Common Cat Medical Problems : How to Give Cats Liquid Medication

Common Cat Medical Problems : How to Give Cats Liquid Medication

Ace and I are going to show you how to administer
medication that’s in a liquid form. You can have two pieces of equipment. Two tools to
use to administer medication that’s a liquid. One is a dropper that just has a little squeeze
ball on the top and you’ll squirt this liquid into his mouth. This is actually a little
bit of food and some water. So you open the mouth, tilt it back like that and just squirt
that medication in. As long as you get it back in his mouth he’ll have to swallow it.
Now the second way you may want to give medication is by an oral feeding syringe. You can see
that this has a wide tip so it will let a large sort of pasty material through or a
thick liquid through pretty easily. And you can use the syringe to measure up the amount
precisely. So same thing. You want to tilt the head back. Grasp the lips just behind
these big canine teeth here. And you see how Ace opens his mouth automatically when I put
his head in that position. Then you just stick the dropper end in and squirt. Now he may
need a break and so you may have to do it a second time

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  1. Thanks for making this video but this is NOT as easy as it is on this video. That cat is very calm. I read somewhere if you have trouble giving a cat medicine with this method, to get a small amount of baby food and put the medicine in it and they will ingest it that way.

  2. My cat froths at the mouth and dribbles when given one tramal drop for pain. The tramal taste really bad. I've also tried putting it in food and he wont eat it.

  3. Isn't inserting it in the side better than the front? Another veterinary video suggests this is better since we all know cats down like things coming at them from the front?

  4. im having problems.when im giving my cat the medication,she growls and then started scratching my,what should i do?my cat is so tensed

  5. @BondiAngela so does my cat… is that normal??? this is the first time I am having to give her meds and she just sees the dropper and starts gagging … and as soon as it goes in foams and spits…

  6. My sister who works at an animal hospital said it should be done from the side, right behind the large canine. You run the risk of giving your cat aspiration pneumonia if you do it from the front too quickly and the cat breathes it in, especially if it's free flowing liquid. The cat will usually bubble and foam at the mouth but that's alright. Also best to do it two or three times in smaller amounts than all in one go. I always give my cat a treat and brush him down afterwards as a reward.

  7. I,ve been trying all different ways to give my cat meds this week, my cat goes into instant psycho mode, Nearly impossible by myself, not easy at all.

  8. Seriously! haha… well, she's also not giving the cat real medication, it is just food mixed with water. I'm currently trying to get my cat to choke down bacon flavored antibiotic liquid… guhhhh

  9. Depending on the cat, this is not an easy process. We had one cat that took pills like a trooper, but the current cat is like a lion on steroid when you try to do this.

  10. Never tilt the head back, it can go into their trachea and then into the lungs if you do that! You just have to grab by the cheek bones and go in the cheek pouch on either side, they may gag or spit it out but it is the only safe way.

  11. "and you see how this cat behaves like basically no other cat on the planet in being compliant when i touch his head this way" ugh all these videos are so unhelpful

  12. Wow. This is a bad way to do it. You could get liquid in his lungs and cause him to choke or aspirate. You should come in from the side of the mouth.

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