we have an R nought of 1.3 which is still pretty bad
and that’s why these influenzas spread however with the coronavirus the
R naught is 2.0 to 2.5 and that may not seem like an astronomical number but it
is pretty huge because this means a doubling exponential function that means
for every person who gets it they’re gonna infect between two and two and a
half people so instead of having a growth rate of 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 12 we
have 1 2 4 8 16 32 so it’s doubling and that’s why you see these growth curves
getting really really scary shooting pretty much straight up that’s the
number one reason why this is so scary another factor is that they’re not quite
sure but it seems like the incubation time meaning the time between when you
get contaminated when you get infected with the virus until you start
developing symptoms is 2 to 14 days that’s quite a long time which means you
can go for up to 2 weeks being infected spreading it to others and not knowing
it for the flu that number is much much lower between 1 to 4 days you know much
faster if you’re infected so you don’t have the chance to give it to as many
other people so even though the death rate is higher than the flu it’s not
anywhere near that of Ebola or SARS or anything like that but the spread
characteristics is what makes this so serious I know you’ve heard this before
but I’m gonna tell you again protect yourself wash your hands and wipe
surfaces and objects frequently everything you come in contact with
anything that people other people come in contact with wipe it down as often as
you can because the virus on your skin won’t harm you but the virus inside your
body means your infected so even if you get it on your
hands even if you touch things if you wash carefully and frequently then you
can wash it away and not get infected the other thing that’s really difficult
is don’t touch your face and what they have found is most people touch their
face every three to four minutes throughout the day it’s subconscious
we’re not aware of it it’s just something that we do maybe it’s a little
itch maybe we’re just supporting our head but
we touch our faces all the time and the areas you want to avoid is mouth nose
and eyes if you touch those areas and you have the virus on your hands then
you are likely to get infected so if you think that you did get it now what do
you do well you stay at home you isolate yourself you avoid contact with people
you avoid spreading it and why do you stay at home well for a few reasons
the first one is that 80% of cases are mild you don’t need anything to get over
it you’re gonna get some symptoms you’re just like a cold or flu your body is
gonna fight it off and you will get better the second reason is that they
can’t really do anything for you all right there is no treatment for most
viruses period and for this one because it’s so new especially they don’t really
have anything to do for you the only time that they can help you is they can
help you with breathing if it gets to that point and also of course you want
to stay at home to avoid spreading it to others but what if it gets worse what if
you’re not in the 80% what if you’re in the category that gets worse now is when
you call a doctor because now you might get to the point where you will need
some help but you can also have someone to consult with that can tell you the
correct steps to follow and the reason you want to call your doctor is if you
get shortness of breath that would be an indication that you have is secondary
pneumonia that your lungs may be filling up with some fluid and that you’re
reducing that exchange surface in your lungs if you
have persistent pain or pressure in the chest that would be another sign if
someone in your household has a confusion that wasn’t there before or if
they’re sleeping or if they’re sort of nodding off or losing attention you
can’t get get them to arouse can’t get their attention that would also be
serious signs if their lips or face are turning blue or bluish that’s another
sign all of these things indicate hypoxia that your body is not getting
enough oxygen now here’s the main thing to understand the death rate is
relatively low it’s been estimated about 1.4 percent recently so this is not so
much about you as it is about others you if you’re reasonably healthy you’ll
probably be okay but you could still spread it to others so the death rate
recently has been estimated about 1.4 percent and depending on the age group
the younger age groups have about 0.2% death rate whereas people over 80 years
old have about a 15% death rate so if you’re young and healthy you’re gonna be
okay most likely but it doesn’t mean that you can’t spread it to others
another feature is that some people have such a mild infection that they’re
asymptomatic they don’t even know that they have it but if they have it they
can still give it to others and if you add the fact that the incubation period
is as long as 14 days then even people who eventually get sick they could walk
around for 14 days and infect others so some people kind of have the attitude of
damn the torpedoes or yippee it’s Spring Break we really want to change that
mindset we really want to change that way of thinking I believe it’s very
irresponsible for the young people to go on spring break and say hey look my
death rate is 0.2% lower and I’m probably not going to get
it so I’ll be fine because those same people will probably a lot of them will
probably contract the virus and then take it home to their families and give
it to their parents and grandparents who might be in this category so it’s not
about us it’s about everybody okay it’s not about
the individual it’s about locking down the spread so that we can contain this
but most importantly don’t panic we want to take this very seriously we want to
understand that it is a crisis it is a pandemic but we also want to understand
that we will probably be okay as long as we contain it and don’t give it to
others if you enjoyed this video make sure that you take a look at that one
thank you so much for watching I’ll see you in the next video

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