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  1. With Dementia or Alzheimer's you never want to say "You Remember" ! I really think her re-direction was a good idea and the letter as a daily tool. Thank you 🙂

  2. I vowed 100% refuse to change my lifestyle if I get diabetes or high / low blood pressure. When I was younger I was on several medicines (none being for the above listed reasons) being a pre-mature baby and having the whole field of problems, now at 25 I am only 1 pill a day !!

  3. I applaud you for trying to help in these difficult situations. But this was way too easily accomplished.  My mother didn't have Alzheimers but didn't want to take some of her meds because of what they were for.  She'd secretly spit some out after sweetly taking her pills.  Found that out when after a few spat out doses she's suddenly screeching Get Thee Behind Me Satan!, screeching all of her doctors and I are "trying to kill her" etc etc.  Combative as hell. Psychotic. Delusional.
    Horrifying thing is that with too many people getting shot by police who respond after families call 911, you don't want to call 911 in these situations out of fear of police pulling their tasers and guns. I'm glad the whole nightmare is over.

  4. That be a lot of apple sauce. Only use a small amount of apple sauce when using crushed meds because he/she might not finish the whole bowl and will not get all the medicine.

  5. For fucks sake will you give it a rest , I'm sure there's something wrong with you,your not fucking right in the head Tony that on many occasions has been our moms response spoken like the good Irish woman she is,and as I say I fucking love ya mamy. On a serious note incredibly horrific disease and patience of a saint is needed always treat with a massive sense of humour God bless all especially the poor souls afflicted with this disease

  6. Some meds have bad side effects they may not like so them to take refusing meds may not be because they just don’t want to take them maybe they don’t like the side effects from them

  7. my grandmother refuses to take her insulin shots before meals at the nursing home she easily gets frustrated at the nurses especially on the days I visit she yells at curses at them but eventually once she's calm she takes it.

  8. My mom is compliant but unfortunately we are now experiencing the challenge of getting her to swallow rather than retain and chew the pills. She will swallow the water but keep the pills on her tongue and show them to us or chew them. We keep saying and modeling, "Drink the water." the words are no longer holding meaning, "Swallow, spit etc… she doesn't know what they mean and sometimes even witnessing us modelling doesn't work. " I think we will try crushing the pills and I will try to take my medicine at the same time. My mom is so sweet and wants to be compliant ( that is a blessing because I know this disease often changes their personalities) but her language and comprehension are becoming effected. Any advice?

  9. This was a cute demo. It reminded me of a love one years ago. It was a struggle. We placed it in a small portion of applesauce or pudding.

  10. And watch that they swallow the medication. Sometimes they spit them out and/or hide them when you are not looking.

  11. Grandma is so sassy i love it. The approach is good- but sometimes patients dgaf lol. Its all about the approach though.

  12. sitting down beside an uncooperative senior is a sure fire recipe for a whoopin' upside the head
    but yeah; don't loom over them. but don't sit down and crowd them either

  13. I like the way you showed how to do things in a way that alleviated the frustration of the person needing medication. Thank you!

  14. my dad(85) refused to take his medicine the other day, after some major shouting he took them and never refused again. I don't have that kind of patience. I also do the same when he refuses to wear his adult diapers. I don't like to be mean but it's the only thing that works.

  15. All I no being care giver is not fun ..its so stressful. They call you all times of the night .none stop .sometimes i feel like a paid slave ..I smell all type of smells i dont wont to smell.then what you do for them it's never enough all they wont is more ,more, work that need to be done ..

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