Cattle Rancher Has a Change of Heart | The Farmhouse Garden

Cattle Rancher Has a Change of Heart | The Farmhouse Garden

farmhouse garden i moved here with my
family when I was eighteen nineteen fifty-six and had a different life for
20 years after we went University of workers silviculture working for forest
industry and needed a new challenges back to my family farm and water from my
dad yeah yeah about 18 plus acres of vegetables and
this is just a hundred acre farm and only about 44 morning live it is
workable and with the night on the back that I login servant and we’re still quite a mix farm virtually
we didn’t raise pigs and chickens and we have numbered account 21 almost with the baby and yearlings
the bowl and a fat cow and i sell my vegetables every week at
the village market in thornhill and when is available income survivor month and a
half and throw until my every product and reproduce and now there’s myself my
wife two young children and the morning voice no working here Roland partner and functions and I’m a biodynamic which means that
it’s absolutely essential to have a herbivore there’s something about
and that makes my farmhouse and not just the manure there’s there’s some into
relation between herbivore walk in the land eating the grass and in the
rotation of healthy men like the buckle on the prairies prairies it well for
tens of thousands of years with the Buffalo grazing the hell out of it and coming back
when the grass recovered my farm is healthy and icing very for contributing
factors that help is the presence of grazing herbivores no respect at all that she just says i’m
not i’m not giving her enough love right now I’ve been in the field for 20
minutes and he didn’t give me any love deposit that’s what you just need some
love talking to a why am i not getting any love this baby’s coming and i remember working my dad hired
man overnight caring for our young calves such love
and I was thinking about that about a month ago maybe six weeks ago I
was out out right here in this paddock helping a little baby up who was
just born and trying to get the nurse and just caring for like you would and I
was doing it with such love you know I’m talking to it and and and cleaning the
suzz off its face and trying to get it on on its mama who is a maid and didn’t
know exactly what was all the fuss was about as very important that they get
the first milk they’ve got to get on mama soon as i get
that first milk i know they’re gonna live don’t get that first milk you’re gonna die and anyways I’m talking
to it and i’m working with it and i’m getting on mama and you know what I’m
i’m very happy when that happens and I’m talking away to ignite it was funny huh I talk about Wilfred Fletcher this old
man and how he was so careful with animals and then I said always too bad
i’m gonna knock in the head cut you into pieces need you and I stopped him how
hypocritical admitted if something so much love and the end thing is is is is
so different from that and there’s nothing wrong with raising something
with with care i’m taking really good care of it and raising love but it is
just see the law that in the end of it I have the i can turn off my mind and
night and I never liked that part I as a barber you kind of just turn it off
because your farm you’re going to have you’re going to
have got to have the money coming in to pay the bill farming is anything but a cheaper to
mention it’s a very expensive existence my land tax bill .. and
every time a bill comes in somebody has to die I was just sitting here thinking one
thing i do and i thought well I thought I’ve got this sweet little girl that
worked for me for years and she’s been a very gentle influence she’s a vegan and
she’s never been hard on me she just kind of very gently just the information
anyways I just thought well I wonder if there’s a way and I thought well and see
if he has some ideas and ways that you can actually keep the cattle here on the
farm and just eliminate breeding of them and they will contribute about their
date but I thought well maybe then we’ll take in rescues cows or more ones that
are taken by the spca or something because the farmer wasn’t good i didn’t
know what i thought you know we’ll just explore that in and my family is in
eating a lot of beef now and it was an odd thing my young son who’s now seven
before you just ask what the meat was on a plane and he said we’re gonna meet
isn’t it will be well with me to college I did yeah he said our cows and I said
yeah it’s like hitting our cows and so what’s happened is he just will not eat
it and so any my wife has had to always make two different kinds of meals and so
what we’ve done it we’ve just haven’t even be now they don’t like their heads when you
pet her horns you’re saying come on let’s fight they they don’t mind the
shoulder pad it but the face and horns is a challenge so anyways it was neat
this morning because i was sitting in my office just after light and I could see
baby running up the laneway she was coming here get the apples that have fallen in the night
before the message so maybe the smartest or maybe she’s a flight have to become a
charitable or old baby that’s harder the camera will only do they have to be a
registered charity so they can get someone to donate your understanding
would be good out of it it may be oh yeah 36 she was giving me
calves up until she was 14 years and then there was two years there that she had
never got a red and a little shit because when something gets old here
take over the butcher shop and they’re made in the hamper and I put off doing
it i just kind of resisted hope maybe kick the pride I do she was getting old
put off center to the butcher shop and I was on my way on the meeting with my son
rolling and I just thought I’d check the college for I had it on when issues cast
we had the prop 36 up tables behind her to keep her from falling over and we
went to a meeting and came back after and she wasn’t looking good and she put her nose towards whatever
big long black come and she just put it into the swing feed unless you let them and 6 just like you yeah and i’m still still took the up-and-up so we buried her here on the farm yeah
and I didn’t have green you got me choked up and everything to
do that yeah yeah where where where arrested market in the morning is a little organic market I’ve been
there for like twenty-four years there every single Saturday and a TV works as
does like longest serving post-oil cash here percentage than 9,100 faster street and
that’s where we shall are weird that’s that’s all they get here is love
and hugs yeah I want to make sure the end of it
I’ve got a conscience and make sure that it’s done openly in and and honestly when I go to my old age I got ya gotta
be you know the nice and clear conscience and I don’t want anyone
thinking that all my keys just doing that is an easy way

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  1. Wow! This is incredible, what a beautiful thing to happen. You must be soooo proud of your boss, a truly kind and sincere man…goes to show that it just takes a gentle Vegan, like yourself to open people's eyes and hearts. Thank you ever so much for sharing this. Sending very best wishes and lots of love to you all for every success in this amazing new venture. I've subscribed and will be watching for updates from here in Kent, England xxx.

  2. Aww, this is so wonderful. I hope he goes all the way (vegan) with this, he obviously has a big heart. His heart will grown 100x bigger if he does. Thanks for helping him along, it's so beautiful to see. I'm close to Uxbridge, does he have a store?

  3. Such a wonderful interview. Is there any way the overpowering background "music" can be removed so we can hear the full story?

  4. Thank you Mike for being open minded and brave enough to see other perspectives and all the positive reasons why we all need to ask questions of everything we have been taught and done simply from long custom or outmoded reasons~and whether it is the best or ;right ' way to lead our lives ~ you are not only an obviously intelligent and independent, critical thinker , but also possess empathy and compassion and understand the importance for every sentient being ,as well as the health and welfare of our planet to be vegan. You are an inspiration and wish far more farmers knew about you and all the excellent reasons to transition from animal farming to plants. You are a hero to animals and people alike. Thank you!

  5. Doesn't biodynamic farming involve the use of animal parts to create different fertilizing preparations? Like different organs and cow horns being buried in the ground?

  6. Thanks for publishing this! I made a video about this on my channel and linked/recommended people watch this video, donate, and go check out the farm on Facebook. Much appreciation 🙂

  7. It's wonderful, you are a good boy Mike, I wish you a good luck, excuses my english, i'm french, thank'you for your vidéo.

  8. You are the greatest to have come to realize that huamns must help feeding animals instead of killing them at youg ages for greed's sake. I have gone through your experience a bit of long time ago, and I started dreaming of settling down in a farm where I would be happily living on plants and feed animals with and lead a peaceful vegetarian life. You are a great inspiration to me God bless you ! If I happen to be able gather even all the world's money I will support you in your harmony paradise. even though I m from Tunisia I will keep thinking of a away of inventing a way to support your paradise project with ideas and world wide campaign

  9. Mike, in the Veda's culture (traditional ancient Indian's culture), humans are vegetarians. Cows are treated like mothers and their milk is sold to feed the family and make money for their own expenses. Drink milk is not wrong, abuse, explore cows for their milk is wrong. No cows or any animal is killed for their meat or any other reason. Sell your cows milk, so you can have some income in.

  10. So, our master srila Prabhupada came to the West to teach us to love and care for all animals and the importance of cow milk in human society and how to care for the cows with love and respect.


  12. Thank you Mike for choosing compassion and mercy. You will be blessed because of it. Look into permaculture farming on your property. Learning how to implement permaculture systems into your farm you can transform non-arable land into rich high yield producing land and your adorable animals can help you do it! Team work! Check out "Greening The Desert " : The beauty is you can implement this system growing what ever you can grow in your region. Another options is putting up large temperature/humidity/light controlled greenhouses growing all sorts of crops vertically using hydroponic or aeroponic systems.

    See if you can contact Howard Lyman. He is a former dairy and cattle farmer turn Vegan and turned his land into a farm animal sanctuary. He is now an animal rights advocate and speaks heavily about animal agriculture and the negative impacts it has on the environment and helps animal agriculture farmers transition their lands to produce only plants and plant based products. Here is a great resource: Scroll down to Howard Lyman #7. Many blessings to you.

  13. I'm confused… Did he say when beef becomes available, every month and month and half? So does this mean he still slaughters?

    He should turn this area into a sanctuary and learning/living museum center for people to come visit like the Farm Sanctuary. But I think that would only get true animal lovers if they truly go vegan, otherwise there would not be too much traffic. Vegans are loyal supporters. I've seen people like Cafe Gratitude who prop up vegan restaurants then use that money to kill animals. They hid that they were killing the animals on the farm but eventually the truth always comes out…Once vegans found out they stopped going and they have since had to close their restaurants down one by one.

    Anyway, I started tearing up at the story of 36… 🙁 I have a feeling that he'll go vegan eventually because he has the empathy. He's removing the conditioning layer by layer… If he sees enough about other animals and about other farmers who have changed heart, he'll be in good company.

    And thank you for initiating this change….<3

  14. I would be happy if the government helped veggie farmers out. If they stay away from slaughtering animals, then they should be rewarded monetarily to support themselves…. But it's true they are already rewarded by their a better conscience. 🙂

  15. Mike, you are an amazing human being! Thankyou for being the change, thankyou for letting these beautiful babies live out the rest of their lives happy!😍😍Thankyou for the hope youve given me with your story! ❤❤

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