Como Makes a Mess: A Story about TMA | Cincinnati Children’s

Como Makes a Mess: A Story about TMA | Cincinnati Children’s

Como Makes a Mess: A Story about Tro-botic, Tetra-baddic, Tra-ba-ba Thrombotic Micro-angi-op — oh let’s just
call it T.M.A. Como is a very good dog He lives in our blood vessels and works
very hard to fight infections and repair damage to our blood vessels When Como finds bacteria in our bodies he alerts all other defender cells that fight infection and covers it with complement Complement is kind of like a
sticky gel that helps heal our bodies Once Como has coated the bacteria it’s
up to defender cells to respond to his alert and help His friend Max Macrophage
comes along and clears away the mess Max and Como work together to keep the body safe… While Como is a good dog and does important things to keep our bodies safe sometimes Como gets worried and things don’t go well Sometimes medicines doctors use to make us better can cause problems by scraping up the blood vessels… Sometimes bad viruses make things even worse Poor Como! All of this is making him very nervous… Como tries to fix the blood vessels by coating the walls with complement but sometimes when he’s upset he puts down too much compliment and
this can block up the blood vessels Red blood cells platelets and blood clotting factors can all stick to complement this makes it hard for blood cells to flow through our vessels A blood cell will push its way through the blockage and form what’s called a Schistocyte – a mangled red cell that doesn’t work well Schistocytes are a sign of TMA Kids who have TMA feel very ill because blood can’t get to where it needs to go This can cause high blood pressure and low blood counts TMA can affect different parts of the body Blockage of blood vessels stops oxygen from getting to the lungs heart and kidneys Sometimes it can even affect the brain Doctors will want to do lots of blood
tests and scans to see what is happening Blood tests help doctors monitor if Como’s
overactive or if he’s getting better One thing doctors do to make TMA better is try a smaller dose of the medicines that damage the blood vessels This can make Como feel a bit better but sometimes this isn’t enough and he goes back to licking a lot… If lower doses don’t help we use a
special complement-blocker medicine This special medicine helps Como feel better so he stops spreading complement… After that the medicine can blast away all the extra compliment… Once Como feels better and the blood vessels are all unblocked kids start to feel better The medicine lets Como go back to being a good dog who looks out for infections and fights them off Como is a very good dog who really just wants to help… Good dog, Como!

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  1. Im glad he is a dog 🐶🐕🐕🐕🐩🐩🐶🐕🐩🐕🐶🐩🐕🐶🐩🐩🐕🐶🐶🐩🐩

  2. Hayal guys I did not know
    Wat did I just push but it nice and cool and THIS
    Cute cartoon though…………

  3. Como can I please adopt u I mean you can help me make a huge mess then let's run away sure no body don't notice

  4. U adorbs como KILL THE VIRUS DUDE if I was a dog like you como I will kill that virus then help you mess up the place RUN COMO MAX IS COMEING

  5. Wrong Como is not a dog but a mast cell a specialized cell which is a security guard in tissues and blood they work like security personnel screaming the blood for agents if they detect 1 they will Warrn the macrophages which consume the particle but it might be not a germ dust particle or a toxin when the immune system respond to that that is called an allergic reaction

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