BTS & ARMYs – ‘LIGHTS x HEARTBEAT’ ft. Young Forever Wembley MASHUP Remix

BTS & ARMYs – ‘LIGHTS x HEARTBEAT’ ft. Young Forever Wembley  MASHUP Remix

“BTS featuring ARMYs” It leaves me feeling seasick baby I can’t get anything done It spins me round and drives me crazy I hate it
I’m scared a little now Like a moon rising mid-day But I also want to save someone I might have given up, lost at sea Within the noise, time stops I’m gonna find you again like destiny I wish that you would love me When I close my eyes
In the darkness, your light woah And every time my heart beats Walk with me so I won’t get lost anymore I wish that you would love me
(You’re My Light) Don’t let go of my hand like yesterday
(You’re My Light) And every time my heart beats
(You’re My Light) Walk with me so I won’t get lost anymore Your light shines on me even if I’m away.. When you hear my heartbeat baby You gave me a new life you gave me a new birth I feel you’re heartbeat away I been losin my mind I been cravin my shine Ay! I don’t wanna listen to just happy songs I want to face loneliness and color now I’ll face my loneliness, color my life I got YOUniverse I’m breaking down I can see there’s light inside Dawn will come to the darkest of nights Overcome, even the future We won’t stop from now on, Decide for yourself what it means to be happy Every day, take a step to grow up I wish that you would love me Don’t let go of my hand like yesterday Always shine into my heart I’m your light I’m your light No matter how far apart we are
Your light shines on me When I close my eyes In the darkness, your light woah Lights the way for me Let’s walk forward without fear, you & I woah Are you ready for this? Are you ready to get hyped up? Come on! I never thought there’d be a sleepless night Turns out they weren’t lies And it made me get stronger What is love? If there’s an answer, I wanna know right now Meeting you was like a drama that the universe created When I was endlessly wandering and lost You pulled me from that maze You’re my light, my salvation The rain has stopped, I don’t wanna let go of your hand ARMYs: Coz, I’m Just Fine, just fine BTS Answer: But it’s okay sometimes To show weakness for your love Don’t lie to yourself any more for your love ARMYs: But I’m not afraid, I’m fine, I’m fine I’m feeling just fine, fine, fine I’ll let go of your hand now I know I’m all mine, mine, mine Cause I’m just fine I’m feeling just fine, fine, fine I don’t wanna be sad anymore I could see the sunshine, shine, shine Cause I’m just fine just fine BTS & ARMYs: Forever We Are Young Under the flower petals raining down I run, so lost in this maze Forever We Are Young
(You my Light) Even when I fall and hurt myself I endlessly run toward my dream How far apart we are
Your light shines on me

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  1. I've been wanting to incl the Armys ever since I saw that clip at Wembley and finally found a cool combo to use it 💜 Hope to see as many at the premiere as possible :3 smack the like if u'll join 🙏🙈

  2. Thank you bro it relates me I'm crying for that, your my light and your my heartbeat bro. BTS forever/Monkey squad forever

  3. I'm crying
    I love this mashup and I love your mashups
    Army and BTS are a big and beautiful family
    💜BTSxArmy 💜

  4. YEES I CAN FINALLY CRAWL OUT OF BEDD TO WATCH THIS <3333 I'm so happy right nowww this makes me feel better ;w; it's so good ~ Thank you so much for creating this Mashup omggg it's so good >//w//< <333 !! Gj SangSangChan :3

  5. They made me realise I should love myself. That's the only thing that matters. They face hardship but on their way, they removed all the rough stones and left flowers for us to walk on them.
    My everything is BTS ♡

    SORRY I cannot write with my eyes blinking away my tears

  6. I'm crying, is this normal? I really love your mashup, it is just perfect. It all fits together perfectly and the video is so so beautiful. Thumbs up for this masterpiece. 🙂

  7. 👨👨👨👨👨👨👨
    your love "BTS" 😏👍

  8. The fact that you wrote it as a ARMY and BTS dialogue almost got me, I'll admit. This is so sweet.
    And the Wembley clips!!!!! ♡♡♡♡

  9. If i am sad and i listen to bts i am happy. I cry when bts cry because I love them so much. I am about 2 years a army and I am so grateful to them.
    My bias is Jungkook but that doesn't that I don't love the other members all the other members are my bias wreckers buth Jimin and J-hope are the biggest bias wreckers
    Bts is my light and I love them with my life.

  10. Wohoo! My 5min became so worth it!

    Anyways, love your vids & mashups, and we really apriciate your Edits!

    Keep it going! Wish you best of luck❤️

  11. I'm the 1% up there.
    I haven't listen to both Lights and heartbeat that's why I thought this isn't a mash up but an original song.

  12. I may have cried…a little is an understatement…

    Question:Just helping me is an understatement…they are like a second family to me…with armys and bts I can be whoever I want and escape this world even if its just for a moment and I can be happy…the moment I became an army is the moment I started to have real happiness experience sadness with them all…listening to their songs make me cry because I always find the translation on google and every single time I listen to their songs I start to understand the meaning of the songs and cry because all of them have a deep meaning behind all the lyrics and knowing that they wrote it themselves is really inspiring and it makes me happy that they become successfull due to hardwork. It makes me cry knowing they were planning to disband last year…but thankfully they didnt and I'm so happy…Armys all over the world communicate to me in instagram and I'm happy to know that they care for eachother even if we're strangers….listening to bts makes me stop stressing about my problems and stress of thus school life and let me handle everything one by one calmly and I listen to their songs whenever I feel troubled or sad or just frustrated and it always puts me to tears, tears of happiness knowing that there is somebody I can lean on which is army and bts so I'm really grateful to be born as the same generation as bts….

    Sorry for this long letter….I just- I'm just really emo after listening to songs like this

  13. Im cry aaaaaah omg!
    I love you sooooo much BTS♥army

    Thank you for doing this amazing video I LOVE IT
    Hope Bangtan see this also the other works of their beloved army

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