Central Blood Pressure – TensioMed Education (with German subtitle)

Central Blood Pressure – TensioMed Education (with German subtitle)

the blood pressure measurement is the most common medical action and the blood pressure measured day by day million times in the world however we do not have to forget that we are just measuring the brachial blood pressure with standard blood pressure measuring process why the central blood pressure is getting to be more and more important in the medicine because we know well physiologically that if I draw the aortic pressure curve and if I draw the brachial pressure curve this is systole this is systole a disease diastolic and diastolic so if I measure the aortic blood pressure the central systolic blood pressure this is always lower as compared to the peripheral let’s say brachial blood pressure because of the physiological our pressure amplification the passed pressure amplification means that the passed pressure which is the difference between the systolic and diastolic pressure will be increasing towards the periphery the younger we are the better and the more marked the pass pressure amplification why the past in the by the center of the pressure is so important to be measured because unfortunately if we do measure the peripheral blood pressure which is taken day by day we have no chance to judge the aortic central blood pressure very simple way look at what will happen if there is an increased peripheral vascular resistance and then the reflected systolic wave amplitude will increase due to the increased energy of the reflected wave systolic wave in this case the highest pressure in the aorta will be the second reflected wave and the santa systolic blood pressure will increase however this kind of proportional increase cannot be detected at the brachial artery because in this case the very sparkle first systolic wave still will dominate and will create the highest pressure in the brachial artery so if you measure at this point as a systolic blood pressure consequently measuring the peripheral blood pressure we do not have chance to judge and to estimate the aortic systolic blood pressure the clinical consequence and the clinical importance of measuring the aortic central blood pressure is getting to have more and more scientific evidence in this trunk Heart Study issued by Mir Roman we learned that the aortic central blood pressure and passed pressure it is much more closer to the adverse cardiac outcome or cardiovascular morbidity and mortality as compared to the brachial one furthermore it had been revealed that the different kind of antihypertensive drugs are acting different way on the central blood pressure however they do decrease the peripheral blood pressure probably equally from the Kafe study which is a stopped study of the ESCO trial had been pointed out that the beta blockers were able to reduce the peripheral blood pressure and the calcium channel blocker amlodipine simultaneously and similarly however between the calcium channel blocker another die pin and the beta blocker eternal or strong difference were seen in the central blood pressure why the beta blocker did not decrease the central blood pressure the cutting channel blocker significantly decreased for this reason today in the clinical medicine and the daily medicine it would be ideal to measure the aortic systolic blood pressure in order to improve the cardiovascular system second to monitor the central hemodynamic effect of the applied antihypertensive therapy

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