Chinese rubber (DHS Hurricane) vs High Tension rubber (Tenergy) table tennis

Chinese rubber (DHS Hurricane) vs High Tension rubber (Tenergy) table tennis

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  1. Some people think the more expensive the equipment, the better. That's completely wrong. The equipment must fit your level and your style of play. I use Hurricane 3 rubber ($18) and Yinhe W-1 blade ($60) for years. Bought all in the U.S. What's important is the sponge hardness, which is not normally indicated . I was lucky. I asked for and got 40 degree forehand, 39 degree backhand.

  2. 5:20 That's what I noticed as well with my Tenergy 05! There is a point where you just can't apply more force to the ball. When I hit it too hard it seems like the ball starts floating without any additional spin. I noticed that I don't have that problem with harder rubbers like the Tibhar Evolution MX-S which is basically the hardest European rubber you can get. The Chinese rubbers are well more suited for athletic hard hitting players which I consider myself, BUT you need an excellent footwork to play with those rubbers. The Tenergy 05 is just more reliable when your position to the ball is a little off and it suits my playstyle better even though I reach that force limit sometimes. It just happens too rarely. I like those spinny opening topspins and they're much easier to play with the T05 than with a Hurricane 3 f.ex. You have to play differently with Chinese rubbers. I think I could play with such a rubber, but there's almost no way to get a real national version of the DHS rubbers here in Europe. The tensor rubbers are also a lot easier to play and you don't have to boost them.

    I would still love to know how Ma Long's racket plays, just to get an idea of the Chinese equipment. I am sure it's great for powerful high risk shots, short game and serving. It's probably very hard to use in the passive game (blocking, soft countering, pushing), on flip shots and spinny opening topspins.

    Great video, you actually said all these things, so I almosted repeated everything, haha.

  3. This is not true., chinese rubbers like H3 are sensitive to incoming spins., tensor rubbers must be faster than hard chinese rubbers., chinese rubbers are more on control and very slow., this video are all false., wtf?

  4. emratthich
    First of all thanks for your post!
    Need your humble advise recently i am using sardious blade Huricane neo 3 (not boosted) for my fh and Rakza7 soft in my bh, should i need to boost my neo3 or not? i am intermidiate player

  5. emratthich
    First of all thanks for your post!
    Need your humble advise recently i am using sardious blade Huricane neo 3 (not boosted) for my fh and Rakza7 soft in my bh, should i need to boost my neo3 or not? i am intermidiate player

  6. I am doubtful about that the logo with curved border is original, I bought hurricane 8 at various sources amazon, paddle palace and also from some coaches and non of them have the curved border. They also felt playing well.

  7. hi emrathich, the chinese rubbers are make to the long and power backswing ? tensor are make to short backswing ?

  8. I really relate to the Chinese game philosophy, but do you think a player which use Tensor European rubbers and Western style for many years can suddenly switch to Chinese style and switch to hard rubber?

    Do you think a Western player can make this transition after many years playing with Western equipment?

  9. What is the idea to buy a hard chinese rubber and boost it to make it softer and bouncier? would it not make more sense to buy then a tensor rubber?

  10. Thank you for an interesting video. I am contemplating purchasing Japanese, non-ESN, non-Tenergy rubber, such as Nexy Karis or Stiga Mantra. I like the speed and control of Stiga Calibra, but spin is lacking. Anyone have any experience with these new Japanese rubbers made by Daiki and other Japanese manufactures.

  11. just like any other of his videos "Chinese good, western bad " .I would even benefit from these videos if it wasn't done in this North Korean style .

  12. I reckon Chinese players dominance comes from their hard work and practice makes them so proficient not the Chinese rubber who knows if they were to use tenergy 05 with the same determination and discipline they would be even stronger!

  13. I don't know if this is the place to ask, but I hope someone can help me
    I am buying my first blade, and I was thinking for a yasaka sweden extra with DHS 3 hurricane on both sides (red/black).
    Is this right for a beginer/intermediate looping aggressive player? Thank you!

  14. What does it mean when yousay tackiness in table tennis? Hope you can enlighten me as these terms are too technical for my players to understand. Thanks in advance

  15. With the new poly ball 40+, should I stick to the tensor rubber or change to a harder rubber? If so, what rubber would you recommend for the backhand? Thanks.

  16. Thank you for the video. On this topic, I found an interesting article:
    The article explains the difference between tackiness and stickiness. One of the point it makes was tacky rubber (Chinese) will generate less spin than sticky rubber given the same force. It explains the reason. It seems consistent with your reasoning when you explained that some people using Chinese rubber on the backhand as “dead rubber”.
    On the other hand, it is rather confusing to me when trying to reconcile your explanation that tacky rubber can generate more spin than non tacky rubber. Can you explain this or cite your data sources for the graphs so I can research further?

  17. Ok, so I have a question. I am a penholders and play exactly like wang hao does. Serve, third ball attack and then use a loop kill to move around and tire the opponent. I want to know what backhand rubber I should use because I use a hurricane 3 for forehand but still do not know what to use for backhand. Help?

  18. My friend asked me a question about this premade bat he had. He was wondering if the product was fake because the sides of the little box around the ittf 14-013 mark on the rubber were too straight and apparently the little box's edges r supposed to be round. I dont know and im thinking u guys might be able to know. Is it fake or no? Here's the picture:

  19. You're misleading dude, I searched the original store from a Tmall link from the original website and the pictures of fake rubbers that you showed in the video in fact are original rubbers, I don't see any curvy rectangle surrounding ITTF logo, and they do sell national team rubbers that come with different thicknesses. Most of Tmall stores even sell the products with the same shape, and I checked the code in

  20. Is it a good combination to put Chinese rubber on forehand of viscaria or xiom vega pro blade with zlc carbon?

  21. Hello, EmRatThich, could you please recommend some cheap setup for beginner to improve a technique? I saw all your videos but nothing there about something you can use at the beginning. so far I used 729 super soft with noname wooden blade. I like this rubbers but I want to improve more.

  22. Is dhs gold arc 8 spinny because it does'nt have tackiness but is considered as one of the most spinniest rubbers in the world

  23. Hello,

    I have recently bought a Chinese rubber (DHS Hurricane 3). Unfortunately, the tackiness was gone after the first training. Is this normal and what can I do against it?

  24. Thank you for this. It was very informative. I have a very good chop. I create strong backspin on my backhand. What is a good rubber to create backspin?

  25. I used to use DHS H3 40 degree as my forehand robber and it is good as long as you get used to it. But I hate to say that Chinese rubber is so hard to maintain its stickiness.

  26. Hi coach I use Inmerforce ALC blade and DHS hurricane rubber in my both forehand and backhand should I replace my backhand?

  27. Hi Coach!🤗
    I have been using RITC Faster rubber on my backhand.
    My backhand is more dominant than my forehand.
    I can feel the ball especially when driving away from table.
    I then switched to Mark V (is it tensor? ).
    BUT I couldn't feel the ball during hard loops/drives away from table.
    The ball seems to bounce back fast and don't vibrate the blade.
    Should I keep this or would you recommend another rubber?
    I am using Stiga S-5000 all wood blade. I feel like I also need to upgrade my blade.
    Any recommendation?

  28. Hey I was contemplating about getting Hurricane Neo 3 but am not sure where to get originals…
    Can I trust tabletennis to have the real deal?

  29. Thank you for the video! It is very interesting nd useful! Tell a bit please about the rubber 999t!!! Can an amateur use it? is it also good for a smash?

  30. Hi Coach! Thank you for this informative video and just I found out I had a fake DHS Hurricane Neo after all!!! Could you please advise which legit online store to buy the mentioned rubber. Thanks for your help as always 🙂

  31. (1)
    Can I use "Xiom Vega China Rubber" as my forehand rubber by replacing DHS hurricane neo 3(commercial)?,
    Why I am asking because the DHS commercial rubbers don't have the consistence tackiness, but I see that "Xiom Vega China Rubber" have good tackiness for long time.

    When I use Hard chines rubbers, do I need to remove and past the rubber every few days? And may I know which glue is better to past hard chines rubber ?

  32. When I use Hard chines rubbers, do I need to remove and past the rubber every few days? And may I know which glue is better to past hard chines rubber ?

  33. reverse penholder here, i play with donic bluefire m1 backhand and DHS neo H3 on forehand on a Double FIsh STx carbon blade, but used to have donic bluefire m3 on FH, had to adapt specially on serves, feel is different, loops are easier IMO, just totally made a difference as i am a hard hitter, and in exchanges first attack was on the table but 2nd and 3rd were harder to keep on, but with Neo H3 i can just keep going and harder i hit, spinier it gets and stays on the table.

    – a proud canadian RPH player 🙂

  34. i use a xiom vega pro for fh and bh , they are great , nice spin, speed and control, i will change mi fh rubber by a hurrican neo 8

  35. I'm playing H2. Very hard crisp as a nut. My backhand counters are spot on. Love the rubber. Prob not so amazing on bh. I use pips on one side.

  36. I would like to put the Yinhe Big Dipper eraser on the right side of my Donic Defplay Senso,

    What do you think about Coach
    ? I'm a chopper

  37. But top player like Lin Yun Ju uses the Zhang Jike super ZLC, Tenergy 05 and Dignics 05. These are all high tension rubbers (B.t.w. 'tensor' is a trademark held by a German company. Butterfly's high tension rubbers are not tensors) and the blade is hard and fast . He beat top Chinese players before (ma long & fan zhengdong)
    If it is that bad to use hard blade and high tension rubbers, why does he do it? One of his coach even taught Zhang jike before, it can't be that his coach doesn't know better than you do.

  38. Hii emratthich sir… I really appreciate your videos. And sir i want to progress as fast as possible , sir i am a progressing player , sir i am very very much confused, please provide best set up for me sir .

  39. So why do pro European players such as Timo and Dima who have been world no1's use Tenergy when they clearly have enough skill to be able to use the national Chinese rubbers?

  40. Where can I buy original "DHS H3 Neo commercial" from? I am in UK. I bought one from Bribar in UK but the tackiness is not there. Suggest me couple of Chinese websites that are legit please. Thanks in advance.

  41. hurricane 3 national is over 100$ (cost more than even dignics 05) and provincal with a harder blue sponge is 85 dollars (more expensive than Tenergy 05)

  42. These videos are the best I've seen on You Tube regarding TT education. They make a lot of sense, and the information is factual, not guided by product marketing.
    Well done.

  43. Hi Em i have tenergy 64 2.1 on my forehand and rozena 2.1 on my backhand on my yasaka ma lin carbon blade. I play offensive with with forehand topspin and backhsnd drive block and topspin. But many balls go ovet the table should i change somethin in my ewuipment???🏓 please answer me when you have time Em, thanks a lot in advance😀😃😃😃


  45. Hi Coach
    Love your posts – you seem like the most knowledgeable of all the TT bloggers. 😉👍
    Based on your blog's an advice I switched my forehand Rubber from tensor to Chinese hurricane 3. At first difficult but then my technique improved very fast and spin is amazing resulting I kick effect plus I love tackiness for serve!
    BUT, my Killshot is diminished. Even when I hit very hard with hip rotation – it's not as fast as tensor.
    I prefer how Chinese rubber plays, but need more power. But I do t want to use booster because of health Hazzard and hassle of rebooting constantly!
    So what to do?
    Will another Chinese rubber like blue sponge privincial or nittaku h3 really be faster?
    I do not really want to go back to tensor but the lack of power is a problem! 😥
    What do I do? Please help!

  46. 12:21 Not really. Zhang Jike used a 39 degree if I'm not wrong. I personally use a 39-degree hurricane on my FH too, and I'm very proficient with it.

  47. I've been playing with Friendship Battle 2 (basic model) with Falco Tempo Long booster and it is absolutely amazing. Spin and speed is just insane for a 20 dollar rubber.

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