8 Replies to “Coronavirus drug | Trump touts lupus drug for COVID-19, patients face severe shortage”

  1. This all kinda sounds like horse shit if its not proven why are we even discussing all this ? Some guy ate fish tank cleaner in ohio yesterday because it had some of the active ingredients dude. Wtf

  2. Trump is irked at the Doc,
    'cuz he counters Trumps schlock,
    with real world facts of the matter,
    that go against the orange mad hatter,
    who just continues to squawk.

  3. Ok, let us get our understanding clear, if the science does not yet support this hope or theory, then doctors with the guts or balls, please tell Mr.Trumpet mouth to shut up till facts support this reality in good sense.!!!

  4. Of course!!! Its all Trump's fault!!! And you make it seem like he is going against the FDA recommendation too!!! False, false, false. DOCTORS, I repeat, DOCTORS are using it in NY this very second to treat positive patients. They are not ordered to do so by the president. Trump simply shows optimism in this drug and you title the articles like "Trump is taking life saving meds from lupus patients against the FDA advice"… You're all sick.

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