Concerning Medication Side Effect! 💊 (5/21/17)

Concerning Medication Side Effect! 💊 (5/21/17)

Using my phone, it’s all out of focus, like looking out into the distance, it’s out of focus I move my head everything’s blurry and it’s a little concerning Jaquie: We’re going on an adventure! Judd: Ah you’ve got freezing cold hands! (Judd) Eeew
*They both laugh* Good Sunday Morning everyone! I slept in until 12:30 pm, that’s crazy! I have not slept in that long in years! I blame this woman right here because she sleeps in like crazy When she gets a chance and I think that just kind of rubbed off on to me *they both laugh* she’s right it’s not good morning anymore, it’s good afternoon, so good afternoon everyone! I am feeling so much more rested though so that’s awesome! Obviously the vlog got up late today cuz I slept in so late! I am still having some issues with the blurry vision, not as bad as yesterday, but I put in my contacts and things are still a little too blurry for me, and thats a little concerning. I’m also a little to foggy in my head and that makes me not wanna take my IV Compazine, cuz I have some at home, for home use, it’s just, even though I’m not allergic to it, that fogginess, and how blurry my vision got was really concerning and it’s lasting so long And my eyesight – I don’t wanna any, like, permanent damage, If that sounds dramatic, sorry, but its worrying to me, so I’m going to wait till I see my doctor on Monday before I take any more I have four more vials of IV Zofran left over from when insurance was approving it. I’ll use those if I need to And maybe these adverse side effects are enough to appeal IV Zofran from insurance. Um, hopefully, fingers crossed. But I have some oral anti-nausea meds that I can take and hopefully, those will help sustain me. But right now I’m doing pretty good. I’m eating slowly bread and peanut butter which as ya’ll may know it’s my go-to um, food when I’m not feeling great. And look who we have here. It’s Harlow! Harlow say hi! good morning! Did you have your breakfast and did you like that? Good girl My blood sugar is a perfect ninety-two which is awesome because since it was so out of whack due to my metabolic disorder in the hospital going too low and then too high I need to keep a better watch on it so I’ll be checking it more often. My metabolic disorder causes me to not feel well when my sugar goes below eighty because my body doesn’t burn fat properly I explain it more in my “All About my Chronic Illness” video, but my sugars have been even more out of whack lately because my gastroparesis affects it so when my GP is bad my metabolic disorder gets worse that’s why my sugars were like in the 50s and 60s and then way too high so Keepin a closer eye on it. All good I can already feel my allergies acting up from not cleaning in here so often as I usually do I’m not blaming anyone, I mean chaos occurs when somebody goes in the hospital ,but like my eyes are itchy and my nose is watery, so I’m going to turn on the Roomba to vacuum upstairs. So thankful all I have to do is step on this button *button clicks and the Roomba goes Do do do doo!*
(Jaq) Tadah!) Roomba continues beeping before it ejects from the stand So this is what it looks like when you get out of the hospital: You pretty much just relax all day But I am concerned about my blurry vision honestly. I changed my contacts cause I use the contacts you use for two weeks, but I change them for new ones because I thought that might be the issue It’s not I had one contact in and like covered the other eye and my vision is better with my contacts in, but when I moved my head everything goes out of focus- Harlow no no- Everything is out of focus and then everything is still way too blurry. I’m supposed to have 20/20 vision without- with my contacts in and I don’t so definitely gonna have to ask my doctor about why this side effect is lasting even when the Compazine is out of my system. Because as soon as they gave me my first dose of IV Compazine my vision went totally blurry and I like knocked out due to drowsiness and when I woke up my vision was still blurry. And its gotten better, but its still here. It’s not as bad as it was yesterday, so, I’m just, like, feeling concerned about that. If any of ya’ll have had this side effect with Compazine, please let me know so I don’t feel so crazy. But, it is listed as a common side effect in my Compazine pamphlet that the ER/ hospital gave me, so. Harlow, your gonna be a seeing-eye-dog too? Just kidding – no. It’s not that bad. I can see (laughs). And I can, like, walk around and stuff, but using my phone its all out of focus, like, looking out into the distance, its out of focus. I move my head – everything’s blurry and it’s a little concerning but I’m sure my doctor will give me some insight. (Speaks to Harlow) Right, you good dog? You good girl. Had my infusions bags outside to reach room temperature since they are stored in the fridge – and they are good to go! As you can see, I am all hooked up here. I’m gonna hook up to this end when I get the chance when I am finished with this part. As you can see, the infusion speed is set for 250 ml an hour and that’s what I usually do it at, but at the hospital, they were doing 125 ml an hour for continuous fluids. So I’m gonna change it cause that’s what they recommended I do for my home infusions until I can see my doctor tomorrow. It is changed to 125 ml an hour. That went from about 4 hours to 8 hours and I’ve got 2 infusion bags to do here. So now I am just going to hook myself up and get started. What’s great about this is my tubing and home health supplies is compatible with the hospital extension tubing and the hospital port needle so since I’m feeling really bad today, and since everything is compatible, I don’t have to change out my own needle to be able to use my own infusion supplies. And that’s awesome. So I’m infusing. I’m going to do continuous fluids even over night. I’ve got 4 infusion bags, total. 2 out right now at room temperature and 2 in the fridge, still in storage. And hopefully the continuous fluids and the IV Zofran I have left over – and the oral anti-nausea pills I have will hold me over until I see my doctor, tomorrow morning. Harlow – you want your cookie that Tia Janice brought you yesterday? OK – Harlow – spin. OK – good girl. Harlow, place. Eat it in your place. Good dog. See that’s yummy. [Music playing] It’s all gone! Did you like that, Hippo? You gotta tell Tia Janice ‘thank you’ next time you see her. You good girl! You gonna get the crumbs? Alright, get the crumbs. Good dog! You good girl! Look at that – BB8 successfully completed a job that’s what we named our Roomba, because Judd loves Star Wars I can’t tell if that was in focus! Cause I can’t tell! Because my eyesight is blurry! Harlow, are you in focus? I’m pretty sure you’re in focus You’re a good dog. You stay focused all the time – haha. Everyday with chronic illness is different. Yesterday I was able to stomach a little bit of chicken, mashed potatoes, a little bit of pudding. And today, this morning, all I could stomach was half of that bread and peanut butter and now it’s about 4 pm and I’m finally having some more food. And its just a spoonful of peanut butter. I’m still content that I’m eating at least but my nausea and stomach pains are kind of getting bad again so I’m just gonna take it easy, thankfully, I haven’t vomitted and the oral Zofran is really helping a lot. Plus the fluids have gotten some time to get into my system and I’m already feeling a little more recharged from that. Still with this blurry vision – oh my goodness. It’s, like, disorienting. But, anyways, just taking it easy chronic illness can change from day to day, and I know that so today’s a little harder than yesterday, but I’m still home and doing as good as I can be. So that’s something to be thankful for. I’m also doing my best to keep up with drinking juice throughout the day so my blood sugar stays up where it needs to be. I just checked my sugar again, and it’s at 92, again. Which is kind of funny, but, that’s a perfect number, so, awesome. Judd should be released from drill soon and he’ll be on the way home He’s actually bringing my cousin with him, who also lives in Orlando, so my cousin can bring me to my doctor appointment tomorrow, cause I’m not able to take myself just with how I am and Judd has to go to work, so, thats understandable. My cousin will take me and I get to see my cousin, which is awesome. Also, my mom is enjoying my crackers over there, that she found in the pantry. Working and just relaxing on the couch. I’m doing the same thing with my blanket and that’s about it. We are just going to wait for Judd to get home and relax, cause that is the main thing you do when you get out of the hospital. Judd’s home! She’s already stressing me out. (Laughs) Sorry. Send me back to the Army. So he’s home. My cousin is with him. Sorry for the confusion transition. I didn’t think to vlog when they got home. Anyways, um, my mom has been such a huge help. Hasn’t she babe? Judd: She’s been a great help. Really been reducing my stress. Yea its been – Thanks to you, all caused by you – shut, I try not to stress you out, but anyways, Its just one stressful event to the next [it happens]. So, basically my mom has, like folded our laundry, done our laundry, done another load of laundry – helped me in the hospital, taking care of Harlow. Its just, she’s been amazing and now she’s offered to take all of us out to dinner so we don’t have to stress about to cooking, then the clean up so right now, my mom and Daniel are behind us, in the car. Daniel is my cousin, by the way. And, uh – He’s a physicist. – He is a physicist. He is graduated – very smart. Graduated recently with a physics major and now he’s off to Oxford for philosophy of physic masters. He’s very smart – anyways, yea, we are all off to dinner now at Olive Garden, so that’s nice. My mom has just been such an angel. She’s amazing. Just needed to say that again and again. And, my eyesight is still blurry! I cant even tell if we are in focus. We’re in focus, right? I don’t know. Yea, we’re in focus. Gosh. Alright. Back to the jokes, this one. OK – one – I realized with how my eyes are blurry, I can’t drive safely like this, so I really hope it resolves because sometimes I need to drive myself to places here and there, and two, Judd made me realize we may not be back in time for “Naked and Afraid XL” tonight. What are we gonna do?! Well this is poor planning on your part, so I’m gonna go to bed early. Oh my goodness! “Naked and Afraid XL” is my favorite survivalist show and its on every Sunday at 10pm, but tonight we find out what former “Naked and Afraid” stars are on. Yea, there’s like this big reveal tonight, so I’m pretty sure we’ll be back in time. I hope. I really hope. So Judd just drew up an IV Zofran. We decided that I should pre-medicate this meal because I’ve only had an eigth of a peanut butter sandwich and a spoonful of peanut butter today, so my intake has dropped from yesterday. So all I have to do is pause this, this cool hospital tubing has an extension for me to hook up meds. I just push… And then, resume the pump and that’s it. And, of course, I’m gonna put another cap here, which I’ll do right now. Got some – I look horrible, I don’t even have makeup on – I probably look like a homeless person. [All laugh] We said you look like a physicist – oh yea, that’s right…an almost physicist. [Laughing] Did pretty okay for food. I ate a little bit of my chicken parm, a little bit of my soup, and a little bit salad. But now I’m – yay! go baby go! you did so much better – now I’m tapping out. Playing it safe. We’re in bed. We said our goodbye’s to my mom – who again, so thankful for her. She was such a big help. Mm-hmm. And made it just in time for “Naked and Afraid”. It’s a really good episode. I won’t give any spoiler alerts, if you were recording on your DVR or something like that. But, it’s pretty good. I am infusing in bed. Here take the camera so they can see. Umm, I just have the line let out really long – I think I put my hand over the mic – oops, I just have the line extended really long and the bag is hanging off the end of the bed, and I’m gonna hope I just don’t move around too much tonight. And, uh, yea, basically it should go well. I hope. Um, I can infuse at night with my regular infusions. I just choose not to cause I don’t like to be tangled up at night. But I need to do continuous infusions as my discharge notes say, until I can see my doctor tomorrow And I’m hopeful for that appointment and thankful my cousin is staying with us. So, we got my family helping us out.
Yep. That’s awesome.
That is great to have someone help you out. Well that’s it for tonight. Thank you for joining us on our adventure and we hope you all have a great night… or day, whenever you’re watching this.
Have a great whatever. [Both laugh] [Music]

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  1. "youre a good dog, you stay focused all the time" I'm not in a very chipper state because Life's hard right now but that made me laugh so hard.

  2. You look so much better 🙂 and rested!…yay for being able to eat solid foods….little by little..hoping the blurry vision subsides..((hugs))

  3. Couldn't sleep in today, I started my graduate internship but I get to sleep in tomorrow thank goodness! Sorry about the vision and everything but I'm very glad you are eating I asked everyone to keep you in their thoughts. 💖

  4. Hi there, glad to see you are feeling a little better and are home now. just wondering where you got that bed/ "place" for Harlow?

  5. Jaquie, I finally could catch up with you! I haven't watched the vlog since March 🙈 I already knew that health care in the USA was expensive and crazy, but your case with the insurance is horrible. I really hope that you, your Doctors and the insurance will get into an arrangement with the help and medicine that you need. Finally, I'm glad that you are finally at home resting with Judd and Harlow. All my thoughts and good wishes are with you. 😘
    It was really crazy to know that you Mom is from Venezuela, because I am too! 😜 Said Hi to her for me!

  6. I kept wanting to say Zofran instead of Zoloft today and I couldn't think of what Zofran was or why it was in my mind, and then I watched your video today and remembered. 😂 I'm so glad you're home and feeling better!

  7. That has happened to me with scopolamine (diff nauesa med) before. It stopped after i stopped taking it. hopefully you feel better

  8. I get dyspyramidal symptoms (severe agitation, literally couldn't stop moving) from IV compazine. They lasted almost a week after getting just one dose. That stuff doesn't leave your system in a couple days. Give it some time.

  9. Are you able to get dissolving Zofran? I know it's not as fast acting, but just wondering if that is an option through your insurance.

  10. Thanks for the clip about your infusions! So helpful to know infusion rates. I had 2 bags last Friday in clinic and it took almost 4 hours. We weren't sure if that was a typical speed or what to expect.

  11. I have to take a med that messes with my eyes and because I have to take it lifelong I have messed up vision we think permanently ( gabpenten)

  12. My chronic illness is very similar to yours Jacquie. I refuse to take Compozine anymore. Not only did I have extremely bad blurred vision but my body would twitch. So no, you're not crazy! Also, my GP did get very bad as well, my last flare three weeks ago sent me over the edge and required me to get a GJ Tube placed. It's been a blessing. Now I know I'm always getting my guaranteed 1876 calories per day and Mast cell, immunotherapy and allergy meds no matter what. Good luck! Keep your positive attitude!

  13. Loved your focus joke, cute, so good you can laugh about things. Maybe change your brand of peanut butter? I know it is your go to food but maybe a higher quality peanut butter may be an improvement, I think even Walmart has that and it just has peanuts and salt so there is less ingredients for your poor stomach, praying something helps, hang in there. Praise God for family you are so blessed.0:)

  14. If you blood glucose goes above 200 it can give you blurry vision that lasts even for a few days after your levels go down.

  15. If I were you I would weigh my options. There is a website called Good Rx that helps when you're waiting on prior authorizations. I work at Walgreens and try to help out where I can. Let's say you take ondansetron 8mg and you need 30 for the month. Through good rx it's over 100 at walgreens, but at other pharmacies like cotsco it's $20. If you do choose to pay the price at Walgreens, we can bill it again within 10 days if it's approved. If not your insurance should be able to reimburse you. I love your videos! Best of luck 😣💕

  16. 6:54 You told us already, and yes, that was in focus.
    10:09 You're in focus.
    10:16 Judd can't tell either?
    10:34 Surely you can watch a recording of it!
    10:40 Judd! :O

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