Coronavirüs hakkında en çok merak edilen sorular!

Coronavirüs hakkında en çok merak edilen sorular!

Corona Virus Questions From You First of all, can we briefly talk about Corona virus? I had Corona virus, so I was infected with Corona virus. It wasn’t about 1-1.5 years ago, but it entered my body and made me sick. I slept in the hospital for about 3 days and from this we understand that today is not the Corona virus, of course, but of course the Corona virus is a very large family, the Corona virus family and this infection I have had is the Human Corona virus. But it was SARS before, it became MERS. In other words, something that had previously originated from bats that originated from single-humped camels and originated from bats was in SARS. Today, in the market called the wet market in Wuhan, China, where fish and various animals were sold, it was a superstition that it was transmitted from a bat to a snake. Then they said, was it a mouse? There was such information. After that, it was seen that he jumped from here to man somehow, so a new mutated Corona virus. There are still many Corona viruses that have not been transmitted to humans. So if we get over it today, it doesn’t mean we won’t meet anyone tomorrow. A very large family. Enveloped is a family of viruses that we believe we can actually kill, RNA viruses. Just because it spreads very quickly, we can’t get a lot of instant action. Teacher, it is said and started from bats. You said that. Now, there are those who have pet owners from our followers. Is it possible for any pet or stray animal to be infected with Corona virus or transmitted to animals? There is no clear published research on this. But as far as we know, the structure was like this. It started to spread from bat to intermediate mansion, from intermediate host to person, from person to person. So the human was the last host and a virus transmitted from person to person. Therefore, it is not so much at the moment that it is transmitted to your pet or smeared from your pet. Well, is it transmitted from sexual intercourse, hodja? Of course, it can be transmitted from sexual intercourse because, as a result, a very close contact with your partner, a person you have a close relationship with. Of course, you may have airway contact. Therefore, if one of the couples has such a situation, that is, if one of the spouses got caught, it should not be transmitted to the other. almost impossible. Sir, now you know that everything is ordered online and one of the questions is transmitted from the packages coming from China. Packages from China arrive a little long, so they don’t have to worry. In other words, it is not very contagious for online shopping. But here’s the thing. Let’s say a package came from China, there is nothing in it. But the same day you have cargo, and the next day you have things like that, let’s say that in such cases, that carries that cargo If the person or the person who packs the cargo is a person who will deliver it to you within 24 hours in the country, we know that according to a new study, 24 hours in cardboard is still alive. We know that the virus can survive for up to 3 days, 2 to 3 days on stainless steel and plastic surfaces, and viable. So online shopping is safe, but it’s about where you get it. Don’t worry, nothing comes from China. Can my teacher be infected again after an infected person has recovered? a question came. You don’t have the chance to get infected again with the current virus. Because, that is, the virus comes to 1 person 1 time, immunity develops in that person and does not make that person sick again. However, there is a situation like this. Virus outbreaks can usually change structure within about 3 months due to precautions taken after they start. So it can undergo a mutation. What if there is a change in the genetic sequence in this, then you may be at risk of re-infection with a completely different virus. This is not valid today. But it doesn’t mean there won’t be tomorrow. Well, how much do masks work? Do they really work? Masks don’t work at all. I think we can say that masks are working for brokers and trade indices. It was our social experience in this regard. And you know in our painful experience here, they sell a standard mask, which we bought for about 30 cents, to people on the street at prices up to about 20 lira. The mask does not have any protection. Mask know the truth, it can make you more sick. Because it is a difficult thing to wear, that is not something that everyone is used to. You will wear it, you will bend according to your nose, and you will place it. Then you will start to itch, play the floor, talk to your unfamiliar skin, For instance, you touched your hand, or you will have to put your hand on your face to fix that mask. this will automatically make your microbe in your hand much more convenient to take to your face. We recommend that only healthcare professionals use masks when necessary, and use them when providing contact isolation. Apart from that, I recommend that patients use this virus to prevent scattering. Well, teacher, there are disposable or plastic gloves, are these useful? No, it’s naughty. Now, it might actually work partially, but now when we look at the glove, the glove is a nylon material. These materials are used in all nylon and dice materials. As it is, the areas where its molecules and polymers can breathe may occur over time. Maybe there is no such thing when you first put it on, but after about half an hour it causes changes in its chemical structure and changes to the structure with the heat of your hand. causing it to begin to breathe or to get droplet content at work. We can say that non-wound skin and dry skin are always the best protected surface. Sir, we have a shopping Let’s arise after this last evening in Turkey. Market shelves were completely empty. There were no disinfection materials and cologne, it was over. How useful is it? Yes now there is something like this. There are also food products. Here we see that the logic of fear is somewhat exceeded. There is no such thing as getting rid of the virus by storing food, such a relationship. But the relationship is there. The increase in hygiene products is actually, I do not find the price increase correct, but I think it is a much better point to be aware of usage awareness. Namely, already almost 1 in Turkey is not the country we look at the European Union? When we look at the most hygienic or hand washing habit. But we still realize today that we didn’t really know how to wash hands. But thanks to this virus, everyone started to realize the importance of this. Just like we did, here maybe between our fingers, around our nails As we drove, you should be able to clean the fingertips well, as the important thing is to touch your face with the tips of our fingers. You should be able to clean your hand well, you should be able to provide a good cleaning, up to your wrists, even beyond your wrists. When we look at disinfection products, soap is a priority. Because the soap provides something like that, the soap itself is something that allows the envelope, viruses to die, and bacteria to move away from you with the saponification effect. But at the same time, the World Health Organization says that hand washing time should be in optimum conditions. So he says at least 20 seconds. When I put the soap in my hand, let’s say that soap doesn’t do any disinfection, but is it not time since I tried to get rid of it? As it already extends the washing time, it automatically benefits. Having soap. Therefore, I recommend washing hands with soap. But it can be any soap. Normal mold can be soap, liquid soap, it does not matter. Something that will allow us to wash, foam and rinse for at least 20 seconds to rinse our hands. Without soap, let’s say you went somewhere, you are in a shopping mall, you went to a restaurant, when you entered the sink there was no soap … What will you do? We can wash our hands for 30 seconds, not 20 seconds, a little longer contact with water will be good. You can also use a disinfectant with 60% content and a disinfectant with alcohol content, but you know that we have an effective ingredient against bacteria and yeasts. A native composition, a national composition. In Turkey, one of the world’s largest source of boron. Boron called antimicrobial chlorhexidine, other combining a potent agent, at a university in Turkey, even in our universities, we made a disinfectant. Therefore, such disinfections can be applied even when it is difficult to use alcohol or find alcohol. They are one of the effective agents against the virus. Thank you so much. Teacher, the most changing item is money. Is a virus transmitted from money? Isn’t virus infected with money? Everything meets money. Money is already the head of evil. There is no life without money, but according to the study published in the New England Journal Of Medicine, what we said can live up to 24 hours in cardboard and paper. Therefore, I think it is quite possible in money transfer. One of our followers said, “I don’t even want to go out to get infected.” Do you think this would be true? In other words, if it does not go out, it is necessary to establish a logic that does not come. Aristotle’s logic in medicine does not work very much. Somehow it will meet its needs, somehow food will enter that house, somehow it will reach someone, or a postman will knock on the door. Isolation from the outside world is not always possible. But it is up to him to take his own personal hygiene measures. So taking precautions rather than living with fear is a priority here. Well, teacher, can we briefly talk about some natural protection methods? Natural preservation methods, is it like eating? What are the natural protection methods from the virus, our attention, is there anything other than these? There are, you will not kiss, you will not hug, you will set a little distance. Yes, I am not saying a very correct thing, but what happened in 1918? Spanish was flu, Spanish flu. News appeared in newspapers in the Spanish flu, they said how to protect from this? Wash your hands. They don’t say anything different today. Nothing else is said today. But what happened then in Philadelphia? Mortality rates suddenly rose. Because as the virus increased, the mortality rate increased rapidly, but St. What happened in Louis? They did not see the same momentum. They encountered a much less increase. The reason for this was social distancing. So they remove the social distance to the foreground application earlier today that they put this current situation in Turkey. What did we do to make social distances, wash hands, take personal precautions, we have already implemented this virus before our country is diagnosed. Therefore, I do not expect a very rapid increase, but the most important measures we will take are hygiene, after the hygiene, social distance comes first. and of course we need to pay attention to the environments we enter and exit. What is the state of being affected in babies and pregnancy, hodja? Let me tell you, everyone says that this virus does not affect children anyway. It is hopeful that it does not cause complications in children, a good result. It is a good result that under 10 years of age there is no death due to this virus. But there is a 2 in 1000 death between the ages of 10 and 20. So when you look at the potential of the captured person, we see a death of 2 in 1000 in this disease, in this age group. On the other hand, we look at normal seasonal flu, that is, we look at Influenza-related deaths, 1 in 1000 people. So still more than that. So it is not right to make it trivial that we do not have children, sir. Because we know that this virus can be transmitted to all kinds of living people, not from 7 to 70. The promising result isn’t actually the promising result, is it also a source of despair? We don’t want anything like this to happen in any person, but over 60 When we get out and have chronic diseases, we see more complications and more complicated deaths. What are they wondering about these complications? That is simply the blood pressure of society, no blood disease in 35% of Turkey’s society? Diagnosed, not made. Therefore, if 1 in 3 of the population has blood pressure patients, 1 in 3 of mine already has such a risk. I don’t understand, people say how there is no such risk. This is not a very logical explanation. So let’s not forget that everyone can have this virus, we recommend that people with chronic diseases take more precautions. We already guess that these people are vaccinated against the flu, pneumonia, because this is always our annual recommendations, but they will not protect against Corona virus. But since complications from Corona virus can occur in these people, these people need to take care of themselves. Sir, one of the most common questions we come across on the internet is this virus likely to be a biological weapon? Really? Really. There is such a question. Now let me say it. In the World Health Organization and the United States, the scientific committee developed and developed specifically on this subject started to do serious research. The American State is financing, the Chinese government is financing, and no research to date has reached such a residue, such an expectation, such a result. We are not of the opinion that this is a biological weapon. So how high are the dangers associated with mutating the virus? Very high, this is viruses. Do we know what the virus can do? What does the flu infection we experience every year? It renews itself, and even vaccinations of 4 strains or 3 strains, that is, 4 or 3 types common in the world, are being developed. to be done next year. That year we will encounter a different virus, but we are still vaccinated. Maybe it used to be a residue. So viruses have the ability to update themselves constantly. Either it has passed from bat to another animal, it has passed, it has come to human again, it is passing from person to person and by the way you are trying to take many measures, among those precautions he will try to keep himself alive, maybe with a genetic mutation he will make, he is very likely to protect himself and I think we have completed 3 months and now the expectation of mutation must be alive. One of the most curious questions, how is the Corona virus test done? Corona virus test is done as follows. If you are a suspect, that is, if you have a suspicious case, there is a list of suspicious cases that the Ministry of Health has defined. What is this? Here is 14 days before or 14 days if you have contact with abroad or if you have contact with a suspicious patient who has come abroad, if you have cough and fever. you are a suspicious case. So what is being done? There is a bar and this bar is present in our normal viral panels and even my past videos. A viral panel in a disease I have previously had They did the scan. With such a special stick, it is entered from the nose to the root of your nose, and then a swab is taken from the throat. The same mechanism, but Covid has his own special test, we get it from there, and this virus goes to genetic screening. Actually, there are 2 tests. One is the antigen test, the other is the PCR test. The antigen test is a simple rapid test against the antigen of the virus, that is, against the structures in that sheath, or rather, if there is a positivity. This rapid test gives approximately 96% accurate results. But there is a 4% deviation probability. So if a suspect appears positively here, or if it sounds negative, we suspect the patient, then PCR scanning We’re doing it. In other words, if a person’s swab has a DNA structure or RNA structure that genetically coincides with the virus in its sample, we detect this. this is called PCR inspection. The diagnosis here is 100%. What do you think about the measures taken by our country? I can say that we are one of the most exemplary countries in the world. I gave the reason earlier, I gave it in the conversation. 1918 Spanish Flu, no matter how far and how far you keep people and contact people, even if you do not reduce the rate of catching this virus, you will reduce the rate of spread You can provide the best treatment service you can offer. So in society, here Germany said that 70% of us will be transmitted in humans, right? They said it was going to get on everyone. In other countries, the same estimations and the same evaluations are made. But there is no comment about the speed of it. When we look at the speed, South Korea, America, Italy. The upward acceleration in these, the increase in the number of cases is all the same. The same day, in the same manner when compared to, as they say in a similar manner in Skyrock’ graph, it turns upward almost but not like in Turkey. Turkey, for example in China slowed. In China, such a straight, paralleled increase in the number of cases. Why did this happen? Measures taken. They were both experienced and took rapid action from the previous SARS and thanks to this virus, but they learned the lessons learned from all over the world and their research before, What did Turkey makes the necessary measures to regulate the exercise? Since viruses take these measures before they enter the country’s borders, the momentum will not be like that. Acceleration will be much more horizontal. Therefore, I can say a great success. I think it will be an example. Thank you very much. If we face new situations in the coming days, I think we will do such questions and answers. Absolutely. If friends leave comments below, we will come up with new questions. Yes, they should not forget to subscribe to our channel, updated information is always DR. On the channel of Oz and his Team. Thank you very much, stay healthy. DR. OZ and TEAM

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