Coronavirus Epidemic Update 32: Important Data from South Korea, Can Zinc Help Prevent COVID-19?

Coronavirus Epidemic Update 32: Important Data from South Korea, Can Zinc Help Prevent COVID-19?

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  2. It's being exposed that the US healthcare system is the biggest joke in the world. I wouldn't be surprised if we rank towards the bottom in healthcare.

  3. is this correct that the covid-19 has Zn in its structure? does the virus makes the bond with Zn ion from the target cell or it is part of its make up to begin with ? I saw somebody on the net saying that the presence of Zinc in the body actually helps this virus. is this true in the context of zinc fingers of vovid-19.

  4. A research group overseas warns of taking zinc supplements. They believe coronavirus latches on to zinc molecules for reproduction. So to stay safe avoid zinc supplements till further study.

  5. We know the virus binds to ACE2 receptors. How does it affect people taking ACE inhibitors to control blood pressure. Is the medicine helping or hurting?

  6. The Chinese doctors should train other doctors all over the world and help all countries reduce the spread and give proper treatment to the ill. Chinese doctors help the world.

  7. I want to thank you for this series of videos. I feel I have learned alot about cells, RNA, illnesses and epidemics. I could almost apply for medical school I think. lol Seriously you definitely have a gift for making complex far more simple to understand. And you stick to facts and don't gloss over the hard stuff. kudos!

  8. One of the best and informative sites I have subscribed to …and will stay subscribed.👍🏼🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  9. Thank you for the thorough and accurate updates. As a cancer patient who had 18 chemo infusions over the past 4 years you can imagine how my immunity is. How tragic that I don't trust my own Goverment for helpful, timely info. THANK YOU!

  10. Thanks Dr. Seheult and team for all you do! Quick question (forgive my ignorance): how does amantadine hydrochloride compare with chloroquine? Or how does chlorphenamine maleate compare with chloroquine? I've noticed these are ingredients in over-the-counter anti-viral medicines and am wondering if they might give a helping hand in this battle. Thanks!

  11. South korea government has nothing to do with the low fatality. It is all due to the medical system already built. It it were not for government instruction the fatality rate would be 0.1% not 0.6%. The president in korea who has a very strong connection with the chinese dictator must go.

  12. So… the kids doing the Tide Pod challenge had something after all?

    Had to. This is some bad stuff. We need a little humor to not freak out.

  13. I had the coronavirus but did not go for treatment…anywhere. You will find that there are far more cases unreported secondary to MMP (Multiple Medical Problems). It is a bit morbid to say that the fatality rate will not be finalized until this virus passes. Combine kidney failure, which I have, along with the virus and your percentage of death from the symptoms raises drastically. Take into consideration rehab time and the fact I picked it up TWICE in a month and I am amazed I am alive at 64. I could not breath without steam for 3 days. Sleep? You will cough continuously until you find something that works. Vicks. Still, it was hell with fever, muscle aches and cramps, exudate of mucous and try running to the can when you can barely walk to take a crap…over and over. Nobody will come to see you for help and will just leave some supplies outside the door. I was in quarantine…but it was best that way. Be prepared and check in on the old folks like me, at least call. You know they will still be alive when all you hear is breathing on the other end of the phone. All the best! Be smart and wise in your decisions during this time. Those of you who are bible scholars know who the author of these virus's is, right? In this excellent breakdown we see DUPLICATED RNA. Positive to negative rip offs designed to destroy. Keep that immune system strong. Btw, I take 120 mg of Zinc Orotate daily.

  14. 19:30 You can overdose on Zinc. Take too much zinc and it will make you throw up. It's called zinc toxicity. It needs to be taken on a full stomach and if you take too much you will throw up like you have a bad hangover/food poisoning. I accidentally did this about 2 years ago. I took 100mg (2x50mg zinc gluconate tablets) on an empty stomach in the morning when I thought I was getting a cold. Massive vomiting about 2 hours later. Effects lasted most of the day like a bad hangover. I still take supplemental zinc but 50mg at a time with a meal.

    Like any supplement, people need to be aware of side effects.

  15. great video! Wow your very specific and informative. Excellent job! We have 3 cases of COVID19 in NM, schools will be shutting down for 3wks. I’m scared for my children also my elderly patients. I love my patients there my personal living History. Thank you, God Bless everyone all over the world, including bad people.
    So, how is Zinc get injected into the virus? I understand there’s an outlet in the host & Virus. Does the infected person take Zinc or is that injected into the person’s body to slowly diminish the virus?

  16. Which form of Zinc is more efficient for getting into the cell? Zinc Bisglycinate (zinc chelate)? Ionic Zinc Sulphate?

  17. How is zinc pushed into the cell? Probably insulin. And why are diabetics more prone to the virus' effects?

  18. Well i've always joked that the Koreans are the master race ever since the Remo Williams movie and Starcraft 2.

  19. Genius! Love it – my favorite video on the disease! Full of great science! Great educational resource for my biochemistry students! Using it in my online class in the forum section!

  20. Question: Can an "unknown/quiet" Copper Toxicity Epidemic add to a well known Virus Pandemic?
    Clues: Copper competes with Zinc. Older adults are often (more) Zinc deficient.
    Answer: Don't guess. Do some research.

  21. Now study: Antagonists and promoters of Zinc absorption
    (Food, Meds, Supplements) Some of your "healthy choices" may be making you ill.

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  23. Well done! You have been well ahead on the specifics of the therapy focus according to existing research and for some reason no one has been bringing it up ! That is that we have a normal existing therapeutic approach as we do for all viruses and we can help patients already and not wait for the vaccines in 1+ year (that miraculously has dropped from two years to three months after the first four volunteers) that will eventually be on the table !

  24. Absolutely brilliant.. Love these videos.. I'm not in this profession, but love the explanation on how this virus hits our cells. And today a week later from this video being issued, there mores talk about testing Hydroxychloroquine… wish our UK health expert would look down this avenue.. Awesome…

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