Canada-China relations: More evidence of tension

Canada-China relations: More evidence of tension

The CBC’s Evan Dyer is in our Ottawa
Bureau with more on this story so Evan tell us a bit more about what Trudeau
said in that interview? Well, a lot of the interview was focused on the detainees
issues which as any Canadian official will tell you is the number one issue
between China and Canada has been for the past year as well. When it came to
talk about things like free trade and business, Prime Minister
Trudeau made it pretty clear that any progress on any of those fronts are
conditioned on what happens on the other one and his language his tone about
China while still fairly mild compared to the way China speaks about Canada was perhaps a little harsher than some other members of his government in fact
he was specifically asked about a comment by his defense minister that
China is not an adversary of Canada and of course the defense when it was saying
it’s not a military adversary and Trudeau said it is an adversary or
behaving like an adversary in some respects, referring of course to these
detentions and he did seem to pretty much rule out the prospect of any kind
of a free trade deal and of course Canada is proceeding with a free-trade
arrangement which we’re already part of which which deliberately excludes China
so perhaps not that surprising to hear those comments. Now, we said in the
intro that China is reacting angrily tell us a bit more about that? Right not
clear if they were reacting angrily to those comments by the Prime Minister was
something else. In fact, there’s something in their comments that might lead one to
think that it’s it’s about an agreement that Canada signed yesterday so let’s
look first of all at what the foreign ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said
indeed the language is harsher than what we’ve heard in the past he said I wonder
if Canada is too heartbroken for tears. If you pull chestnuts out of the fire
for others, he will end up being the one getting burned. Here’s some advice to the
Canadian side ganging up on China by forming cliques or by linking China with
some other issues will be a waste of time and is doomed to fail so fairly
dramatic language there from Geng Shuang and the phrase forming cliques is an
interesting one to end because Canada did sign yesterday a Memorandum of
Understanding with the United States, joining what is essentially a clique of
10 countries that have agreed to try to counter
the Chinese monopoly on rare earth minerals the kind of thing that we’re
looking at there these minerals are being mined in various countries around
the world some of which are joining this clique I think the Chinese referred to
it as which is a group that brings together countries like Australia
Argentina Brazil Congo and the U.S. and Canada to try to ensure that they will
have access to these very important minerals in the future and the reason
that they are so important is because they include things like tantalum,
lithium the kind of materials that are needed to make the most modern
technologies like electric car batteries cell phones, microprocessors, and so on and right now China has a worrying stranglehold, if you like, on that market and in fact
earlier this year we interviewed the Japanese ambassador about Japan’s
difficulties when some of its citizens were held prisoner in China for an
extended period and during that conflict ,in fact, the Chinese did cut off the
trade in rare earth minerals to depend causing some major pain to Japanese
industry and forcing the Japanese to look for other sources and it appears
that Canada in the US are doing the same partly in response to hints by China
that it might bring rare earth minerals into its trade dispute with the United
States that it might use them to try to get leverage and on another front China
was also pushing back pretty hard on Canada in recent days with the Chinese
consulate in Vancouver equities report by The Vancouver Sun looking to recruit
Chinese Canadians into what it calls a volunteer core who would defend the
rights of Chinese citizens in Canada rather where it says incidents
of injury illness disappearance detention fraud and so forth remain
frequent and it said that the role of these citizens would be to construct a
system for overseas Chinese peace and we know that some Canadian citizens do
appear to have travelled to Beijing to take part in training and receive
diplomas and now as volunteers of that Chinese embassy or Chinese consulate
volunteer corps.

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  1. Canada 🇨🇦 must be tough on China 🇨🇳. Canada should put sanctions on Chinese officials who abused human rights and who kidnapped the 2 Canadians.

  2. China🇨🇳has been cheating and stealing for a long time. It wants to keep cheating and stealing all the way to the top.

  3. Huawei is a stolen company from a Canadian🇨🇦company named Nortel Network. The🇨🇳 Chinese Security agency helped Huawei to hack Nortel into pieces to grow Huawei.
    Look it up if you don't believe this.

  4. China, like Trump does not know of legal barriers and the law. China enjoys the protections of universal laws and inherent rights that we share and value, however. Evidently, China have forgotten what it is like to lose those protections where the only laws the country can ignore are its own, where it's voice only echos within its own walls. Beyond that it is but still a screaming infant.

  5. Why do report forget to mention these rare minerals are use for military purposes big time, not just phone and battery. Just wondering, why the forget.

  6. Do not trust the Chinese. They are bullies and only want to control everybody like they do their own. Lived and worked there.

  7. One thing to add, only China has technology to extract and process rare earth . So remind those countries ship their raw materials to China to further process. Hehehe…

  8. Did anyone know there are rare earth metals in the tailings from the production of bitumen at Tar Sands? Maybe we don't need China as much as they need us.  The Ambassador to China should assent back to China.

  9. China poisoned its own people and land for Rare Earth Metals, in a bid for economic control over electronics & military resources. But now the west has developed clean methods of processing it, and we are quickly replacing China as the main provider of it.

    China poisoned its own people to play politics, and it backfired massively.

  10. China has helped Rogers and the Liberals silence Canadians from voicing our concerns. i mean we cannot even defend our nation without the LEFT calling us bigoted and the R word.

  11. Oh, Human Right

    Human right! Oh, human right!

    Yours is always in the dark.

    And theirs is always in the light.

    Human right! Oh, human right!

    You are definitely wrong,

    Because they are universally right.

    Human right! Oh, human right!

    What is the judges’ standard?

    You may wonder why.

    Human right! Oh, human right!

    Well, it probably depends on

    The color of their sight.

  12. Didn't boy wonder not give China all the pre fab modulars for all the LNG ? Thousands of good paying jobs lost, there must not be any steel plants in Quebec…..

  13. 1- Deployments of China-trained squads on Canadian soil is called INVASION, or infiltration at least.

    2- ‘ Volunteer Corps are concerned with the ‘ safety of Chinese citizens in Canada ‘, that brings up questions of :

    – Why were those Chinese citizens in Canada to begin with ? Colonization?

    – If those Chinese citizens are truly ‘ in danger ‘ , shouldn’t they hurry back to China ?

    – Didn’t they rename their People Liberation Army as ‘ Volunteer Army ‘ before sending them to the Korean War ?

    This is alarming, awakening and appalling to us Canadians.

  14. Lies…Quebec and Trudeau wouldn't have signed new deals since our election if there was tensions. Yous people are getting lower

  15. 小土豆现在真是欲哭无泪。不过还是提前祝大家圣诞节快乐🎄🎄🎄🎁🎁🎁🎀🎀🎀🎆🎆🎆

  16. A little isolationism would be good for Canada. We are resource rich. Just need to bolster manufacturing. Less globalism. Trade with actual friends ie. democracies

  17. China did not start it. This all started when Canada detained Meng Wanzhou, under the pretense of some violation of US sanctions on Iraq — sanctions that China does not follow/recognize and even the EU court had ruled as illegal. It was also a payback from America because everyone knows the US had been targeting Huawei because some Chinese company had beaten Americans in 5G, and Americans are butthurt over it.

  18. = How about our Canadian $$$ from Canada Pension Plans given to China's COAL ENERGY ??? WHY the hypocrisy to CARBON TAX CANADIANS further and waste OUR money on foreign suspicious deals ???

  19. why don't you talk about the illegal arrest of the huawei owner's daughter?. because you are bloody hypocrites. you have tortured that lady who did nothing to canada. canada is guilty of crimes against humanity, serbia, montenegro, syria, afghanistan, iraq who knows where else you are murdering people.

  20. I thought Canadians were smart. Rare earth elements aren't rare. Most of them are found everywhere. It's the processing that's hard. It doesn't matter if you can find them somewhere else. The price to process them will be high. China doesn't hold a monopoly. It just can produce pure rare earth elements cheaper than any developed country. So what you're really complaining about is you're just cheapskates. The only way the West can produce them on the cheap is to enslave a non-white population in another country and have them exposed to all the hazards exposed to them during processing and face all the risks.

  21. Canada hope china mention INDIAN? chinese foreign affairs speach have mentioned INDIAN genocide to USA at Press conference .it is comfortable?

  22. When China kickoff their big purchase with the US… Guess what? Those orders will be offload from Canada and Australia and going straight to the US!!! Canada should carefully THINK thrice if it wants to make an enemy out of China. !!??!! Where are all the Canadian economists and their (so called) China experts??????? Aren't they suppose to give strategic advice to JT?????

  23. I got a new idea Canada maybe you can convince Donald Trump to help you get these people out by giving Omar khadr another 10 million dollars for killing an American Soldier. Maybe you need to Virtue signal to terrorists some more and bring Isis war criminals back to Canada maybe that will work.

  24. Logic in the comment section: Kidnapping Chinese citizens is a good idea, Kidnapping Canadian citizens is a bad idea. How dare China respond to our kidnapping of their citizen!

    The same logic was used by the US in Ukraine. How dare Russia respond to us installing an Anti Russian regime at their border! Who do they think they are, the US?


  26. We are all hostages, but being an unprincipled lackey and propagandist for the US and Israel is not a good look, it seems.

  27. We need all western countries to come together with Japan, South Korea.. Lithium will not be needed for long, Solid State Batteries coming from lithium battery inventor.

  28. Seems easy and sensible….cut China out of the picture….Hong Kong can never win against the mainland….it is a City ….on an island….easily cut off from food and water and power….Canada can take them all….already has half the Hongkongers…finish the job…but you might not be so happy in the long run.
    China will be happy to get rid of the trouble makers……China is looking East. Canada can do as it pleases….be careful who you hate and demonize.

  29. Pay attention……half the worlds countries are leaning toward China and are disgusted with American sanctions and military presence ….western nations are building nothing…your infrastructure is crumbling …just like the US…..your not modern and progressive ….compared to Tokyo or Shanghai……handwriting on the wall…read it…..your at the peak of your glory days.

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