Coronavirus Pandemic Update 43: Shortages, Immunity, & Can a TB Vaccine (BCG) Help Prevent COVID-19?

Coronavirus Pandemic Update 43: Shortages, Immunity, & Can a TB Vaccine (BCG) Help Prevent COVID-19?

welcome to another MedCram COVID-19
update we can see that we’re almost at 400,000 total confirmed worldwide if we
look here at the new daily deaths in the united states we can see that that is
increasing there’s been some interesting quotes in the news here for March 24th
and they anticipate that the peak number of cases is still two to three weeks
away in New York the governor of New York has said that they need 37,000
ventilators at that point and they need to get another 30,000 because they’ve
got about seven thousand now at this point there’s an ominous warning coming
from New York saying that’s because there first what is happening there
could be what’s happening in your community in about four to six weeks
they are also saying that hundreds of thousands of people probably have
already had kovat 19 didn’t know that they had it and have recovered and they
are echoing what we’ve said here earlier which is that antibodies should be
checked for because if they’re positive for the antibodies then they don’t need
to stay home they could go to work which brings me to this news that was on Yahoo
fever map could show just how crucial it is to stay home to stop kovat 19 spread
this is a smart thermometer made by kinsa which is able to upload the data
from people who are taking their temperatures and put it on a map and
what they’ve shown here through this article we’ll put a link to it is that
in Florida there are a number of people who have had elevated temperatures more
than they would have guessed for this time of year if you look at the data the
blue is what would be expected and you can see here as you go from February 14
to May 14 the percent of illness should be dropping as we get out of the flu
season and that’s the typical range that we see and we can see here the observed
in yellow and then when we hit a certain amount outside of that range that shows
an atypical disease pattern and of course this doesn’t require any testing
no serological data as soon as the temperatures taken this is uploaded to
the database and during this point there was isolation measures that were put in
place and we can see immediate drop interesting way of
checking to see if there is a response to public policy the article goes on to
quote mr. sang the CEO of kinsa in the example above Singh says that the spike
in the fever’s coincides with reports of Miami residents and tourists ignoring
guidance around recommended distancing the steep drop-off however follows after
more extreme measures including beach closure and other isolation tactics were
adopted in the area Singh says that they’re regularly seeing that areas
where residents are ignoring social distancing are seeing spikes and that as
soon as those are implemented via lock downs and other measures within five
days of those aggressive actions you begin to see downward dips in the curve
and it’s interesting to note that we know from other data that five days is
about the median incubation period for SARS Cove – they’re not actually testing
for Cova 19 with temperature but as is pointed out fever is a key and early
symptom of kovat 19 so bear that in mind I wanted to take this to a bird’s eye
view and if this represents the total population then obviously not the whole
population is going to be infected there is some debate on exactly what percent
of the population is going to be infected with Cove at 19 let’s say it
represents it by this will call this infection and there are a number of
issues that could make this proportion go up or go down and we know some of the
things that they’re employing right now to allow it to go down the social
distancing or isolation or even some medications that would be called
prophylaxis prophylaxis is a medication that would prevent the infection we
don’t have anything that’s FDA approved but that’s where it would go at this
point so what are things that could make the number of people with infection go
up that would be apathy or just carelessness we’re trying to do social
distancing isolation to reduce the number of people in the population that
might get the infection and that’s important because what we have over here
if you can imagine that these bars are on wheels
is we’re trying to get these car trains if you will through a tunnel that has a
capacity for the healthcare system and there are certain things that will
increase the capacity of the healthcare system and there are certain things that
will decrease the capacity and we’ll get to that but there’s one other
intermediate step that really has not been looked at that seriously and that
is this car right here we don’t know exactly how tall these are they’re not
drawn to scale but these are the people here from the infection that will be
going to the hospital they will be going in through the tunnel hopefully they are
shorter than the tunnel otherwise there’s going to be a problem so what
are the things that are going to increase the height of the tunnel that
will allow it to go inside personal protective equipment on healthcare
workers that allows the capacity be higher because they’re able to do more
having ventilators that would increase the capacity of the healthcare system
medications not only clinical trials to see what medications are appropriate but
also the manufacturer and the delivering of those medications are going to be key
as well well what would decrease this well if
health care workers have to be quarantined because they didn’t have
personal protective equipment or if there is no PPE either because people
are taking the masks or they’re just not enough masks for health care workers to
use and so we’re we are seeing a lot of resources spent right now is for the
development at the making of personal protective equipment we are getting the
government involved in trying to convince manufacturers to make more
ventilators the FDA is waiting for these clinical trials to be completed so that
it can decide whether or not it’s going to indicate those medications for use in
kovat 19 but of course we have other medications that haven’t been labeled
for use in kovat 19 and we’re using those as off-label at this point because
there are no medications that are FDA approved for kovat 19 and we are
starting to get manufacturers to make a lot more medication so we have focused a
lot of energy in trying to get this tunnel increased
in size because we know that there’s a lot of people coming down the pike
there’s gonna be quite a number of people going through and as it turns out
we know that about 20% of the people that become infected will end up needing
to go to the hospital to get hospitalization about 80% of those will
simply have a mild case so 80% no hospitalization what’s happening over
here well we’re having a lot of time and effort being put into social distancing
isolation and things of that nature so up to this point this is where we’ve
seen most of the effort being made to handle this situation with Kovan 19 and
the question remains what else can we do and may I suggest to you that where we
need to be focusing as well is on this center section because the question
really boils down to well why is it that 80% an infection will not need to go to
the hospital and the answer is very simple the answer is your immune system
and the reason why we know that’s the case is because people who are older
have more comorbidities typically have weaker immune systems those that are
younger typically have stronger immune systems and that’s exactly what we’re
seeing in this situation older folks tend to be the ones that need to go to
the hospital that’s not a big surprise there are exceptions of course all the
way up and down there are young people that end up going to the hospital and
there’s elderly people who become sick but then recover on their own but by and
large the 20% that end up at the hospital have a lower immune system
generally and so in fact the way that this box gets increased is if you have a
bad immune system and the way that this comes down is if you have a good immune
system and not much resources as of yet has been put into making sure that we
have a good immune system and I think this is a good area to look at because
if you had a good immune system here to prevent you from
going to the hospital it also can work that a good immune
system here might have prevented you from getting the illness in the first
place and so I think having a good immune system is of paramount importance
and there’s two reasons why that’s the case because for you personally if
you’re able to improve your immune system then you’re not going to the
hospital but even more important if you’re not going to the hospital that
means the hospital doesn’t need to deal with you and can concentrate their
efforts on somebody else now notice that we’re dealing with about an 80 and 20
percent differential there that means if we can just improve the immune system by
a short amount in other words if we can improve the immune system instead of 80
percent go to 85 percent so that 85 percent don’t need to go to the hospital
that means this 20 percent drops to 15 percent that’s actually a 25 percent
drop in hospital admissions which would be a massive impact at the hospital
level and of course we’re all hoping that if we can reduce this then we can
finally slip this car right into the tunnel without a problem hopefully all
of these things working together social distancing isolation a good immune
system medications delivered when they need to be personal protective equipment
ventilators clinical trials yielding good medications all of these things can
work together so that when we have the peak hit we’re able to take care of all
the patients that we need to take care of there are two components to your
immune system there is something called the innate and the specific the innate
portion of your immune system is made up of components of the white blood cells
which are the soldiers of your military immune system that basically
indiscriminately take anything that’s foreign and destroy them it doesn’t need
to have specific knowledge of specific antigens that’s why it’s known as innate
whereas the specific has to be taught and shown
specifically what the foreign antigen is so it can make antibodies against that
specific and foreign antigen so if you have here a pathogen when the pathogen
comes it must penetrate through the innate immune system first now what are
the components of the innate system you have things called natural killer cells
you have macrophages these are cells that eat up the foreign substance munch
it up and take little pieces of it and then present it to the specific portion
of the immune system so that they can see what parts of it look like and then
make sure that they can identify it later also neutrophils are part of that
innate system and so generally what happens is you have a pathogen it gets
eaten up by either natural killer cells macrophages neutrophils the macrophages
generally speaking take pieces of it and present it to the specific arm that’s
called an antigen presenting cell that’s a macrophage and there are two types of
cells here there are t-cells and there are b-cells and generally speaking the
t-cells are the things that are involved with cell mediated immunity where there
are cells that are problems and these t-cells can kill them there’s t4 helper
cells which can help communicate as well the b-cells on the other hand secretes
antibodies which neutralize antigens be aware of that what is going on around
the world there’s something called the B C G vaccine now the BCG vaccine is given
in various parts of the world it’s an injection that’s given in young children
to protect them from tuberculosis even though it’s not tuberculosis there is a
crossover between the vaccine and the innate immune systems response to
tuberculosis the reason why they’re doing this in different parts of the
world is because they’ve noticed that when they give the BCG vaccine to young
individuals not only do these young individuals have a natural killer cell
macrophage neutrophil response or the innate response they also have a
specific response against it which is helpful in
trying to kill tuberculosis but they’ve also noticed something else it seems as
though the specific arm of the immune system is talking to the innate after it
gets revved up with the vaccination and it’s using a carrier called il-1 beta
now when this happens it not only revs up the specific but it revs up the
innate as well to the points where when they give the BCG vaccine they’re
noticing a reduction of 30% in viral infections now there were some
criticisms of this study but by 2016 a review was done that was published in
the British Medical Journal that showed that there was an excess reduction in
mortality after the BCG vaccine was given that couldn’t be explained solely
by the prevention of tuberculosis so more studies since 2016 had confirmed
that this is what it is that’s going on in fact it culminated in a study where
they gave the BCG vaccine and they noticed that it protected against a
completely different pathogen the yellow fever virus in a weakened form which is
also seen as a vaccination something that was new and interesting was that
when you stimulated the specific arm of the immune system it also stimulated the
innate arm and so therefore if you could rev up the immune system by giving a
specific antigen that maybe not even related to the thing you’re trying to
protect against that a boosted innate immune system could be protective
against another virus and that’s exactly what they’re hoping on doing here with
kovat 19 and so there’s a number of studies all across the world including
Greece in the Netherlands in Australia and in the UK that’s looking at giving
the BCG vaccine to elderly population and high-risk people like physicians
nurses healthcare workers etc and if they can give them the BCG vaccine
they’re hoping that the innate immunity will go up enough that they might not
get the infection I’ll put a link in the description below to the art of
call describing this technique can a century-old TB vaccine steal the immune
system against the new coronavirus but you can see here on this graph we’re
looking at the areas in red as we mentioned the other area that we should
look at is the areas in green even if it helps a little bit a lot of the problems
that we’re having over here in red is the system trying to get the PPE out to
enough hospitals that they can use it our medications we’re having shortages
trying to get enough of these things out to the hospital so we’ll ask a different
question what are some things that we can do without having to worry about a
healthcare delivery system that can improve our immune system so for future
updates we’ll go to take a look at the data of things that can improve your
immune system okay thanks for joining us and don’t forget to see all of our med
creme videos at our website Med cram comm we’ll see you next time

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    Think of the value of that information concerning the progression or answers, and what can be done with it, and that valuable stockpile of data science we would have for our institutions if they demanded to ask the government this be made fomented available. It could be carried out and complete data in 3 to 4 days, lets say on just one state and it would be inexpensive.
    I wish our revered institutions who love science and are involved with global health wanted to get this for their science too.

  3. There's also something to point out about NYC. Everyone is stacked on top of each other. So spreading it is rather raiser when majority of people use public transit.

    WA and CA have yet to see that issue. Since it's more of a hybrid living (transit is done by car, high rise living is a rareity). NYC may be the US outlier because of how cramped everyone lives in the city.

  4. My doctor and I and a few others were sick with fever for 2-3 days, mid January, just outside of Seattle. Negative influenza tests.
    We're thinking it's quite possible we experienced covid19 at that time. Cannot wait until antibody testing is widely available. But will those antibodys be immune to the strains mutation a few months down the road?
    Also, some of has had no cough. Just shivering, chills, fever and aches for 2-3 days.. would love to see data on positive test persons who had no cough or respiratory symptoms.

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  8. Have you done any research @ macrophage activation syndrome and cytokine storms in Coronavirus? Autopsy results from cases in China indicate that in some severe cases, an inflammatory cytokine storm may have occurred. This may explain severe cases and death in young and healthy ppl whose inmmune system goes over the top. Treatment with steroids and anti-Il drugs like tocilizumab has been sugested.

    Seems like a good topic for a review. Thanks for all the info and the videos so far.

  9. I think you should also consider that 80% of pneumonia infections are bacterial and capable of immunisation against with a pcv13 and/or pcv23. Covid 19 apparently kills using pneumonia.

  10. Curcumin suppression of cytokine release and cytokine storm. A potential therapy for patients with Ebola and other severe viral infections. – PubMed



    The terminal stage of Ebola and other viral diseases is often the onset of a cytokine storm, the massive overproduction of cytokines by the body's immune system.


    The actions of curcumin in suppressing cytokine release and cytokine storm are discussed.


    Curcumin blocks cytokine release, most importantly the key pro-inflammatory cytokines, interleukin-1, interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor-α. The suppression of cytokine release by curcumin correlates with clinical improvement in experimental models of disease conditions where a cytokine storm plays a significant role in mortality.


    The use of curcumin should be investigated in patients with Ebola and cytokine storm. Intravenous formulations may allow achievement of therapeutic blood levels of curcumin.
    Copyright © 2015 International Institute of Anticancer Research (Dr. John G. Delinassios), All rights reserved.

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  14. Tip, keep the soles of your shoes clean. When you walk outside you are walking on spit and viruses.. Bleach/Water in a spray bottle and spray your shoe soles upon returning from shopping.

  15. Applying Industrial Hygiene in Treating COVID 19

    I realised that since the government is telling the people to wash their hands regularly and the World Health Organization recommends the use of alcohol whether isopropyl alcohol or Ethyl Alcohol for disinfection,

    I got an idea of using alcohol vapor to kill the virus inside our lungs by intentionally inhaling the alcohol vapor. However, this may work only for those people with mild symptoms since their lungs have minor secretion/mucus while for those severe cases it might be completely covered with mucus and the virus will not be directly exposed to the alcohol vapor. In order for it to work for severe cases it has to be treated with nebulizer first to soften and expel phlegm and that’s the only time that this therapy will become effective.

    as a former Industrial Hygienist for 15 years, I know also that there is a safe level for airborne alcohol vapor since the nature of work of an Industrial Hygienist is to measure the concentration of airborne contaminant and compare it to the safe level as stated in the standard. Actually, we used to experience inhaling alcohol vapor whenever we are visiting alcohol manufacturing companies and imagine also how disinfected and sanitized the lung of the worker’s in the alcohol manufacturing companies.

    The toxicologist will agree that there is an alcohol vapor concentration that people may be exposed to for eight hours without them sustaining any adverse health effect and this is called Threshold Limit Value(TLV). These TLVs are computed based on the lethal dose 50 (LD50) and by using some factors to convert it to Lethal Concentration then another uncertainty factor to arrive to the so called TLV. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Standard the TLV/safe concentration for Ethyl alcohol vapor is 1000ppm while the TLV for isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is 400ppm meaning IPA is more toxic than Ethyl Alcohol(Ethanol).

    It may sound absurd but I am proposing to use this Industrial Hygiene Technique to treat the COVID19 by intentionally exposing the patient to alcohol vapor within the safe concentration or TLV.

    I am proposing that this therapy be intermittent and should not reach or last 8 hours to make it safer especially for children and elderly since dosage is always based on patient’s weight and susceptibility and to allow the patients bodies to somehow produce antibodies by fighting minimal number of active COVID 19 virus.
    The above-mentioned standard is applicable for regular adult without underlying disease.

    Patient should inhale a maximum of 9ml for Ethanol and 4.82 ml for IPA in a duration of 8 hours. A plastic bottle with its corresponding recommended amount gradually squeezing and inhaling in 8 hours will definitely expose the virus in the lung killing the COVID 19 virus using the proposed therapy. It is not necessarily a continuous 8 hr exposure it may be done intermittently or the recommended amount further reduce to ensure safer therapy.

    18 years ago there is SARS outbreak and then few years later there is MERS and up to now they have not come up with a specific vaccine for these viruses now there is COVID 19 It might take few more years to discover the vaccine for these viruses. For the meantime that there is no vaccine discovered yet for this COVID19 Virus it’s high time to try the proposed possible solution using Industrial Hygiene technique. Please see supporting computation below.

    ppm –parts per million
    MW of ethanol= 46.07g/mol
    density of Ethanol = 800mg/ml
    TLV of Ethanol = 1000ppm

    MW of Isopropyl Alcohol = 60.1 g/mol
    density of IPA at room temp = 781.2 mg/ml
    TLV of IPA = 400 ppm

    To compute safe 8 hr exposure for Ethanol

    ppm = (24.45 L/mol)(mg/m3)

    mg/ m3= MW (ppm)

    mg/ m3= 46.07 (1000ppm) = 1884 mg/ m3

    converting to mg/L ( 1884 mg/ m3)(1 m3)= 1.88mg/L
    0.5 L per breath x 16 breath a minute = 8L/min
    (1.88mg/L)(8 L/min) = 15 mg/min

    to determine inhaled Ethanol in 8hrs
    (15 mg/min)(60min/hr) (8hrs) = 7200mg

    since density of Ethanol = 800mg/ml

    7200mg = 9 ml

    Should not inhale more than 9ml of Ethanol in 8 hours

    To compute safe 8 hr exposure for Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)

    ppm = (24.45 L/mol)(mg/m3)

    mg/ m3= MW (ppm)

    mg/ m3= (60.1) (400ppm) = 983.2 mg/ m3

    converting to mg/L ( 983.2 mg/ m3)(1 m3)= 0.98mg/L
    based on 0.5 L per breath x 16 breaths a minute = 8L/min

    (0.98mg/L)(8 L/min) = 7.84 mg/min

    to determine inhaled IPA in 8hrs
    (7.84 mg/min)(60min/hr) (8hrs) = 3763.2mg

    since density of IPA at room temp = 781.2 mg/ml

    3763.2 mg = 4.82 ml

    Should not inhale more than 4.82 ml of IPA in 8 hours

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  18. Have we discussed the flu vaccine interference like Ibuprofen study by the DOD as if anyone can untake vaccines? Another reason to try and never catch it. Also a cloth mask made at home can be 70% of a surgical one or more. and you can sterilize them in an oven. No contribution to any shortage if you make your own.

  19. BCG, l remember having that at school dam thing rotted a hole in my arm the size of a 2p lol and lm still scarred 10 years later

  20. @medcram i am on infliximab, and I have asked doctors etc what does that mean for me. Would my weaker immune system mean that I definitely will get hit harder, or that it's only if I'm hit hard, that it becomes a problem. (No useful response so far from them). Would love feedback.
    Excellent videos

  21. I am sorry but how can you stay home, you have to go get food and essentials cause no one is gonna bring them to you, I was self quarantining when I realized that was basically impossible, either go get what you need or stay home and starve and go without meds, so that wasn't a tough decision at all, and when I was out, sneezing ppl? Not one was covering their mouths, so for ppl who still pee in the streets like strays when there was no virus, not covering their mouths when sneezing or coughing wasn't at all surprising

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  28. Why the social distance ,, is because together we are strong divided we fall and the government knows this ,,, so why are all the richest ppl stepping down and going into hiding ,, someone is lieing something big is to happen ,,

  29. There was a huge problem with the wheeled graph, is that if you look at it with a timeline, and we increase the time frame in the timeline for the isolation and distancing, we increase the bar graph he forgot, and that is the economy damage of not going to work, and businesses being closed.
    So now you have a pendulum of do more people die, or do we collapse the economy more?,
    Eventually over time the tunnel gets bigger with manufacturing medical products, and the hospitalized need of people gets smaller with isolation and distancing ,
    but the economic structure of the world has collapsed to far for those who lived, or we are sent back to work prematurely , and the economy takes what ever hit we take, but more people die to keep those who live with a functional economy.
    The bad part is for those with weaker immune systems, the people in charge of these decisions are politicians, So you can bet it will be the economy.
    My 2 Cents

  30. Thank you so very much for clear, medically sourced information. I'm looking forward to your next piece about actually how to improve our immune systems that don't involve crystals or potions. Thank you! Proud to be a Californian. 🙂

  31. Someone needs to invent a less involved vv-ECMO system, Something where it is more supplemental than direct @ O2 cO2 babysitting.
    We think our technology is so great but a system like this,so simple in thought, is barely new.

  32. My question is why did you talk about chloroquine and Zinc like 3 weeks ago and it is just barely beginning trials? Seems like you had this nailed a few weeks back. Does no one listen?

  33. We need robotic nurses and MDs that cannot be infected by any biological viruses and that don't need years and years of training before they can treat patients.

  34. Wow. I’ve never seen such a cluster of smart comments. A definite statistical outlier vs most YouTube comment sections. Too much science here to attract the usual goofs.

  35. What do you think about peptides that promote a healthy immune system? There are a handful of very promising ones and they seem very safe.

  36. Isn't it true that very young children have immature immune systems – why aren't they succumbing at the same rate that older immune compromised systems are? Is there another factor involved in older people?

  37. Dr. Seheult, I wonder about viral load and immunity. Once exposed within a quarantined family, could virus from others and shared surfaces continue to reinfect the other family members?

  38. While awaiting vents, how about simply intubation with pt being bagged by family/ volunteers. Not as elegant as a vent, but possibly good enough….and seems better than defaulting to palliative care. Would be alot easier and faster to make an in line "smart valve" to fine tune ventilation than an entire vent.

  39. I changed my mind. If you divide the 2 trillion $ by the lives saved you will find that using that money to fight obesity would buy you 10 lives for the price of one Covid life. I’m a health economist and was shocked when I did the numbers. When all this is past we will do these numbers and we might find the effort crazy. We should be very careful, but not stop everything and lockdown which I thought was the right thing to do before I ran the numbers. We will do the numbers after the crises has passed.

  40. Standard Issue of Vitamin C, Zinc Sulfate, Zithromax, and Plaquenil tablets to all American households NOW for this New World Order Commie Virus!!!!!!!!!

  41. More testing and better data. Because people are not being tested unless they are high risk, which distorts the data.

  42. If hundreds of thousands of people have had the virus, and didnt know it: doesnt that make a radical revision of the official death rate down to negligable?

  43. 我有很多面具。CE 认证。现在货物在中国广州,如果你需要口罩,请与我联系。电子邮件:[email protected]。电话: 8617861715100, 搜索手机号码可以添加我的微信

  44. This virus has been wreaking havoc in America.

    This is all because of Fort Detrick.

    Search for Maatje Benassi, the patient zero of COVID-19.

  45. Problem is that we are using a model of statistics based from countries that have completely different lifestyle choices which is why I truly believe the percentage rate of people that ends up getting the virus that ends up needing hospitalization will be much higher in the US and UK due to the fact that the majority of people in these two countries are either overweight or obese compared to the rest of the world in which their lifestyle choices don’t led to this number 1 problem making these people if they get the virus more so needing hospitalization. If you are overweight or obese you then to have many of the high risk factors that ends up leading to hospitalization and death such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and many other breathing problems such as asthma, there is also liver diseases, kidney disease, etc.
    Then there is the fact that a majority of younger people that lives in both the US and UK that are high drinkers of alcohol, smoke and especially vaping and the high number of marijuana use along with other drugs. We will end up seeing a much higher percentage of younger people being susceptible to getting the virus and needing hospitalization.
    This is why I don’t understand why in these two countries especially why they have downplayed the risks for people when they know for a fact that their people in both countries fit the categories for being of high risk.
    In China they said that the majority of the cases in which people died it was majority male compared to female due to the fact that in China almost all males smoke whereas that’s not the case for women due to the fact that at socially unacceptable for women to do so.
    I wish that our governments and mainstream media would put more emphasis into explaining this especially because of the fact that the younger generations are looking at this pandemic as nothing for them to be worried about making them be much more at risk then they need to be because if it was only explained to them better in terms of who is at risk then we wouldn’t be seeing so many young people not care about protecting themselves or their loved ones for that matter from getting this virus.

  46. I found something else in that same study,
    and that's Clioquinol has the same effect as Chloroquin, and also facilitates zinc uptake intra-intracellulair.
    Since this is more of an anti-parasite drug, and usually used plentiful in countries with bad water.
    It also is neurotoxic in high dosage, probably because of the increased zinc (and possibly other metal) uptakes,
    beyond what is sustainable by the cells themselves, specially when those cells are part of the neurosystem.
    (too much random firing of neurocells, well, bad, very bad.)
    I think the thing is that the zinc levels must be elevated, but not TOO much, because then the adverse
    reactions of the body will counter any positive treatment.
    From the graphs I can see that 10 μM Clioquinol would facilitate the same amount of Zinc uptake as roughly
    300 μM Chloroquin would, (and this is optical observation, not a computer generated optical
    luminosity test, so yeah, very roughly)
    In any case, if the Clioquinol in that level is less counterproductive than than Chloroquin, while
    facilitating the same amount of zinc uptake, intracellulair, then maybe Clioquinol would do a better job
    than Chloroquin.
    FYI, TTYL.

  47. I found something else in that same study,
    and that's Clioquinol has the same effect as Chloroquin, and also facilitates zinc uptake intra-intracellulair.
    Since this is more of an anti-parasite drug, and usually used plentiful in countries with bad water.
    It also is neurotoxic in high dosage, probably because of the increased zinc (and possibly other metal) uptakes,
    beyond what is sustainable by the cells themselves, specially when those cells are part of the neurosystem.
    (too much random firing of neurocells, well, bad, very bad.)
    I think the thing is that the zinc levels must be elevated, but not TOO much, because then the adverse
    reactions of the body will counter any positive treatment.
    From the graphs I can see that 10 μM Clioquinol would facilitate the same amount of Zinc uptake as roughly
    300 μM Chloroquin would, (and this is optical observation, not a computer generated optical
    luminosity test, so yeah, very roughly)
    In any case, if the Clioquinol in that level is less counterproductive than than Chloroquin, while
    facilitating the same amount of zinc uptake, intracellulair, then maybe Clioquinol would do a better job
    than Chloroquin.
    FYI, TTYL.

  48. Your videos are informative. But why is there always "an ominous warning" coming from elites? When do their "ominous warnings" end? Ever? I weary of their endless douchebaggery.

  49. 4.02 how many "fda" approved medications get taken off the market due to side effects , side effects being death. Don't gloss over that bit.
    Why have you got that ridiculous white coat on for in the picture ? Is it so we don't mistake you for a used car salesman…only thing you're missing is the stethoscope.

  50. Please people be careful to give false hope with untested medicines. Remember this is a brand new virus in the world of epidemiology

  51. Question for host: outside of the immune compromised it occurs to me that because there are 2 strains, the 80% also be attributed to a particular lesser strain that the 20%?

  52. In addition to testing for antibodies they'll be able to identify immuno antibody donors to help those already suffering and reduce the case fatality rate or severity rate. A increased focus on personal responsibility on nutrition and hygiene would go a long way to help as well.

  53. As statins reduce cox2 enzyme would it be worth coming off them whilst this pandemic is going on. I am on 20mg astorvastatin, 64 year old woman. Or is it possible to look into statins and their effect on respiratory viral disease? Many thanks

  54. I did find something else, and that's a counter-indication against the usage of
    (high)dosage of chloroquin and other zinc-ionophore meds.
    If and when a high intra-cell zinc concentration is detected, then using (high)dosage
    of zinc-ionophore meds is NOT desired, since the zinc is already high.
    Usage in this case may lead to overdose in intra-cell zinc-concentration, and/or zinc-ionophore meds.
    This may be cumulative across variations of zinc-ionophore meds.

  55. Thank you Dr Seheult. You are a God sent in the midst of this pandemic. I’m a healthcare provider and your videos are beneficial in understanding and combatting Sars-Cov-2.🗽

  56. Eat right and exercise. Get adjusted so you can move and function better. Pills and medication aren't always the cure. Innate is a new word to MDs. My profession coined the term innate. Glad to see the meds finally understanding innate works when it's not interfered with. Keep people healthy so you're not treating disease. Wellness and innate. Lol Never thought I would hear an MD saying it.

  57. I wish your were working with Dr.Fauci at NIAID.I am trusting doctors,cell pathologists,immunologists, virologists, and epidemiologists more than ANY politician at this moment.All others have hidden agendas.

  58. Are not all health care staff dr and nurses already vaccinated with bcg ! I know I had to have it repeated on a few occasions because I lost the immunity it provided after several years. I remember it distinctly as it too ages for the injection sites to heal 🙄!

  59. I've been following your videos and wanted to thank you for the great explanations. As I've been thinking (possibly over thinking) about the unique characteristics of this COVID19.
    As in:
    -Dry cough and somewhat mild symptoms.
    -Much more contagious, people may have it for long periods without knowing it as their nose and throat are shedding the infection.
    -Lives on surfaces a long time (unknown still how long -more on fabrics.
    -Once it gets deeper into the lungs it can get bad.
    -Has been known to spread to other organs.
    My question is–How does physical size of particles or the size of a virus factor in or are all viruses the same size as in cells are just cells.
    The reason I ask is that there are many advances in the area of nanoscience and I was wondering if nanosciencie even plays a role in these issues.

  60. I have no clue on how to perform this, but if it is possible, then yes.
    Well, here on medcram there was an episode (can't remember which one it was right now),
    but it explained on the forming or application by the body on fibrin.
    Well, fibrin is good when it prevents bleeding from the bloodflow into the lungs, so yes, then fibrin good.
    But, when fibrin is created between the lung tissue and the blood vessels passing through the lungs,
    which then cuts off the blood gas diffusion process, then fibrin is bad.
    So, if there's fibrin inhibition from the side of the blood, then it's good.
    But if there's fibrin inhibition on the side of the inside of the lung, then it's bad because
    the lungs shouldn't be allowed to become filled with blood and fluids.
    Now if it is at all possible to inhibit fibrin from within the blood then it's good, but with a counteragent to
    that inhibitor agent INSIDE the lung, then we can still have our fibrin, and lung function.
    And I'd think a true counteragent, not one that induces fibrin formation or application,
    but one that neutralizes the fibrin inhibitor inside the lung space.(not the tissue)

  61. Sir please make the detailed video on why older people have weak immunity as compared to younger ones ??
    Where exactly they are lacking ??

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