CarbLoaded: A Culture Dying to Eat (International Subtitles)

CarbLoaded: A Culture Dying to Eat (International Subtitles)

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  1. Admired your efforts. The most fun and at the same time educational video that exposed how dangerous and anti-intellectual the current Carbohydrate diet really is. It is extremely important to not bore the common people, so that they’ll listen. Excellent work!

  2. thats simple our bodis are stil in stone age mode and working absolute best whit the food that we eat then so cut out grains and added sugar from your diet and you will see a change ^^

  3. It’s funny how abundance of food is killing us in US…that does not happen in my country 😂😂😂

  4. The only way you'll make changes is to get congress to stop paying farmers NOT to grow crops here so prices on healthy fresh food can come down, get the fast food and soda companies to stop baraging people in their homes with propagandized 'commercials' about drinking their cheap shit and soda 24/7. Until that is done, people will go to what they can afford. This has been done by design. I'll bet the fast food industry- soda pushers and big pharma have an agreement to work together for mutual profit escalation.

  5. Yes forget bread and use corn which is protein. Forget sugar and all industrial products that carry lots of it

  6. People think food like fashion, coming up with vegan diets, keto etc. All of these very harmful. All I can say is make lion's diet full of vegetables see how quickly they die. We don't have the cow's stomach you cannot digest greens fully, only some part of it therefore you eat suplements. These suplements are highly processed, so rest in piece .

  7. Living in a really rich agricultural valley I can You that just because you have access to “fruits and vegetable” doesn’t mean they taste good. The excuse “I don’t like vegetables” may be pretty valid when you’ve tasted the difference between quality produce and may simply technically be produce.

  8. 8:15 lol yep, this is what they (pharma and food industry) want. They spend millions on research that always concludes high carbs and low fat diets are great for you.

  9. I wish Australia had not followed the idiotic American food pyramid. As a kid we ate pretty basic, meat was fatty, plenty of veges. Then the 70s came and along with it the high carb food and prepackaged foods. I gained a heap of weight in that period. keto is basically low carb good fats and proteins. Since changing to that Ive lost weight

  10. "If you have to exercise to loose your weight, you are eating to much"… THANKS Prof. Tim. Shout out to fellow Parkrunners and Bruce Fordyce

  11. I have a healthy diet my diet is a hye protein diet and lots of vegetables and fruits all of them all my food is fresh no frozen food or proset food. I excersize almost every single day

  12. Yeay: More carb foods and vegetable oils please and the world issue of over-population is gone pretty soon.

  13. Carbs are poisonous to humans. Carbs are sugar and sugar is worse than alcohol. Carbs cause cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Stop eating carbs and you will never get fat or feel unhealthy ever raw meat and raw eggs, milk and blood that's your diet covered. Fat fuels us not carbs.

  14. Nowadays there so much bullshit about finding the "perfect" diet and all that crap. Honestly, don't know what to believe and what not to believe. Carbs were deemed as the absolute evil and then there came a recent phase of 'praising' the carbs. You know what people, there is NO perfect diet. Eat real, less processed foods and avoid sugar as much as you can. That is the PERFECT diet. Maintain a fucking balance. Stop cutting out random food groups. :/

  15. Keto diet has changed my life! Never hungry…….lost over 25 lbs in less than 3 months, mental clarity, energy, etc., Just give it a try if you are on the fence and see if you don’t feel better in a month.

  16. Cooking yourself from raw foods actually beats McDonald in cost.

    Raw food per meal is half or less than even fast food. My food bill each month is about $100. The kitchen is usually a given so the extra cost is in only the fuel, not much. Learn to cook from an early age. I have been cooking well since 16.

    I eat out less than ten times a year–last year only once on my birthday paid by family. Most restaurants will be out of business if most everyone does the same as I do and the US economy will be different, contract certainly. I always cook first and put the pot with food in my car when I have to travel.

    I buy very few packaged foods, mostly meats and veggie, alive oil. No grains, no foods derived from grains (no bread, no rice, no wheat products) no beans , no oat , no corn, Low Carb. gluten-free. The only sugar is small amount from fruits.

    Complex carb is not very different from simple carb, as there can be just a time delay in the release of the sugar generated, but the fiber and fats ingested that traps carb can be the difference toward a low glycemic index. I prefer to limit carb in general.

  17. if you are of african descent especially sub saharan western africa in the southern coasts from nigeria down to guinea(southern rain forest), i belive u will do better on a whole food plant based diet.u might not do well with keto based on ur evolutional predisposition and ancestry,especially if u live in the motherland. most white people lived in artics and sub tropical regions with not much of lush natural vegetation,so they might do better digesting animsl fat cis their ancestors(like the polar bear) ate meat and blood.but you are different,u are unique,u are not like them.u come from a natural fruit,herb eating habitat. imagine a rhiniceros,elephant,gorilla,chimps,bonobos etc.all eat food from herbs,leaves,trees. but polar bears eat more meat and d blood. science always complicates nature becos science is business. remember u are childern of the sun.NOT ICE. THE 🌞 SUN

  18. If you're Usain Bolt, have a bowl of pasta, otherwise throw it down the toilet and have some scrambled eggs and rashers of bacon.

  19. You understand that, there is not enough fresh produce food in the world to adequately feed the Western World. The Governments of the Western World know this and does not have an answer. This is why they encourage and promote Junk food sales. Also it is a population control while being a great tax base revenue.

  20. Keto lifestyle is best. Make right choices people. Ofcourse letting fast food restaurants be open is like being ok with people drinking and driving

  21. So, we should sue the FDA because they promoted this stupid "mainly carb" way of eating, for using us as guinea pigs. When I was growing up, you almost never saw anyone eating or drinking on the street no matter where you went. I vague remember hearing that eating on the street was rude and "low class." People didn't eat in the car, on the bus or train either. Eating was done during a meal, a sit down meal. I don't remember drinking a lot either though, but if we did get thirsty, we drank water; juice was too expensive and we were forbidding soft drinks–and we didn't have money to spend on junk or fast food between meals. Kids weren't given a much money–not regular kids (maybe rich kids, I wouldn't know). If we snacked at all, it was on a piece of fruit, often having to split one fruit with siblings. Things significantly changed somewhere in the 60s with a whole lot of "instant" foods being available to average Americans. Mom just opened a packet of soup, dumped it in a pot of water and we had soup. She opened a packet and dumped water together and had some parfait dessert that self separated into layers. Even for spaghetti, she just opened a packet and added it to tomato sauce and had pasta sauce. Instant coffee. Even instant Lipton iced tea (not regular tea bags you then put ice into, actual powdered iced tea). Shoving chips or candy at fussy kids shut them up, and kids were quick to learn how to get that food fix. However, it is surprising how thin young adult Japanese are considering how they put sugar in everything. As kids we were always running around too. I grew up in Chicago inner city and mom would shove us out of the house and tell us not to come home until mealtime, and we'd run around the neighborhood, not eating anything, we'd drink out of the public water fountains (now it is appalling to think of that) or from one of the outside taps people used to water their plants. We ran a lot, walks a little, climbed things, we were active; we had chores that had to be done when we got home. We walked to school 10 city blocks away, back for lunch, back to school, and then after school we had more activities at the YMCA, we were helpers at church, we had dance classes, we had activities. My brother played football with his friends. But as we got older and got jobs, we became more sedentary.

  22. Do believe there is AIR & Water : RAIN WORLDWIDE POLLUTION Poisoning OUR GREEN LEAFY & healthy FRUITS FOR MANKIND AND THE ANIMALS & birds & insects & fish are all being polluted with ACID RAIN OTHER POISONS the military puts in the clouds to cool the earth.????? Do u know??? Greater research to make SURE GREEN LEAFY Vegetables SAFE. TAKE NOTE . …..

  23. I live a pretty healthy lifestyle for around £15 (a weeks food money) and go foraging for wild vegetables and mushrooms occasionally. I think reducing food deserts and lack of knowledge are the main problems and not that people lack time or money. Being able to make pickles is a great way to allow someone to bulk buy when thing are on discount and anyone can grow mint; chives and dandelions even if they only a windowsill and have black thumbs.

  24. The documentary is trying to be very benign about a serious issue. I do wonder if this allows audiences to (a) take it less seriously than it is (b) make sarcastic comments to feel superior (c) make them feel non-threatened about an intense issue (d) all of the above.

  25. this was very entertaining but amazingly informative! i hate boring documentaries and this one was great.. thank you!

  26. Well kids don’t have enough/any sport class anymore or recess. This is a huge problem for kids. But carbs are not the enemy. It’s processed carbs and processed foods. Being vegan is the healthy way for me. I eat a lot of carbs. But Whole Foods. 🌱

  27. My honest opinion:
    Who cares? Let them all kill themselves. The earth is overpopulated. Why would you want to rescue and help those people who make poor choices in the first place?

  28. 40:50 – plus fast food leaves you hungry, so you end up just buying more and eating more throughout the day

  29. Half of my family is diabetic. My grandmother recently died from complications of diabetes. My mom has constant foot wounds. After my Nan died, my mom let me test my blood sugars and they are a little high than they should. I'm trying the low carb and high fat diet. So far I've lost 12 pounds in 5 weeks.

  30. I was 32 stone last year and I was diagnosed with hbp and was told I'm "boarder line diabetic". I dramatically cut my carbs (30g net daily) and since have lost 8 stone (108lbs), glucose levels are normal and blood pressure medication is going to be phased out in the next few months.

  31. Diabetes is responsible for heart and kidney disease, as well. All of us cardiac researchers know that Type II Diabetes results in cardiac, vascular and renal damage.

  32. What's happened with the food guidelines that led to all the chronic illness is now happening with the wholesale use of vaccines to prevent non-serious health problems. Graphs show that the introduction of more and more vaccines has resulted in a tremendous rise is autism and other illnesses.

  33. Here in Sterling Hgts mich, 90% of all women, young and old, are like beluga whales,, and most young men,

  34. I've lost 30 pounds in 2 weeks on the keto diet so far. I completely cured my IBS. Everyone who reads this should look into the work of Aajonus Vonderplanitz, he was an amazing man. carbs are the enemy. Grains are literally slave food. Eat raw meat and drink blood. Vegans are pill addicted slaves, don't let the elite fool you. Don't be enslaved. Be free.

  35. This was interesting. The information about "carbs" is not clear, however. I understand "don't eat processed food"- that makes sense. Plants which are "high carb" and "good carb"- does that matter? It seems like it does, but many in this video say we do not need carbs at all, or having just a little will do no harm. It does mention some "good" ones- the pineapple and one other (I forget offhand…) Yet if we are eating natural- grown, not made, it seems like all vegetables and plants should be OK? I wonder too about animals; for example, cows. Without our factories and tools and all, how would we kill them to eat? It seems like vegetables are easy for us to pick, dig up, etc. Seems like killing cows to eat was the beginning of "processing" food. There is certainly no appeal to me to knock down a cow in a field, kill it, drain its blood, cut it up and cook it. With say an apple, in contrast, you just reach up, give a strong twist, maybe wipe it off and bite. I am not against eating animals, but it seems like a strange thing to do, over eating carbs- the ones, of course found in nature, in plants- not the processed ones!

  36. It's a money grab and population control. Big agriculture, food, medicine, pharma and cancer, know damn well what they are doing. They are all working together to sell cheap to manufacture, addictive processed food that makes people ill. We then need to see doctors, who then prescribe us drugs. We end up with cancer and then they suck the last bit of money and life out of us. Rinse repeat.

  37. I've been on keto for about 3 months now and have lost 40 pounds. My mind is sharper, I have way more energy, my feet and knees don't hurt anymore, I have significantly less body odor. This shit is the real deal. I tried a few times a few years ago, but this time I'm a believer.

  38. I live in Lousiana about an hour from Houston. Practically everyone is fat here. People who are slightly overweight consider themselves normal. Tinder is like a fat pride parade. I'm 50lbs underweight by our new standards. People ask me how I'm so skinny. I don't eat out, never eat fast food, eat once to twice a day, I don't eat until I'm full; I eat to survive and most importantly I make my own food from the most basic ingredients.

  39. I agree that junk food is cheap, but the problem is how convenient it is, eating healthy in America requires you to organize yourself. When I was a social worker I had hispanic immigrant families who were REALLY poor, and I was surprised that they were not obese and eating completely unhealthy. They explained me that eating healthy and cheap was possible but required cooking, time, and organizing your time. They got together with other families to share memberships of Cotsco and BJs; they also would buy different things on different places such as fruits and vegetables on Trader Joes or local markets; packaged foods in Cotsco; etc; and they would cook 3 times a week for their families. These were families from central America that still had the habit of cooking at home and were trying their best to preserve their cooking habits.

  40. It’s hard to know what the actual truth is?? With so many conflicting studies and contradicting views from health professionals…ugh….Then you have documentaries like “what the health”, “forks over knives”, and this one. I’m so confused lol. Who do I listen to 😭😂

  41. 35:00 mins in makes no sense, why does the second fattest (sometimes the fattest country) in the world (mexico) eat less calories but more carbs rather than fats but do 8 hours of hard labor a day but are again super obese?

    We eat carbs because they are addictive, not because we want to exercise, i don't believe we naturally want to exercise.

  42. High Carb Diet (FDA Approved)


    Lesson? Don't let the government dictate how to live

  43. The problem is that it hasnt been fixed. Might want to look at the people who are making a bunch of money from this. You can get paid to solve a problem but you have to create the problem 1st. People who are overweight and addicted to food are very easy to manipulate. Just scare them a little and they will do what you say. There are people out there that are like crack addicts when it comes to sugar and carbs. I was one of those people until I switched to fruit and Veg. I lost 3 stone in one year.

  44. Double whopper with cheese…and a coke..with fries….now im…fasting to try and heal my insulin resistive body..gone keto..purple cabbage and ghee

  45. depending on what raw fruits and vegetables you eat they can tribute to low functioning kidneys. Oranges, bra, wheat, bananas, dried fruit, tomatoes, nuts, beans, avocados, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, cooked spinach all contain high amounts of potassium which are terrible for your kidneys. Be sure to eat cabbage, onions, raw spinach, arugula, pineapple, buckwheat, carrots, broccoli, celery which are low in potassium

  46. Eat everything except refined food. And also eat everything with moderation. I
    ve stopped eating refined food that has added sugar and I am slowly loosing weight.

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