Breath of Relaxation | Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Breath of Relaxation | Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

[Music] meditation is not concentration it is D concentration did you get it that is doing nothing there are three important principle for meditation one is I do I want nothing for next 20 minutes five meter or 15 minutes whenever I am doing meditation first principle I want nothing for next ten fifteen minutes afterwards you can want whatever you want then the second thing is I do nothing next ten minutes I do nothing third is I am nothing if you think you are very intelligent you won’t be able to meditate if you think you are a fool and you are very stupid you cannot meditate if you think you are rich or you’re poor either case you cannot meditate what you are you are nothing you do nothing and you want these are three key words for the success of meditation are you with me everybody okay so now let us shake our hands be the movers and the Shakers of the world shake your hands you know he went dogs and cats when they when dust settles on them they shake sure get off but we carry use of dust on overhead so let’s just shake all that off okay let’s close your eyes close your eyes and stop shaking be still let us be still eyes closed body relaxed become aware of the weight of your body whatever it is 60 kilos 70 kilos 130 pounds whatever we came into this world weighing just four kilos and today we weigh 65 kilo 60 kilo let’s take a deep breath in and as you breathe out place your entire weight on the chair you are sitting a body is made up of billions of cells honor your own body your body is a precious gift to you from nature from God relax your whole body take another deep breath in and slowly breathe out honor your own breath is the breath that is keeping us alive another deep breath in and breathe out through the mouth let’s do it once again breathing once again incoming breath energizes the body and outgoing breath brings relaxation let us become familiar with this phenomenon relax your whole body breathing with a smile then breathe out with the smile as you smile all the muscles in your face kids relaxed our bodies like the wig effect candle the mind is like the flame all around and in the deep breath in and the whatever thoughts are coming in the mind just let them come Pleasant thoughts unpleasant thoughts just living become aware of the air all around you and inside of you like fish in water we are in a in every cell of our bodies breathing once again breathing then breathe out with the big smile and relax even more good thoughts or bad thoughts embrace them all let’s take our attention to the top of the head and become the weight of the empty space above your head keep your mind above your head up to the ceiling of this audio tone let go all your efforts and simply relax let the mind wander wherever it wants just you are you [Music] [Music] so was okay no let’s all spread the vibration of peace and love by singing oh oh means peace eternal peace and universal love let’s take a deep breath in slowly and gradually become aware of your body take another deep breath in and the and slowly you may open your eyes it’s raining gods are happy that’s good

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  1. For more on meditation and the benefits of meditation click on the link in the description of the video.

  2. Thank you for your Guided Meditation. I meditaed daily under your guidness then now I am very happy and joy and free from my life.Jai Gurudev. Guruji

  3. deep concentration…doing nothing…i m nothing..want nothing..
    begin..movers and shakers..
    feel weight…
    billions of cells..
    honor body…precious gift..
    Deep Breath..incoming…energizes…outgoing..relaxation…
    Thoughts…let them come..embrace all..
    every cell is breathing..
    mind…ceiling..empty mind..
    u r peace
    shanti shrotra..
    Deep breath… OM
    Slowly… becoming aware of the body and the surroundings..
    Another deep breath in…breath out..
    Slowly open eyes..

  4. Excellent. Can be practiced by anybody in his own premises to reap great benefits – Anand and Peace.

  5. Simplicity at its best… Meditation is I Want Nothing, I Do Nothing and I Am Nothing… Wow Sri Sri.. 

  6. I made a video talking about some simple meditation techniques, I hope you find this helpful: How to Meditate – Beginners Guide to Meditation

  7. I am extremely sorry as I have not so far been able to follow and fully understand the teachings of highly respected Gurijee

  8. Excellent…. Meditation is doing nothing and relaxing deeply. Doing Nothing…Do Nothing….State and Feel You are Nothing.   WOW

  9. It was great,  I feel my body and mind getting light and started laughing with no reason. Its the simple way of meditation I ever seen. 

  10. Whenever I do any exercise, why air starts coming out of my ears and they start hurting ? Can anybody tell me right technique of doing breathing exercise?

  11. damn you are good at this! :d
    but I'm not a "spiritual thruth seaker" so your words aren't that understandable however your teachings and "inner peace" was very… "useful" 😀

  12. unfortunetely doing nothing isn't my favorite exercise and i am not willing to spend to much time doing it then ^^

  13. I 've been doing this meditation for a couple of days. how long would it take to see the difference in our thinking and stresslevel…

  14. This is an interesting Video on meditation and mindfulness.
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  15. anyone else finding it hard to concentrate on top of the head, can't seem to find a position to concentrate on

  16. Thank you Guruji! Your blessings envelope us and provides calm and joy! I love the way Guruji speaks and sings the holy “Shalok”(chants)!! Thanks for making beautiful miracles happen in my life. With His grace impossible becomes possible! Grateful Grateful Grateful 🌈🙏🏼🦋🦋🧘‍♀️🌟🌷🌷🎉💐

  17. This man is a charlatan of a spiritual teacher. He makes money out of spiritual practices that should be shared freely. Beware of him and his organization, The Art of Living Foundation, lest you be duped into parting with your money.

    There is nothing secretively unique or extraordinarily special in mindfulness breathing as a technique for deep relaxation and even meditation. You can learn mindfulness breathing techniques from any authentic Buddhist school of meditation.

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