Coronavirus Pandemic Update 41: Shelter In Place, FDA Investigates Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19

Coronavirus Pandemic Update 41: Shelter In Place, FDA Investigates Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19

welcome to another MedCram COVID-19
update quarter of a million people confirmed infected worldwide were over
ten thousand deaths and eighty six thousand total recovered if we look on
the world ometer chart of individual countries Italy has by far the most
active cases here at 33,000 and has the most number of total cases per million
population United States has jumped up to about 14,000 total cases in terms of
total cases per million were at 43 that may be because of low testing although
that seems to be getting better here slowly I wanted to show you something
that I received it’s called the handbook of kovat 19 prevention and treatment and
this is actually published by Professor ting Bo Liang and he goes through
various things he has a foreword at the beginning and the contents anything from
staff management to imaging findings on kovat 19 patients all the way to ECMO
support for kovat 19 patients and what’s going on with this I think is very
important is just the experience and the information for us because they’ve gone
through this already so I will leave a link in the description below and other
big news hydroxychloroquine was fast tracked by the fda yesterday a march
19th the data for this medication is not the
rigorous data that the FDA would usually want to have which is a pretty extensive
randomized control trial with placebo etc and that still has not been done but
because of the situation and because there was some early data out of France
that seemed to show that it was positive and of course we here at Meg Graham have
been looking at this drug for some time saying that it was a promising
medication at least on the in-vitro side of things we can see why that happened
this hydroxychloroquine is also known as Plaquenil it’s a medication that’s used
in patients with lupus for instance I called around specifically today to
different pharmacies and there was none available where there was last week
there was absolutely none available today and so of course this brings up
issues about drug availability and the ability for any of our resources that we
have whether it’s personnel whether it’s physicians healthcare providers in
general beds ventilators medications do we have enough to meet the surge with
this many people getting sick all at the same time there’s a news article in the
Duluth News Tribune that was published a couple of days ago and it’s looking at
the fact that there are a lot of health care professionals that are contracting
Kovan 19 and was there a way that we can test to see whether hydroxychloroquine
might prevent that and so we see here that David Boulware is actually starting
a study to see whether or not we can reduce the number who get sick by 50% of
these healthcare providers and in this study the volunteers are going to get
either the medication or lesea bo also news last night governor Newsom of
California locked down the entire state of course that’s relevant to where we
are here as I live in Southern California with his
prediction being that 56% of the state residents will be infected with corona
virus in the next eight weeks of course the big news a couple of days ago was
this new medication called the vit para ver which may be effective in corona
virus let’s go over the results of that so the trial looked at the intervention
group Philippa Revere and lepen aver and ritonavir and there were 35 people in
the treatment group and 45 people in the control group interestingly the New
England Journal of Medicine article that we talked about yesterday showed that
this was basically no different than placebo number one they looked at the
clearance of the virus in terms of days then how long it took for the fever to
go down for how many was the fever gone within two days they want to know
whether or not the chest x-ray improved and they wanted to know if there was any
adverse reactions and these were statistically significant so in terms of
viral clearance and days took four days in the treatment group and 11 days in
the control group so statistically significant that was p-value of less
than point zero zero one in terms of fever gone at two days that was seen in
72 percent of the treatment group but only 26 percent of the control group in
terms of chest x-ray improvement that was seen in ninety one percent of the
treatment group and only 62 percent of the control group and interestingly in
terms of adverse reactions that was only seen in 11.4% but in the control group
adverse reactions were seen in about 56 percent okay well we’ll be back soon for our
next update please come and see us at met cram comm for clear explanations on
over 60 different medical topics and if you’re a medical professional
we offer CME and seee credits thanks for joining us

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  2. What's Germany doing to keep their acuity down? China also has studies with hydroxychloroquine …. we have evidence now can we get the drug for enough. I'm a retired MD and will probably go back to work but would like some protection!

  3. I wonder why chloroquine is not available. If it was me I'd make it mandatory for every healthy adult in America to take it. For 30 days. I'm a vulnerable adult and if I get sick I certainly want something available that will help my lungs stay clear so that I can breathe.

  4. What I understand from the press conference today, the FDA hasn't approved Chloroquine yet. And they seem to have vanished from the pharmacies already. Have people started hoarding it too? Or have the hospitals reserved it all? I hope it is the latter.
    Also, I hope they soon approve the drug as prophylaxis rather than compassionate usage only.

  5. Covid19 is equivalant to what smallpox did, which killed the indigenous people easily(hunter gatherers) when Europe went around the world exploring in the 1600s.

    This time round, this new virus has made its way to the descendants of these exploring farmers hence why those regions are heavily affected by covid19. While countries which has populations of indigenous descent (descendants of Hunter gatherers) have had this virus before and have partial immunity from all the mixing of blood and is much more resistant.
    If that makes sense lol

  6. I love your content Dr. Seheult. Best science medicine covering CoVid-19 on YouTube. Period! <3

    QUESTION (if you ever make an FAQ video of Coronavirus based on what is known so far by then): how is, according to some reports, asymptomatic spreading of this virus even possible?

    Assume you get the virus by droplets but then you clean your entire body so the virus is only inside your body. How would the virus/RNA go about traveling from your lungs up to your saliva to then be spread by mere talking or even by just exhaling? Does RNA even hang on to molecules when you exhale? I think tons of people are wondering the same thing. It would be awesome to hear this on a more microscopic level! ^_^

  7. I have lupus and have been taking this medication for a while now. I went to the doctors today and had to call multiple pharmacies to find Hydroxychloroquine. It worries me that there will be a shortage of this medication, what happens to those who need this medication for an autoimmune disease?

  8. Hospitals have been aware of the likelihood of a pandemic for many years now. Hospitals chose to continue pocketing profits and did nothing about investing in appropriate numbers of masks, gowns, respirators or beds. Yet those at the top are taking home million dollar salaries and bonuses. Can you say corporate greed.

  9. Great information. Trial data already done . Do a meta data analysis on Covid 19 infect patient with arthritis, lupus or other disease already on hdroxychlorquine, already!!

  10. It's interesting to look at Washington state since it was where so many initial cases showed up. While it's still spreading in Washington state, it seems to be slowing relative to the rest of the country. The state now represents less than 8% of total US cases, and represents over 80% of recoveries. Recoveries equal 6.7% of confirmed cases in WA, while they're at only 0.64% nationally. Cases in WA increased 10.5% (in last 24 hours?) while they increased 41.8% nationally.

  11. What's up with this recent study that said Hydroxychloroquine and Z-Pak were more effective than the Hydroxychloroquine by itself. Is the science solid on that?

  12. Here is a heads up about the availability of hydroxychloroquine in pharmacies. They may or may not be out. I'm an unemployed PharmD, and I belong to several pharmacist groups on Facebook. The talk Im hearing is, physicians are ordering large amounts of drugs for family members, putting RA and other regular patients at risk who rely on those drugs daily, so cooporate of the big chains hane ordered that the drugs be reserved f poi r the paitints already in the system, and also they will not allow physicians to order for their self and family members. The prescriptions that are sold will be limited to the amount determined to treat the couse of the illness. The illness code must be listed. Insurance is not covering for the drugs for Covid 19. That's what I read today. Dont buly your pharmacist, they don't like it.

  13. My boss is saying the zinc stuff is BS, and the only reason south korea has less deaths is because they tested everyone and quarantined it.

  14. Can you find any information in which blood group's are being targeted more between cases and or what factors makes your ACE 2 Expression higher.

  15. does not really affect anything, not sure why it is being spoken of like this in this context. In Ped specialties we have to use off-label constantly since there are so few trials in children. This is beyond a routine off-label use, it's basically known to be safe and thus can easily be used. Surprised you did not clear this up- only b/c your content is typically SO on point

  16. I would love to see the numbers of critically ill patients reverse dramatically due to chloroquine administered in COVID-19 cases.

  17. Advice for medical group/ county medical groups on distribution of risk in care and protocols/triage protocols for ascending levels of crisis management?

    Also, thank you for all you are doing to educate and provide invaluable information

  18. Let me say in a prior life I was a university professor and had the privilege of working with some of the best Pulmonologists (Hodgkin, Sheldon, Dexter, etc) at a large local university and again at the local group where Dr Sehueult works and he is definitely an eminently worthy world class successor to these physicians. I hope everyone realizes the quality cutting edge info he is disseminating at this critical time. Thank you Dr Seheult.

  19. Shelter in place?. The train and bus system is still in operation, grocery stores are packed with panicked people hoarding toilet paper.

  20. Your videos have given me such a sense of peace (well, along with lots of prayer that is!) but they truly are invaluable! THANK 🙏🏻YOU ! As a mom of 4 teens though, given the epidemic of teenage vaping, have you seen or been told of any thing related to how does vaping affect someone’s outcome if they are struck with the virus? It seems like it would be an additional burden for the lungs, but certainly want to hear your expert opinion! THANX!

  21. Appreciate your very informative videos, I am learning a lot from them.

    There seem to be some antibody test kits out now (at least some companies advertise them), would be great to learn more about them and how they could help get people safely back to work, notably in the medical profession.

  22. So, it's Obvious that the virus in Italy, is a MUTATION of the Covid-19 Virus, from Wuhan, China.
    Epidemiologists in Italy, the United States, and China must Compare and Contrast the Virus that originated in China, with the Virus that is ravaging Italy, right now.
    Why aren't Doctors discussing the fact that different MUTATIONS of Covid-19, have been found in One Patient?
    If the Quarantine in Italy has failed, why aren't Doctors and epidemiologists, exploring the WHY, of this emerging Crisis?
    Somebody must sound the alarm, that Covid-19, was underestimated by the World Health Organization. This virus, in Italy, has the ability to replicate at exponential speed, and is Not the original COVID-19, RNA virus, that emanated from China!

  23. Australian Dr here in Brisbane is putting hydroxyquinalone and aids drug together – ready next week.

  24. Hydroxychloroquine is used a lot in Africa to prevent malaria, might explain why theirs so few cases there

  25. Thank you for your amazing description and information. It is well received!
    I have a question regarding Chloroquine: For how long it is safe to take this drug? Does it have side effects if you abuse taking it for weeks, months, a year?
    We still don't know if we can take it before we get sick with COVID-19 to prevent it, but, can we take it for months or a year?
    Thank you very much!

  26. Information on Chloroquine from China and France relayed to The President via e-mail. Thanks for the start. President stated today that Bayer and two smaller Companies have ramped up production to produce as fast as possible (probably injectable) to maximum production immediately. US Military has been using it routinely on recruits.

  27. Do we know if the anti-malaria drug Quinine works? It is more readily available and has fewer side effects…. Plaquenil causes hair loss and can permanently damage the retina???

  28. Maybe, when a drug proves to be efficacious and is being used off label, maybe it should just not be made public information as we all know the hypochondriacs go and wipe out the supply.

  29. If anti inflamation meds prevent inflamation would it not be a good thing to have your body do. Isn't it inflamation in your lungs that leads to fluid build up in the lungs that kills you from coronavirus. Anyone know.

  30. What does the FDA feels it needs to do? It's existed since the 1940s, so we know the side effects, right? Do they need to check for unintended consequences and make sure it works as intended?

  31. Hi,
    Can you explain why Germany has so few deaths compared to Italy

    Cases in germany vs Italy: 20k/40k
    Deaths in Germany vs Italy: 0.06k/4k

  32. I wonder if this virus is like if you get it and recover you're no longer at risk of contracting it ever again…like chicken pox

  33. Wait a minute. So out of every ONE MILLION people, 43 have this virus? Doesn’t sound like its nearly as bad as some of the other viral infections we have had. Hmmmm. Me thinks we are being duped. DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE!

  34. If you need rooms the federal government should go to the empty hotels and turn the rooms into exam rooms power for the equiptment is there provide hospital grade beds and take care of the sick.

  35. As you've pointed out in your video supplies of plaquenil locally held by pharmacies have already been exhausted by panic buying. I happen to be on long term therapy with this drug for issues not related to the Covid-19 outbreak. I feel very fortunate that I happen to have a large supply on hand and so shouldn't be impacted by these shortages. However those of us who are dependant on this drug for treatment of diseases such as SLE(systemic lupus erythematosus), arthritis, or as in my case antiphospholipid syndrome, could find themselves without access due the careless announcements by the white house. Only very preliminary test results are available at this point. The long term results could vary wildly from initial findings as is often the case in drug efficacy testing.

    While I do agree that the placement of large orders for the drug is a good first step, the announcement of what drug is showing preliminary promise should have waited until backup supplies were in place to answer the inevitable huge spike in demand such an announcement would create. The sudden discontinuation of certain medications can be just as, or sometimes far greater than that which is presented by Covid-19. I don't get the sense that this administration took that into consideration when making this announcement. While arthritis isn't typically life threatening, SLE (lupus) can be, and most assuredly antiphospholipid can be fatal. Hopefully any shortfalls in supplies are quickly overcome for the sake of those who depend on this drug being available everyday.

  36. California has 39 million people. That's 19 million sick in eight weeks. There may not be enough hospital beds in the world for that many people.

  37. Hell with the FDA… they’re no different than the CDC or WHO. Ran by a bunch of lobbies that at one point or another worked for the Government or Goldman or another huge financial institution yet want to dictate what’s safe or not. Look it up, the FDA is one of the worse organizations if there is such a thing as they all only care about money.

  38. In Italy those 627 deaths today…again all the oldies in nursing homes and those critically and chronic ill at home are the ones who have died…smokers..drinkers…bad lifestyle habits. Smoking has been implicated as one of the factors… WHY doesnt everyone in authority tell people to STOP SMOKING. The crazy thing is that..the smokers…will. wear masks..panic buy…social distance themselves…isolate themselves …but do they stop smoking….oh no..that is not up for discussion….i can guarantee everyone that if smoking was the primary factor..and its not..but if it was…very few would kick the habit…i mean they dont even when they have terminal cancer. This is why no matter what you tell people…most are dumb..stupid…selfish…and deserve what they get.

  39. Thank you! I didn't know Favipiravir is THAT effective! Too bad it's unpopular and not available anywhere outside of Japan.

  40. If chloroquine is In short supply due to high prescription . Who is writing these prescriptions and who is getting them. Are doctors writing prescriptions for hospitalized patients or just people they know. Since I have not heard of any malaria outbreaks.

  41. Israel announced it's sending millions of doses.

    Guide a lifesaver. Just sent that link to pretty much my EM / EMS universe. Bless you.

  42. I think: that Democrats have biological terrorism in other countries. Democrats are culprit about this virus, they try to destroy trump government, or create pandemias to debilitate power around the world. Democrats also are in the internacional drugs bussiness. I think that millionare bussiness of democrats abroad that have unclear purposes must be investigated.

  43. I am a bit disturbed that Zinc is never mentioned in any of these follow up studies. Quinine is just the cofactor to get zinc absorbed. The zinc is the therapeutic portion of this treatment not the quinine. So if a patient is depleted of zinc, quinine will have no positive effect. I am looking for the study at the moment that showed Zinc is being depleted from some factor of this virus on top of many americans are very low on zinc to begin with. If you look at WebMD it says not to take zinc within two hours before and after, showing that the existing protocol is to prevent zinc from being absorbed in the cells when you take quinine. Zinc Assay test seems to be a better test for absorption than blood tests, I don't know the factor here, do we want more zinc in the blood, or the muscle/brain for the quinine to assist in the absorption.

  44. Genuine inquiry…
    Why is everyone saying the hospitals are so overwhelmed right now if we only have 64 serious/critical cases in the country?

    What am I not understanding here?

  45. Didier Raoult’s paper is all over Fox News. I’ve been taking 1g/day Quercetin (the normal dose) but once David Boulware gets FDA to ok the prophylactic label, do you think the average Joe can get a prescription for that use?

  46. This reminds me of “I am legend” they said they had cured cancer but then it transformed people to zombie like creatures.

  47. Something you didn't mention, but I wish you would have, was the pharmaceutical company that more than doubled its price for chloroquine right after Trump made that statement, later rescinding the hike after the FDA denied Trump's claims. Profiteering during a crisis is a dramatic part of navigating the landscape of crisis, and it's important to discuss. I remember leaving New Orleans after Katrina, seeing all the gas stations charging up to four times the amount for gas, gouging the price of water. We all know that access to healthcare drives disease rates and regressions.

  48. Take your vitamin C you'll be fine when I got sick I took 4000 mg every 15 minutes for an hour and then when symptoms came back I took another 4000 mg I was fine.

  49. If this drug (chloroquine) is already FDA approved for another use, can’t physicians just prescribe it extra label? Not sure why FDA has to approve it…

  50. Is there any research around the impact of similar diseases on those providing "essential services" to the public outside the health care sector? I manage a food co-op and there is almost no guidance coming out for those who work in the food industry. If everyone wants to eat next fall, this has to change! These updates have been invaluable in understanding more about this disease and I have now been reviewing other content to develop greater awareness of heightened risk factors to help protect our customers and staff.

  51. Why ppl na stop going public should stop 8pm till 3 pm by law cvirus on you throat and lung / liver be after 7 day and if you test negative you steal hawe till 7 day na know

  52. I am wondering if someone with an active COVID-19 infection, being successfully treated with Hydroxychloroquine, would be susceptible to contracting it again. Would someone successfully treated with Hydroxychloroquine be able to develop immunity to the COVID-19. I am not in the medical field…just an average person, so forgive me if this is a stupid question. 😉

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