Coronavirus Resistance and the Stress Factor

Coronavirus Resistance and the Stress Factor

now if we look at a virus from the viewpoint of it being our enemy it has certain strengths and weaknesses right
you would never want to attack an enemy like a virus from its strengths you
would want to attack its weaknesses so what is the strength of a virus its
ability to kill the elderly and people with pre-existing health conditions or
to say this more simply to attack someone with a weakened immune system so
what is its weakness it doesn’t have hardly any effect or influence over a
healthy people people with a healthy immune system so your strategy should be
strengthening your immune system now yes changing your diet eating foods high in
nutrients are vitally important but what happens when people are stressed they
eat junk food the worst thing you could do so during a stress state the most
important thing to do is to keep in a good healthy diet now what’s very
interesting about stress as itself and I’m talking about worry I’m talking
about fear which by the way is threat to survival no solution all problem
overwhelmed by bad news stress fear and worry spikes a hormone called cortisol
cortisol has a very interesting effect on your immune system now acute stress
tends to protect the immune system but chronic stress actually suppresses your
immune system now think about what your immune system is it’s your army
it’s your defenses against viruses and pathogens and this is one of the reasons
why a lot of viruses come out of remission when people get stressed
because stress tends to push down the wall and increases the susceptibility to
certain pathogens so not only do you need to keep strengthening your immune
system through foods and nutrition and creating a healthy body but you also
need to keep your stress as low as possible not a lot of people are talking
about this but this is a very very important point if you’re watching the
news 24/7 bad news stress in your face that could potentially weaken your
immune system now if you’re new to my channel I put a link down below of
exactly what to eat but here are some things you can do number one stay in
action be very productive get your attention off the things that are
causing the fear long walks and continue to stay in action creating a healthy
body if you haven’t seen my other videos on stress this one right here is the
most important one check it out

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  1. When I went for my walk on my regular trail the other day, guess what, all the kids that are out of school were there too…biking, skateboarding…plus all the people not working…crowded….went home

  2. More and more I think that this corona virus is nothing but a stealthy means to eliminate "problematic" members of the world population e.g. the elderly and the sick that the governments of different countries don't want to support anymore.

  3. You forgot sticking your head in the sand. Want some good news folks? Chloroquine and Zinc have been trialed in France on Covid19 patients with a 100%cure rate within 6 days.
    HUMANITY JUST CURED A VIRUS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY. Now if we can just get our imbecilic leaders to start manufacturing Chloroquine and stop manufacturing drama, we may avoid destroying our agricultural sector, transportation sector, manufacturing sector and millions of small businesses. We may just avoid becoming a starving third world hyper inflation nation.

  4. Dr berg always said that before outbreak of virus but people not listen . if everybody did that before many people could be saved from death

  5. Excellent advice. 😊
    Shops running out of booze, because all pubs, clubs, cafes, & restaurants are shut, no eggs or veg, but they have tonnes of Easter eggs. Lol.
    Thank you for sharing this important information with us all, take care, & stay safe everyone. ❤️🙂🐶

  6. That’s more likely applicable to life goals as well. No wonder with worry, fear and stress you’ll never gonna get anywhere in life. Be in harmony with your surroundings is key despite all the developing around you. Many Thanks Doc

  7. thank you for this important info as always.. but i think there is concern that many people wont have money for food.. and the only food available would be care packages of basic foods like dry biscuits and pasta..

  8. Thank you so much Dr. Berg for your words. Feels so good. Will better take care and spread your video. All the best for you and your family. Greets from Germany. Big hug 🙏🏻❤️🍀

  9. Bravo doc, one more reason to eat healthy. I did just that from January to know, stocked up on healthy food any time I could, tons of nutritional yeast for vitamin B and very low amount of carbs. Plenty of walks under the sun.

  10. Dr Berg I follow you anywhere. Please talk about high dose intravenous Vitamin C. Doctors already using it.. LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK

  11. Dr. Berg needs to just CAALMMM DOWWNNN, and chill out a bit. If he gets the virus, who will take care of us internet nerds?! 😱


  12. Does anybody know anybody who has died from the Coronavirus? If only the weak and old are dying, why have we ruined the world economy for them?

  13. What if I have to take drugs to keep my immunesystem weak because of an autoimmune disease? Does it make sense to still strenghten my immunesystem at the same time? Please somebody answer this

  14. I been doing Keto since last year and it's been effective in my life and has helped me overall with everything; health, weight loss, energy etc… Thanks Dr. Berg!

  15. U r so true Dr Berg!!! Stress is making things worse!!!! Ur video came in right time!!! I literally didn’t go out for over a week out of fear and I felt too depressing staying home.. Gosh I need to get out tomorrow and breathe some fresh air!!!

  16. I have no fear, no stress, I eat healthy, I am starting a prolonged fast today, I exercise and I don't believe the news at all when I do watch it lol it's all lies. Get out there and get it MY PROTECTION IS GOD AND MY IMMUNE SYSTEM Thanks Doc YOU THE MAN

  17. You are the creator of Dr. Berg. I am proud to follow you. Your explanation is very nice. I learned from you unless I learned it at the university.

  18. I went outside and planted a tree yesterday. I planted a fig tree and I have 8 starter roots of coffee bean plant. The time spent in the sun and the surroundings were very calming and satisfying.

  19. They closed all the gyms and told everyone to stay inside. I'm sure the lack of exercise and sunlight is going to lead to far more negative health outcomes then the coronavirus itself.

  20. Wanted to say last comment but forgot so here goes, To everyone in the world may God be with you and your families through these times, may he keep you safe healthy and at peace, also to all religions and races wether you believe or not and no offense to any one that calls him by a different name wether it be Allah, Yewah, Buddah, or to the atheist the Universe either way I say Gkd it is just easier for me lol anyways GOD BLESS ALL AND to all I LOVE YOU ALL AND SO DOES GOD DO NOT LET THEM SHAKE YOUR FAITH OR BELIEF STAY STRONG PEACE AND BLESSINGS TO ALL

  21. We are stressed and feared because of this virus and we are not healthy to begin with. Some people are even talking about asteroid hitting earth next month and killing third population of the planet. All this stress doctor I stopped fruits and I'm living on coffee, chocolate and tranquilizer meds and waiting for the end to come

  22. Viruses are USED BY THE BODY to dissolve toxic chemicals that fungi and bacteria can't handle!! It's the persons toxic lifestyle that activates the virus mechanism!

  23. Hopefully what good comes out is families bonding more. Talking
    and relying on each other. That folks want to fast track to better eating and healthy choices. Amen!

  24. Thank you dr berg for your honesty! I always watch your videos even though I never comment!
    Just wanted to say stop reading the news stop clicking on their links it just encourages them to do more of it. Deactivate your social media for the time being because it’s full of fear and stuff you do not need! Be healthy , be present, be positive, and this will all be over before we know it! 🙂

  25. Dr Berg has been really driving home this fear mongering avoidance. Can’t believe Dr Drew and Dr Oz have said the same thing about the disgusting media. Their careers will be jeopardized if they don’t shut up 🤐

  26. Thank God I can't remember when I had a cold or even Influenca the last time. Even in times with anemia. I agree with all you said. I barely or never take a pill for headache. Just good real food and a healthy spirit in a healthy body.

  27. Thanks, Dr. Berg for good advice free of cost. This is much better than paying or taking" fearsome" drugs with a million and one side effects.

  28. But I heard other doctors saying that the inflammation of the lungs is caused by a too healthy immune system that fight a virus it doesn't recognize, so in theory we shouldn't improve our immune system with vit C and stuff…. ???

  29. Eat fresh fruits & veggies: shops are out, they don't get deliveries anymore
    Get sunshine: we're not allowed outside and we don't have a garden. All of this stresses me out even more cause I can't even do the things to protect myself and my children. I've had a few panic attacks last few days and hello fewer today…😢

  30. dr Eric i have chronic autoimmune urticaria , does this put me in higher risk to suffer from coronavirus

  31. Why do Chinese not wash their hands and now we must pay for their mistake? Who will hold them accountable for trying to hide the virus and making it worse? Will they stop eating dog stew, bat soup and dolphin penis now that they created this mess?

  32. Dr. Berg, please address the melatonin connection. I have heard that melatonin may offer some protective benefits against the virus. Based on what I heard, it makes sense.

  33. Praying is good ,taking naps, eating a lot of veggies, fresh air. Person without Hope sees only darkness.😉!

  34. Definitely on point! Was just telling some friends the same, eat well, focus on the immune system ( they were talking about all the treats they were making). The only thing I could add to what Dr Berg says is: give it to God, there are reasons He tells us not to worry! Not that’s it’s easy but putting your faith in Him makes times like this easier

  35. What is the test to know if we have a strong inmune system and thereby not being affraid of coronavirus?

  36. The real issue I see, is waiting for the problem to develop before looking for ways to amend…long ago when this Virus was discovered in China (Dec. 2019), it would have been more sensible for every country to have quarantined itself, instead of waiting for the virus to enter each country, and now trying to quarantine the citizens….which was easier to do or avoid???…I just see greed and motive

  37. Hello Dr Eric , A SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE WAY … The Fascinating Human Mechanism … Thank You . Warm Regards … Wishing You A Peaceful Day in Difficult Times .

  38. Your mind controls your body!! Stress is so powerful in a negative way! It’s a shame most doctors don’t incorporate this in their treatment plans…

  39. Now i got a plan.
    Heal my gut first since i believe healthy digestive system is the foundation of a superb immune system.

  40. I’m in a mandatory quarantine here in Jordan in a hotel room(me and 5k other people who came from outside Jordan in the last week) they provide us with 3 meals a day usually high carb meals so bye bye keto with almost no fresh veggies except for a very small salad and some fresh apples or bananas , the question is what can i do to improve my situation with these options (I’m taking multivitamins pills ‘centrum’ along with drBerg vit D and k2 also Omega 3 supplement) , I tried to do intermittent fasting but it’s so damn hard with all the carbs I’m eating

  41. I dont own a television because of the stress that it caused me. I'm gardening, and going fishing to relieve the stress, good luck everyone and may god be with you all.

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