Coronavirus Epidemic Update 17: Spike in Confirmed Cases, Fighting Infections with Sleep (COVID-19)

Coronavirus Epidemic Update 17: Spike in Confirmed Cases, Fighting Infections with Sleep (COVID-19)

welcome to another MedCram coronavirus
update you just wanted to review the Stars Cove e2 is the name of the virus
in kovat 19 is the name of the illness that the virus is causing and that’s an
important distinction because up to this point the criteria for a confirmed case
has been looking at the RNA using PCR technique and test kits specifically for
this virus and what they’re noticing of course is that they don’t have enough
kits to test everybody and so as a result of that and this has been a major
push they’re in Wuhan China is to look at something that is not as specific but
is much easier much more rapidly able to make that assessment and that’s it
looking at the illness and parts of the illness the characteristics of the
illness is an infiltrate on chest x-ray or CT scan so these lung scans have been
central in making the determination of whether or not we’re dealing with the
virus so again moving from something that’s very specific but takes a long
time to make a diagnosis couple of days to confirm it versus something that’s
very quick but not as specific in other words you may catch other things in
there but given the fact that there’s an epidemic the chances of that happening
are pretty low and the key here is that it’s very fast so it looks like today
they made that switch and as a result of that we’re seeing a lot bigger in
numbers let’s go to the numbers 60,000 now total confirmed cases 1369 total
deaths total recovered is 6061 about four times the number of deaths have
totally recovered and we’ll show that in a little bit what that looks like here’s
the world a meter website huge jump in cases and that’s because of the change
in the definition not much probably as change in terms of the reality on the
ground as we’ve been saying before this numbers probably been under estimating
but it’s been systematically under estimating and now we’ve gone from
apples to oranges where this is probably closer to the true number because now
we’re looking at lung scans still there’s probably a lot of people that
haven’t come into the hospital there could be many people outside of this
testing parameter that we’re not picking up let’s keep looking here in terms of
daily cases worldwide huge jump in the total number of cases now another graph
we’ve been looking at here recently is the total cases excluding mainland China
so what are things looking like and actually because we’re not overwhelmed
with the number of cases right total cases only 517 we can be very careful
and we can do those RNA tests that are very specific and again here some of the
smallest numbers to date as of February 12th we’ll keep watching those numbers
as they go okay I want to follow up a little bit more on some of the things
that we were talking about before and that is what we can do in terms of our
immunity and I want to be clear about this some of the things that we’ve been
talking about in terms of sleep in the last videos if you haven’t watched this
is that we don’t have any randomised trials for specifically coronavirus
everything we’re going to be talking about has to do with what evidence do we
have in terms of viruses in general or immunity I want that to be clear what
we’re looking at here is a methodological way of going through all
of the risk factors in trying to reduce our risks in this kind of a situation or
in this situation we don’t have medications or vaccines and so what is
it that we can do to reduce and minimize the risk of becoming infected and if we
are infected of surviving an infection so one of the easy things we talked
about is sleep and we made the point last time that by sleeping more that
actually improves the immune system but we’ve got to realize that not everybody
sleeps well right some people have insomnia the other thing that people
don’t realize is that if your body’s not ready to go to sleep and you try to go
to sleep and go in bed what’s gonna happen is you’re not gonna be able to
sleep and they’re gonna get anxiety because you can’t sleep then you’re
gonna associate that with the bedroom and when you walk into the bedroom
you’re gonna get more anxious I’m not gonna leave all of you hanging here
there are things that we can do for people who can sleep people who have
insomnia there’s many other things that can happen when you’re trying to sleep
including obstructive sleep apnea there’s people that can’t sleep because
of medical problems and I’ll try to address all
of those however remember that each person is an individual and we’re not
here to give out medical advice so all of this needs to be reviewed with your
personal physicians but there are some guidelines there are some things that
you can do that are going to help and we’ll be happy to go over some of those
things in general so I wanted to review another paper that was put out to study
by van coder basically what they did was they took some healthy men and on
average they’re around 23 years of age and there were some criteria that they
had to have number one no influenza vaccine in the previous three years and
all of them had to have a specific sleep routine in other words they normally
went to bed between 11:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. they typically woke up between 7:00
and 9:00 a.m. and their total sleep time was around 8 hours plus or minus 30
minutes there were about 25 of these men and they split them up into two groups
the first group which had 11 was the intervention group and these are the
ones that were prevented from sleeping and then there was another group of
about 14 that were the control group they did something very interesting
those eleven in the sleep deprivation group were only allowed to sleep for
four hours and they did this for six nights whereas the control group were
allowed to sleep for the eight hours for those same six nights then after those
six nights of only four hours sleep per night then they were allowed to sleep
for 12 hours to recover and they did that for seven nights here of course
they were allowed to sleep again for the eight hours for the same seven nights
what they did was they took measurements of antibody titers and they did it just
before they were given an immunization so I’m gonna right here when they were
given immunization was on the fourth night so right here
fourth night of minimal sleep and this was an
immunization against the flu vaccine okay so flu vaccine given there and flu
vaccine given the same point over here and what they measured was at this point
right here what was the antibody titer to the flu vaccine and they also
measured again ten days later and then they measured again 21 to 30 days later
so they wanted to see what the effect was of sleep deprivation on the body’s
ability to make antibodies against in this case the flu vaccine basically a
challenge immunologically to the patient’s immune system so even though
the patient’s had never had a flu shot before as we mentioned in the previous
three years they did have antibodies against the flu because of course people
have had the flu in the past and so there was no statistical significant
difference here between these two so there was no difference and over here on
the sleep deprivation side it was point zero seven and I’m rounding it off and
over here on the control side it was point zero nine so there was no
statistical significant difference now after the immunization these people here
were sleep deprived these people here were not sleep deprived and so the
question is what was the difference here at this points even though remember now
this is 10 days in they had the ability of recovering some of their sleep even
at 12 hours so the four days into recovery sleep how much would it be
well the titer here in the sleep deprivation group was point five zero
whereas the titer over here on this side was 1.15 it was over twice the amount
now when they looked at it after about 21 to 30 days after they had gone both
back to a regular sleep schedule again there was no difference in terms of
antibody titer so what they discovered was that sleep deprivation could reduce
the body’s ability to fight off the flu as measured by antibodies but that
difference seemed to go away after a period of 21 to 30 days but please
remember that they also stopped the sleep deprivation that they were doing
so the question is what would happen is someone had chronic sleep deprivation
okay let’s look at in another study this one was by Cohen at all in this one this
is a bigger study they took a hundred and fifty three patients and they were
aged 21 to 55 years of age and they asked them about the previous 14 days of
sleep and they looked at two things they looked at sleep duration how long were
they sleeping for and they looked at sleep efficiency and then they put in
rhinovirus one of the viruses that cause the common cold and they dropped in with
nasal drops into their nostrils these drops in to infect them okay so we know
exactly how much duration they sleep their efficiency and we’re taking a
hundred and fifty three of them and basically inducing a cold they monitored
them for five days and they looked at the results of it two sets of results
the first one had to do with a duration remember we looked at the duration and
we looked at efficiency let’s talk about duration first they were able to divide
them into two categories those that had less than seven hours of sleep and those
that had greater than or equal to eight hours of sleep in total those that had
less than seven hours of sleep were anywhere between one point one eight and
7.30 times the likelihood of having cold symptoms and on average that was two
point nine four so in other words based on the duration of sleep if you had less
than seven hours you were on average two point nine four times more likely to
develop a cold when exposed to the same exposure than those who slept for
greater than eight hours there was another category and that was efficiency
now efficiency sleep efficiency is simply the amount of time that you are
asleep divided by the amount of time that you are in bed and they divided
that into two categories those that were asleep greater
98% of the time versus those that were less than 92% of the time and what they
found was that those that slept less than 92% of the time were 5.5 times the
likelihood of getting the cold and that was a range of 2.0 eight to fourteen
0.48 meaning that it’s not just how long you sleep but with efficiency you sleep
with as well now when you’re looking at statistics they noted that it was just
these things duration and efficiency that made the difference when they look
for confounders things that did not predict this pre-challenge antibodies
did not predict it demographics the season of the year the BMI the
socioeconomic status and their health or lifestyle none of those things affected
whether or not they got the cold but the strong predictor was duration and the
efficiency of sleep so I believe that even though these two studies are not
specifically testing the 2019 coronavirus I do believe that they do
have some appropriate information for us in dealing with what is it that we can
do right now in terms of protecting ourselves from the virus and realize
that it’s not a hundred percent you can still get the virus even though you
sleep well just like some of these people got the cold even though they did
sleep but it was less likely so the purpose of these last couple of updates
was to show you the importance of sleep now the question is is well what can I
do to make my sleep better and I think that’s what we’re going to attack in the
next couple of videos is what is it that you can do personally if you have such
and such a problem let’s say you have difficulty falling asleep let’s say you
have difficulty staying asleep what are the things that you can do that are
fairly simple and effective in making your sleep better let’s talk about those
and also update the news and the numbers as we go through this epidemic thanks
for joining us you

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  2. Okay we need hyper sleep. We need pods where you get an IV for fluids, central line for total parenteral nutrition, catheters for urine, and a fecal management system for fecal removal, and they pump you full of sleep meds in a oxygen pod. Problem solved.

  3. One video I watched a day or two go said the reason for the spike in infected was because they started going door to door testing people.

  4. I don't doubt that sleep has this effect, as well as many other physiological effects, on the body. But my question would be related to the possibility of different outcomes had they used a completely new virus the subjects had never been exposed to prior to the study. I'm not a doctor or scientist and maybe this wouldn't make a difference either way, but to me it's the newness of this virus that is the most frightening aspect since none of us have any natural immunity to help fight it.

    I happen to be one of the unlucky ones that is high risk, and now I can add insomnia to my growing list of risk factors. Just lovely! Lol

    I do thank you, though, for the informative videos. Your calm and rational delivery is very much appreciated.

  5. Thanks for you outstanding explanations. Please more on how to prevent the virus from spreading. I"ve been reading the comments and it seems to me that many people don't understand the role of proper hand washing in slowing the rate of transmission of the virus. Clearly there is a need to bring back health as a separate subject in school. I know you can not say this but the hygiene in China is terrible.

  6. what about the role of exercise to improve immunity? please explore that if you can. always appreciate your very informative lectures

  7. According to Chinese media the reason why they added CT scans as confirmation method was not the shortage of RNA test kits but the fact that these RNA tests had a very high false negative rate. Which means the tests often said "not infected" when the patient was in fact infected.

    That makes sense, because Li Wenliang was tested many times (five times? I don't remember exactly) falsely negative before he could be diagnosed, despite strong symptoms.

    This is worrying, because outside China the officials seem too confident in RNA tests…

  8. One thing about the figures shown at the beginning of the video. The huge increase of affected people by virus can be explained because of the change of the criteria to define who is affected which includes people being diagnosed with the scanner. So far it is good. But the increase in the number of death can not not be explained, a death is a death, and the definition what a dead person is can not be changed. How do you explain then the increase of the number of death?

    And because the definition of what a dead person is can not be changed I believe that the curve with number of dead people is the one explaining the best the epidemic progress. The only problem with the curve is the lag between the infection and the outcome, can you elaborate on this issue?
    Thank you very much for your work. It is really interesting, well documented and treating the people as intelligent beings. Thank you for all.

  9. My sleep is all over the place. Have insominia but can sleep twice for up to 12 hours total or get by on two. But any colds I get are.mild and short as one day and rarely get one.

  10. I found that on nights I feel falling asleep will not be quick that if i take a cup (provided) sleepy time, generic Z Quil, i can fall asleep within 15 minutes and wake up just fine! An inexpensive sleep aid.💤💤💤

  11. Is >98 sleep efficiency possible? 8 hours = 480 minutes. 2% or 480 minutes = 9.6 minutes. Even if you never wake up at night and jump out of bed at the sound of alarm, it still takes longer to fall asleep.

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  14. Are common kitchens in a workplace a big risk for spreading viruses?

    I’m thinking about making cups of tea and coffee in such an environment.

    And more broadly eating out at restaurants, cafes and takeaways does eating the food pose a big risk of catching the virus, or is it the table and close proximity to others that is the problem?

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  16. Were there studies done on people who sleep 7-8 hours but at different time of the day. Say people who sleep a few hours at night and a few more hours during the day and people who sleep from 7am to 1-2pm?

  17. From 04:00 to 24:00 on February 13, 2020, Hubei Province added 4,823 new cases of new coronary pneumonia (including 3,095 clinically diagnosed cases) , of which: 3910 in Wuhan, 32 in Huangshi, 24 in Shiyan, and 10 in Xiangyang 67 cases in Yichang City, 54 cases in Jingzhou City, 21 cases in Jingmen City, 69 cases in Ezhou City, 135 cases in Xiaogan City, 163 cases in Huanggang City, 200 cases in Xianning City, 46 cases in Suizhou City, 8 cases in Enshi City, and 20 cases in Xiantao City There were 54 cases in Tianmen City and 10 cases in Qianjiang City. There were 116 new deaths (including 8 clinically diagnosed cases) in the province , of which: 88 in Wuhan, 2 in Huangshi, 1 in Shiyan, 3 in Xiangyang, 2 in Yichang, 4 in Jingzhou, and Jingmen There were 1 case in Eshi, 2 in Ezhou, 8 in Xiaogan, 1 in Huanggang, 1 in Xianning, 2 in Suizhou, and 1 in Xiantao. 690 new hospital discharges (including 214 clinically diagnosed cases) , including: 370 in Wuhan, 24 in Huangshi, 8 in Shiyan, 7 in Xiangyang, 9 in Yichang, 57 in Jingzhou, and 13 in Jingmen 21 cases in Ezhou, 48 cases in Xiaogan City, 77 cases in Huanggang City, 15 cases in Xianning City, 10 cases in Suizhou City, 10 cases in Enshi City, 10 cases in Xiantao City, 8 cases in Tianmen City, and 3 cases in Qianjiang City.

    As of 24:00 on February 13, 2020, Wuhan City, Huanggang City, Jingzhou City, Xianning City, Jingmen City, and Ezhou City have adjusted and written off the number of confirmed cases (including clinically diagnosed cases) at 24:00 on the 12th. Hubei Province has accumulated 51986 cases of new coronary pneumonia were reported (including 15384 clinically diagnosed cases) , including 35991 cases in Wuhan (including 14031 clinically diagnosed cases), 943 in Huangshi (including 26 clinically diagnosed cases), and 586 in Shiyan (including clinical 4 cases diagnosed), 1111 cases in Xiangyang City, 877 cases in Yichang City (including 51 clinically diagnosed cases), 1447 cases in Jingzhou City (including 269 clinically diagnosed cases), 901 cases in Jingmen City (including 155 clinically diagnosed cases), 1125 cases in Ezhou City (including 168 clinically diagnosed cases), 3009 cases in Xiaogan City (including 80 clinically diagnosed cases), 2791 cases in Huanggang City (including 306 clinically diagnosed cases), and 732 cases (including 189 clinically diagnosed cases) in Xianning City ), 1206 cases in Suizhou City (including 6 clinically diagnosed cases), 237 cases in Enshi City (including 21 clinically diagnosed cases), 500 cases in Xiantao City (including 2 clinically diagnosed cases), and 416 cases in Tianmen City (including clinically diagnosed cases) 67 Li , 104 cases QIANJIANG (including diagnosed cases 9), 10 Shennongjia.

    At present , 36,719 cases are still being treated in the hospital , of which: 7953 cases are critically ill and 1685 cases are critically ill. They are all under isolation treatment at designated medical institutions. There were 6,169 suspected cases, 3689 were excluded on that day, and 5,352 were concentrated and isolated. A total of 166,818 close contacts have been tracked, and 77,685 people are still undergoing medical observation.

  18. The new method for China screws up global numbers, as the standard of measurement is different outside of China. How is the global numbers compiled? Strange.

  19. A pandemic on it's way to the West and we can't take the steps China is taking AND he's diverting public attention to sleep studies???

  20. My trick for sleeping is to try to meditate while laying down in bed. The trick here is that you have make meditation, not sleep, your goal, or it doesn't work. You also have to treat the attempt to let go of your thoughts as a success, regardless if you were able to or not. In other words, attempting to meditate is meditating, there is no way to fail at it.

    I can get to sleep within 10 minutes doing this, nowadays.

  21. Thank you Great content! Is there a reliable study or a meta-analysis looking into the frequency of URTI and socially induced sleep restriction where these two significant variables that you mentioned are considered?

  22. FYI… It does take most patients around 1-3 weeks to get used to CPAP. There are also lots of different masks. So don't give up on it.

  23. Thank you, seeing people saying 45 million people are gonna die and 60% of the world will get the virus is concerning and fearmongering at this point

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    Looking around and we find so many self-proclaiming Doctors putting out click bait video clips on the internet😔😔

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    AND what other organic HERBALS, roots, or foods, to strengthen the immune system of this virus. ,,,,(%,)?….

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    NO CURE !!

  31. There was an interview with an American woman from one of the cruise ships who tested positive for the virus. She had a bit of a cough and a low fever for one day.

    This virus seems different because of the variability in effects. Is this unique to this virus or does this happen with all corona B viruses?

  32. Now do the same test only with patients smoking weed. That would be interesting 🤔.
    Always the last to catch the flu me . But when I do get it I have it the longest and most violent.

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  34. Taxi driver in Japan turned up positive. They are trying to figure out how he caught it. Some one who returned from Japan was tested twice and showed no sign of infection. 12 days in tested positive on third test.

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  39. Dr MedCram, please visit the YouTube channel DW News. Deutsche Welle (DW) is a station that broadcasts in German, English, and Spanish. Your medical experience and knowledge would be quite useful to them. They are good people, but not medical doctors. Thank you.

  40. Rather be watching this then learning at school. Imagine being more (and more easily) educated by watching a video on YouTube. I like how on your channel you explain things so easily that it is almost impossible to not know what you are talking about. I am 13 turning 14 this year and by no means doing that well in science / (literally anything else) but I can understand every MEDICAL LECTURE greatly.

    Oh and by the way. 11:09. I'm a gamer, so that must explain why I get more colds than the average person. (I have one right now as I speak). FYI A few gamers don't sleep as much as an average person, I get usually 6-9 hours of sleep. sometimes though i get 4 or even 12 hours of sleep but that doesn't happen too frequently.

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  42. Roger, hey to you from Singapore! Thanks for the great updates for the folks over in North America. We are fighting this thing like crazy here in ASIA but many people still refuse to take precautions so, we will see many , many more infections. I expect 10 more cases here in Malaysia and Singapore in the next 24 hours based on what we are seeing.

  43. Thank you so much for doing these videos. You are such a natural teacher and I appreciate these videos more than you know. My heart breaks for what is happening in China, and although I am praying for the best, I know that this epidemic could sadly become a global pandemic that could claim so many lives and it has weighed heavy on my soul. The very thought is heartbreaking. I sincerely appreciate your new path with these videos that gives us hope that there are things we can do on a personal level to try to prepare as best as possible. Sincerely thank you ❤️

  44. Could we get a stat on: days from discovery to wellness, with 15 USA cases now, we only see 3 returned to wellness, how many days are Non-China based taking to go from becoming ill to becoming well.

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  46. I’ve recently emptied all the blood out of my body so the virus would have nothing to infect.

    Your move idiot virus!

  47. I seem to have a long circadian cycle. If I get 8 hours of sleep, the next day I cannot fall asleep until 1 or 2 am. Then I am exhausted the following day and fall asleep sitting up. It's a vicious circadian cycle.

  48. How ironic is this to come to know that you can fight any disease or illness by just sleeping. Your videos helped me understand it how important the sleep is in our lives. My 11 year old daugher is having fever for past 2 days, and had to take school off today. I gave her some pandol and before going to bed, I explained why we need to sleep during fever (explain how our anti-bodies heat up the body and try to fight the invaders). She understood my explanation and promised me she wont go out of bed. And in the morning I reminded her to go to bed again to give more time to her body to help blood cells to fight against the harmful germs that are making her sick. She is now asleep. Thanks to your educational and helpful videos. You are my best Go-To channel for learning more about the health issues. I am always early to watch your video and then explain my children how to prevent catching CoV2. They wash hands properly, they wear masks and they stay a bit far from each other. Though we are in Pakistan, no confirm or known cases yet. but still I am closely watching our surrounding and news because a lot of Pakistanis go back and for to China too often than any other country. I hope China fights and COVID19 gets defeated. 🙂

  49. Hospital administrators should watch these videos and get their facilities prepared = “worst-case scenarios.” If the virus doesn’t materialize —lucky us.

  50. The coronavirus causes the decrease in white blood cells. Like HIV. Then the lungs inflame as the virus destroys cells. This stops oxygen getting to the brain. If you dont die from any underlying illness, Over weeks it gets worse, you faint from hypoxemia, convulse and die.

  51. Why did you not discuss the spike in deaths. That is very odd and not easily explained. Can you do some investigation into this and report on your next update? Thanks for the information!

  52. But how can we improve the efficacy of sleep? My duration is fine, but it always takes me some time to fall asleep, and then I enjoy just chilling in bed for a while after waking up for half an hour or so. meanwhile 98%+ efficacy means something like ONLY 10 sleepless minutes in bed… Does it really affect the immunity THAT much?.. wow

  53. I believe there are a LOT MORE than 15 US cases. Reason being, there were millions who left Wuhan who live here in the states BEFORE this whole thing caught on and became an epidemic. Healthcare here is horrible and most people DO NOT go to the Dr when they feel ill. My husband has been sick 2 weeks with a fever of 103°, vomiting for 2 days, diarrhea and then all the sudden it moved to his head and chest. Hard time breathing, sinus pressure and pain…so much that it burst the veins in his right eye. He pays for health insurance through his employer but still won't go to the Dr because he still gets billed over $200 just for a dr visit! Who knows, maybe he is developing pneumonia, hopefully not but he went back to work because he didn't want to lose his job for being out sick more than 2 days. I am not saying he has Coronavirus. Highly doubt it. What I am saying is he is a perfect example of how sick people will get and STILL NOT SEE A DOCTOR. We have it here in the US much more than what is reported. I guarentee that. As fast as this thing transmits between people, I guarentee there were at LEAST a few thousand who left China or w/e and came back to the states who were already infected.

  54. Welp, a lot of us folks here in China are so bored stuck in our homes by now, that sleeping at night might be a bit of a problem……

    God help us, lol.

  55. I've had issues with staying asleep for the last recent years and I think it's mainly due to the use of my phone (thus light) around bed time. This causes my brain never to be in a fully relax mode which in turn causes me to wake up during the nights. I will be highly interested in your coming videos.

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