C’est la plante qui génère l’insuline naturelle, nettoie les reins & améliore la pression artérielle

C’est la plante qui génère l’insuline naturelle, nettoie les reins & améliore la pression artérielle

Before using the bay leaf again. , here
what you should know this plant generates insulin naturally
cleanses the kidneys and improves pressure blood this information very little
Many people know this and that’s why a lot people do not take advantage of its great benefits
but today I will share all the details
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benefits for the body or for our health nature has undoubtedly
right answers for every need for our health because each plant have
specific properties that’s why it’s important to know
all of these properties, especially those of the most common plants we can
Easily grow, or even get at the store In today’s video we have
choose a simple plant but exceptionally rich in properties often used as
seasoning to improve the taste of certain foods this plant is the
Laurel, tell me in the comments under what name
Bcc is known in your country few people know that laurel is not
only one great seasoning in the kitchen but
this can also be the solution to many of
diseases in our body so that you know its wonderful
benefits I invite you to watch this video
until the end laurel is a plant
common and not very difficult to find you can easily buy it in
supermarkets but to use it well, it is
necessary to know all the benefits what she offers what does this offer us and how can we
enjoy the bay leaf? it’s beneficial
for problems with nerve pain, migraine, low energy, sciatica
, for the cramps or premenstrual spasms, for
arthritis, for depression, infections of the
skin, urethritis, urinary tract infections , for
gas retention, bloating, muscle depletion, l
ear infections or contractions of ear fluids , nerves and more before continuing I invite you to share this content
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how to take advantage of each advantages of this, are simple, simply
start drinking leaf tea laurel To make bay leaf tea
you need 30 grams of leaves dried
Laurel 1 liter of water preparation Put the water to boil and add the leaves
dry and let stand for a few minutes then remove
fire and wait for it to cool, anyway cold or
hot you can serve you can use a
sweetener to improve the taste of this tea
It is recommended to drink in the morning with an empty stomach and the night before
of sleeping other advantages
that bay leaves offer are: a
good dose of vitamins including magnesium calcium manganese potassium and
these vitamins can help relieve body pain when you
are tired you can boil about
5 bay leaves in a liter of water and
use this water for swimming if you
have a bathtub it’s much better because than
you can add it to the bath water and bathe
about 15 minutes later it’s going relieve muscle pain and
rejuvenate your body Bay leaves are also very
beneficial for help with arthritis pain
use to massage inflamed joints and that
will reduce pain laurels have
antibacterial and antifungal properties , can be used in
hot compress with the infusion of
bay leaves it can cure infections may improve sensitivity to
insulin and is helpful in regulating the blood sugar, therefore excellent for
diabetics, have often been used as a supplement to keep
your blood sugar under control help digestion
eliminate flatulence and colic consumption of laurel tea
may help relieve symptoms of colds and other respiratory problems can also be used as a remedy
for hair loss and to eliminate
dandruff just put a bucket with a
liter of water to boil and pour A few leaves in boiling water, a
once the infusion is complete, wash hair with use this liquid
as a natural repellant against the insects
just put its macerate on your skin or even its essential oil can
also be used to repel flies and mosquitoes apply this on doors and furniture
, preferably on wooden parts wood will serve as a protector now that you know all the
uses and benefits of bay leaf
tell me in the comments which one you prefer I tell you very soon for
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