“Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, PRO BOWL!” | Gridiron Heights S3E21

“Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, PRO BOWL!” | Gridiron Heights S3E21

Everyone here in Gridiron Heights is gearing up for the only game that truly matters: the Pro Bowl. AGAIN. You boys didn’t practice for two whole days to lose this game. AGAIN. CLEAR EYES. FULL HEARTS. PRO BOWL!!! Coach, I got the votes. I can play. Son, I am so proud of you. You’re a Pro Bowl alternate. Here’s to God football and the 2019 AFC Pro Bowl team. AFC FOREVER!!! You guys are my brothers. Hey, I’m JuJu by the way. I play for the Steelers. – My name is Keenan Allen.
– Hi I’m Quenton Nelson. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. Wow. The Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. Doesn’t get much better than this. They play the Citrus Bowl here… OK boys, we’re just going to play good ol’ half-speed football with minimal tackling. OH, I’M SO BUMMED I CAN’T PLAY IN THIS BIG GAME. WIN THIS FOR ME, SON. Pro Bowls and memories. That’s all you got. YOU BEST PLAY 3! YOU’RE EMBARRASSING ME, COACH. 3…you’re in. Hut hut! Wilson takes the snap. Oh, Miller’s coming for him! There you go. There you go. Goodnight. [Gasps] We want to apologize to the millions and millions of children at home watching the Pro Bowl.

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  1. "I think I played a Citrus Bowl here"

    Ah, so college football does exist in this realm. I thought they just flew in new players and flew out the old ones in this universe

  2. This is literally my all-time favorite Gridiron Heights episode. Not only is it mocking the Pro Bowl, but it's almost a shot for shot recreation of Friday Night Lights episodes. Pure GOLD.

  3. 0:48 Bruh why you gotta put my man Aaron Rodgers in a wheelchair like that? LMAO that's just plain disrespectful

  4. 😂😂😂😂 When he rocked him to sleep I cried from laughter. If there's any Patriots players in the Pro Bowl there'll be flags on every play.

  5. It must suck to be Rivers. Drafted in the class of Big Ben and Eli and he’s the only 1 to not get a ring. While Ben and Eli both have 2.

  6. Anyone see the writings in the NFC locker room?
    "Austin Hooper, of all people"
    "Dak Prescott really?"
    "Kawan Shorts I guess"
    "Some guy found outside"

  7. nfl needs to give up the pro bowl and just actually play flag football. Maybe the lineman could have a wrestling match or something

  8. This video is representative of the pro-bowl. Boring, uninspired, dull, not worth a 2nd watch, and utterly pointless.

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