Breaking Addiction to Negative Thinking

how can we break the addiction to negative thinking and is there a way we can present this to our use well negative thinking is a many egos love negative thinking because it strengthens the ego the pain body also is often involved in it because the pain body can either feed on other people’s reactions towards you which the ego the pain body tries to provoke when it needs to replenish itself then it feeds on the drama or it can feed if there’s nobody around on your thoughts negative every negative thought it gets you know ah my life is so retarded so God so how gradual can I get any worse or did what these people tell us so not this dreadful kind of just hate these people why is it always is always this stuff always happens to me doesn’t it’s just about to happen to me one quick and I can why can I never get things like why can they never get things right what he did to me I just don’t care forget that oh just don’t let me tell you about it well what I did was so horrible so horrible I’d love to never I did I did that 20 years ago I did that I did a terrible thing God what’s going to happen tomorrow I don’t know what’s what are we going to save he says that what are you gonna say then what if I lose if I lose that that that job he’s not thinking they might I might get to sex soon I’m sure I have a feeling that’s but I’ll be out in the street I can bump in a peg to make my mortgage we’re good what time is it 3:00 a.m. oh and then there’s that other thing I don’t think I can take any more of this okay on one level there is an addiction to that there is something in you that does not want to let go of that type of thinking so in order to do anything about it first if I say now mention what you can do about it it presupposes a at least a small degree of awareness while these thoughts happen there must be a small degree of awareness from which you are able to witness whatever is happening and notice that you are engaged in the stream of negative thinking and actually liking it not wanting to get out you can especially with anger which is another form of negative mental emotional state you can see how people if you’re trying to say to an angry person would you like me to help you let go of this anger see what response you get in other words the person does not want to let go of the anger it loves that anger while it’s while it’s on while the person is in its grasp it it loves it’s the ego the ego loves that anger because today in an angry State the ego gets inflated it usually in an even and insignificant person in the eyes of the world who has no power in the world can suddenly start shouting you and suddenly there the ego grows and everywhere goes like oh and the egos you see I am I’m all powerful sometimes you see people in the street they’re going around shouting at everybody that’s their ego trip because they have nothing else but for the ego Eve networks don’t approach that person and say what would you be them like to be in a peaceful state I can give you some advice so if I say that you what to do about it it presupposes that you know what’s happening to you at that moment at during that time so there needs to be some awareness and it’s likely that it is there if you ask that question you you are here so that means there is enough awareness in you while it happens too first of all notice that a part of you at least likes it not the awareness but if you’re aware you realize there’s something in me that does not want to get out of it that if it’s been going on for years even your sense of identity or an important part of your sense of identity is in that the negative mental emotional state some people have it in the background almost all the time but they are unaware of it it’s becomes part of their identity and these are people if you’re very sensitive and sometimes you don’t even need to be that sensitive when you meet a person like that you can sense in the background there is something waiting for the next thing to be angry about or as somebody once said a grievance looking for cause now the Internet is full of people like that they love going on there so the Internet has given the ego a new new way of expansion and anybody can go in there and express find a cause and then express their grievance so identity can be associated with that if there’s awareness then you can notice while it happens that there’s an enjoyment of that negative state then you can also be aware that the mind activity that’s happening in you is futile and fulfills no useful purpose whatsoever and then you go hmm well these thoughts isn’t that an interesting what is the purpose of these thoughts does it change the world do they change the world change anything or do they just drag me drag me into this hole more deeply there is a an unconscious belief in the mind also if I complain enough about something even even if it’s only mentally but especially out loud if I complain enough it’s going to change eventually that that somehow it works if I could just show how unhappy I am then God or the universe or somebody is going to do something about it so many adults believe what little children sometimes find when they become really unhappy and start screaming then they get attention by their parents they what’s wrong before they didn’t get any attention but when they go oh I want this and the mother father comes what’s wrong I want is no you can’t have it I want this No okay here it is and now they’ve learned a very important lesson their mind and that lesson is unhappiness works and if that is repeated many times in childhood the adult still has that unconscious belief in their mind and so they enter a periodically enter states of unhappiness in the unconscious belief that things are going to change I’m really unhappy now it might work while you are little child because your parents can’t stand the screaming anymore so they give you what you want the adult some I just never figure out that unhappy states do not work when they’re adults and they continue to practice what they learned as little children for the rest of their lives never realizing that it doesn’t work [Laughter] so the recognition that negative thinking and unhappy states actually do nothing to change anything if anything they make it worse so if you if there’s enough awareness and you can suddenly look at that and then you can ask yourself from the point of from the perspective a perspective of awareness do I want to continue to think these thoughts is that helpful or good you really want add is it what is it doing what would it be what why would I experience this situation without it so you can as awareness comes in choice comes in and then there are moments when you may be able to step out and just be present and the negative stream negative mental emotional stream subsides and you but it’s not gone yet because you don’t get rid of it that easily a few moments later another thought comes into your head and immediately a new train of negative thinking starts and you can feel the pull of it it’s from there it can be very very strongly especially if it’s been in your life for a long time you feel the pull of negative thinking come this way this is so familiar this is where you belong this is who you are and then you need the awareness so you can’t fight the negative states because that’s another negative state but you can be aware and see its utility and ultimately see or see also how that you are addicted to it but when you see it you’re not completely addicted anymore you’re only completely addicted when you don’t see it when you see it you are the awareness when you have when there’s no awareness you are it then you are the eagle then you are the addicted the ego that’s addicted to unhappiness so it’s important by the way as I just mentioned little children if you have a small child to give attention to the child not wait for the child to go into a screaming State or some other negative tantrum and then give the child attention but give the child attention at normal times and don’t give excessive attention when there’s the screaming and especially don’t give the child something after you’ve said no you can’t have that and even he or she just tries enough then finally you give it that’s not a good lesson to teach either you give it immediately or you don’t give it and if you think it’s bad for the child then of course it’s better not to give but of course the parent gives it because he wants he or she wants the crying to stop so you’re okay oh dear you’re teaching prepare a very wrong lesson [Music]

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