Briana’s Travel Stress | Teen Mom 2 (Season 9)

Briana’s Travel Stress | Teen Mom 2 (Season 9)

♪ Another day another year ♪ – [Briana] The girls and I
got to Long Island last night, and we’re going to a party
with John’s family tomorrow. Even though it’s good to see him, I’m still a little resentful that he made me feel like I had to come. – [Stella] Look momma! – [Briana] Try it. Come pick over here, look. Pick it. Eat ’em. Here. – [John] Blueberries? – Wow, they’re sour! Let’s see if we spot raspberries. Oh you got it Selita! – [Nova] Look how much I got mommy. – [Briana] This is so cute. ♪ And my heart keeps searching ♪ ♪ Only one thing certain ♪ (gasps) – Look, blueberries. – Maybe I should try one. Oh no. I’m just going to pick. – [Briana] So who’s coming tomorrow? – Everybody. It’s a lot. – [Briana] Of your family? – Of my family, yeah. – Your mom, your dad, your
sisters, your cousins. – I honestly think you’re
gonna enjoy yourself, ’cause there’s gonna be a lot of people. Like it’s not gonna be a party party. Like it’s just us talking
and yapping ’cause– – Family gathering. – There you go. They’re gonna be just excited to meet you ’cause like they know I’m
serious about you and stuff, so they’re like, “Who is
this lady you’re with?” – Don’t leave me alone. – [John] I’m not leaving you alone. – Okay, I’m just saying, don’t. – But I mean I would like for you to share some time with them. I can’t always be with you. – Yes you can. – [John] So you want me to
be with you at all times? – Yes. – Okay and why can’t I leave you alone? – Because that’s just weird,
I don’t wanna be left alone. – [John] So I’m supposed to
be with you the whole time? – Yes. I am your guest. – So I’m not gonna leave you from the, I’m gonna be with you. – [Briana] I just don’t
wanna be left alone. As long as you know that. – Yeah you’ve made it,
made your point clear.

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  1. So true every one she expects for him to be there for her but the moment he asked her for her time it's to much he made fer feel like she needed to…come on bri

  2. It was important for him, you have to compromise in relationships it was important for him to come to stellas birthday. Long distance relationship are hard but that’s what you signed up for 🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. It looks like Stella has a mild version of vitiligo, not trying to be rude but her skin on her face seems a little off

  4. Also how disrespectful, ain't even willing to spend time with the people important to homeboy. Bri is selfish as fuck….and she ain't even cute with her man shoulders!

  5. She is one selfish woman and to give Nova all that control with her Dad. She is the one that tells the kid you will see your Dad not if she wants

  6. Brianna literally needs to focus on herself.. needs to be by herself… like this girl acts like being single and focusing on herself and her daughters is wrong… and further more wtf is she still living with her mom.. get your own place already… 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. If john was smart….he would find a women with no kids and start a family of his own. Raising two kids from two different dads is not ideal….just saying… my dude.

  8. I feel that it's always Brianna and her mum and sister.i don't think they would ever want Brianna to have a relationship and move out .they nust thrive on drama such a negative family I get bored of hearing such negativity I always fast forward through them

  9. He needs to leave her. Her and her family are always demanding of him and everything always has to be her way. When the tables are turned she’s “resentful”. MTV get someone to replace her

  10. He can’t win!! Had he not invited her she would have been upset. Now that she is invited she is resentful that he made her feel like she had to come. 🤷‍♀️

  11. Everyone in the comments talking hella shit but ya don’t know the situation. Maybe people in his family have been talking shit about her and she’s not comfortable 🤷🏽‍♀️ You can’t judge if you don’t know. Even though her mom and her sister grill the guys she be with is different cause they’re women and he’s a man. Maybe Brianna is just trynna avoid a situation who knowsss. But don’t judge!

  12. Ibget that it can be awkward to be left alone with other people family members but he starts hovering over you they may get a different vibe. It's part of starting over and being serious in a relationship.

  13. You gotta be kidding me? Brianna has an event every month, expects him to come, mingle with her baby DADDY’S, while getting grilled by her mother and sister, then want to complain about being alone?

  14. Brianna ALWAYS manage to create an awkward event by inviting her baby daddy’s along with her current boyfriend, and expect them to mingle. Now she wants to cause problems?!! Immature heffa

  15. John stayed this long smh she better treat him right he’ll he left him alone with her weirdo family she better STOP being a kid about cuz if she wants him to move in she needs to know he’s going to with her mom & her sister like that’s why he’s so not tryna move yet he. Probably gonna want to live by there self she needs her mom & sister too much smh she’s to GROWN for that shit

  16. I'm sorry but Brianna should not be on the show all she does is constantly sleep around how is this supposed to show an example

  17. You want the man to move to Florida as in yesterday, and you are resentful that he included you and your kids with his family??? I am just lost
    He comes and hangs out with your family without you babysitting him, but he must?? Gurl stupppp.. ridiculous

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  19. Don’t leave me alone? What is this? He is dating a child. What is the problem to be able to be left alone for a few minutes while trying to get to know his family.

  20. John,

    Send Brianna’s little ungrateful ass back to Florida and continue living your best life 🙌🏾- sis “ain’t ready!

    -Check her track record of choice in men 💅🏾

  21. She lets her entire family meet him including her kids but when it’s her turn ohhh nowww she nervous 🙄 she need to keep that sand energy when trying to introduce her daughters to men 🙄

  22. She’s a pout pout fish with a pout pout face spreading the dreary wearies all over the place. Fast forward please.

  23. she pisses me off so he does everything he can for her and she making a big deal that she had to travel please..she needs to grow the hell up…it works both ways in a long distance relationship and she acts like she just can't do it…I hope she not stringing him along so far he seems like a really great guy…

  24. She was rude! She expects him to always come down to Florida but she shouldn’t have to make the trip to New York. I get she has kids but she had kids when she got into this long distance relationship. Relationships are a two way street my friend. Then she doesn’t even make a effort to socialize with his family but when he came down for Stella’s party he was interacting with kids and family.

  25. this b** is so dumb and immature she wants him to leave a whole nother state to come be with her and her kids but can't be left alone with his family for 2 minutes

  26. She's such a whining witch. He wants her to meet his family so why act like that? He's spent so much time with hers, so c'mon fairs fair. Sh doesn't even fix herself up a bit to meet them, it's just plain old no bother Brianna. She gets done up for the reunions so why can't she put a bit of effort into herself, when meeting John's family. They probably think she's a real drudge.

  27. Brianna is a B****!! It is no wonder no one ever stays in a relationship her! She is SUPER CONTROLLING, SELFFISH and SELF CENTERED omg! Girl need to learn to compromise sheesh

  28. Shes moaning about having to travel to see his family but he has to has come to see hers several times and then says she doesn't want him to leave her alone with them and then sits with her face like thunder this girl is never happy john is one if the nicest guys she has gone out with if I was him I'd be off

  29. So I just watched episode 28 and I have a lot to say! First off, I'm disgusted with Brianna's behavior! Not only did she act like her shit didn't stick around John's family, she was so disrespectful with that puss she had on her face! You acted like they smelled and you were better then them! I mean didn't you want to get to know John's family and see where he came from? I was so happy when John called her out on it! It's not all about you! I hear you and your fam try talk about what he need's to do, and what you want, but girl!!! it does not work that way! You give what you get, it's about him too, not just you!! And now, after all that talk with wanting him to come down, get a ring, a house, kids….you have the nerve to buy a house and tell him you weren't thinking about him??? Like, who are you? And lose the oversize t-shirt's and put a little make-up on when you see your man! I know he should love you for you but damn girl, atleast put in a little effort! Bottom line Is her family is so up her ass she expect's everyone else to be too! I hope John has enough sense to realize what we all see before he move's down there and get's torn up by the Puerto Rican Trio!!!

  30. Brianas lil daughter is just cute! Idk about her oldest girl she must look like her dad cuz she ain't cute at all. I know that sounds mean but true. Lol

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