Caring for someone with Heart failure

(gentle piano music) – My husband and I always
assumed that I would die first and he would be my caregiver. Well, things don’t always work out the way you assume they’re going to. – So being a caregiver for my
mother just is what you do. You know, it becomes part of your life. It is who you are. Her job, I guess, in
controlling this condition is to always be pushing
the limits of her ability. We got a specialist. We try to limit our exposure to other doctors as much as possible because
I don’t wanna hear about how this is indigestion or asthma. We know what it is. It would be nice if the
change that happened around HFpEF was recognizing
that it is a legitimate set of morbidities that are recognizable. Because then, the more
the collective knowledge around it grows, the more
there can be an exchange of ideas for dealing with the
symptoms and alleviating them. – I still live alone. I take care of most my things myself, but I’ve learned there’s
some things I can’t do and I need to ask for
help, and that that’s okay. – It’s part of the familial bond. So it’s not even really something like I think of as a job, it’s just a duty. It’s what you do. – [Man]

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